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A Tournament?

It had been two weeks since you and the others had gone to check on Sonata in the hospital. You had went back to school the week prior. Your final quarter of senior year of high-school had just started. You were currently at lunch eating your taco sitting next to Flash. Ever since Sonata had gotten out of the hospital Adagio and Aria had started to be distant towards you and the others. They had actually been watching out for Sonata. Even Aria was being nicer to her. But they weren't the only ones that's been acting different even you and Flash had actually drifted apart a bit. It wasn't like you guys stopped talking it was just that you guys stopped hanging out as much as you use to. Which was kinda a good thing, he could get really annoying at some points of time.

Sonata didn't come to school today which was surprising to you. She normally always comes to school in fact she loves school. She even likes school more than Twilight at some points of time. She had never missed a day of school ever since you've known her. Personally you didn't love school but you did hate it. Ever since you joined the Self Defense club you've actually liked to come to school.

You had gotten better you were able to hold your ground to the others. Both your boxing skills and karate skills had gotten better. You had faced off with most of people in your class except for Dusk Shine. You were going to save him for last until the time was right. In fact you had gotten so good so fast that you got a black gi a few days ago. The white gi you use to have was changed for a black gi. You actually looked better in the black gi then you did in the white gi.

Anyways, as your finishing your taco you looked up to at everyone. Adagio and Aria were actually talking to the other girls which was a miracle. Flash was talking to Sunset probably trying to flirt with her and failing in the progress. Sunset didn't know Flash liked her but with the way he flirts it won't be long until Sunset realizes that Flash likes her. He's pretty much saying 'hey I like you, wanna go out?'

The bell rings you start to get up and head to the gym with Sunset. Rainbow and Aria were already ahead of you two running to the gym something that hadn't done in a while. Once you get to the gym you head to the locker room to put on your gi. As you head out of the locker room you look around see that there aren't any mats down on the floor like always. 'Odd, what's going on?' You thought. You see Sunset walking around so you decide to ask her what's going on.

"Hey Sunset, why aren't there any mats down today?" You asked

"It's that time of year." Sunset says

"What time of year?" You asked not understanding what she means

"Your find out soon enough Anon." Sunset says

That time of year? It wasn't anyone's birthday from what you remember. What was so important about today? Was there some sort of event in this class?


Someone yells. You turn back to see that it's vice principal Luna or should you say Master Luna. She looks down at all the kids in the class. You can't tell if she's happy or not. Well she always looks the same so you can't tell.

"I want all of you to sit down and pay attention to me!!" Luna says

All the kids in the room sit on the ground. It must be important if she's doing this. Normally all you do in this class is either sparing with the other kids or learning new moves from vice principal Luna. As you sit on the ground you look back up at Luna and see that she has some sort of checklist board in her hands.

"As it is coming to the end of the year it's time for Self Defense club's main event of the year. At the end of the year the Self Defense club holds a tournament for everyone. The tournament will take place three weeks from now on Tuesday. For anyone that wants to enter the tournament must sign up before the end of the week. The rules of the tournament are simple: No under shots, No illegal contact, Hit only above the waist. If any of these rules are broken you will be disqualified and maybe get a detention. That is all. You may all now continue your training for the day." Vice Principal Luna said

A tournament? Where both Dusk Shine, Sunset, and others will join. Just how many people were going to enter this thing? Whatever. This was your chance to battle the both of them and beat them. You already knew that you were going to enter no matter what. You look at Sunset and she looks at you with a fire in her eye's. The two of you just keep on looking at each other with passion in your eyes. This tournament wasn't just going to be a fun little event, to you it was a challenge. A challenge you just had to win.

The rest of the class went by pretty fast for you. Once you got changed out of your gi you start to head to the table that had the checklist on it. A group of teens were all by the table probably signing up. Sunset walks up to you and looks at the group of kids crowding around the table.

"Looks like this year is going to have a lot of kids signing up." Sunset said

"What do you mean?" You asked

"Ever since I joined this club the tournament's had never been this packed before. At the most maybe 20 to 30 kids entered them. But this year looks like 60 to 70 entered. Even if most of them are doing it for the attention." Sunset said

"You entering the tournament?" You asked

"What do you think? Of course I will, I won't let an opportunity like this to go away. Plus it's my last year let's have some fun." Sunset said

You knew the answer you just wanted to make sure. You knew Aria and Rainbow were going to enter no doubt in your mind. Dusk Shine was champion so of course he would enter. Blueblood was probably going to as well. You look back at the table to see Snips and Snails sign up as well. 'Yep, those two are definitely doing it for the attention. Well that's a free win for whoever is put against them' You thought. The crowd of people start to disassemble from the table. You start to head over to the table with Sunset. You and Sunset take out a pen and you write your names on the checklist. The tournament took place in three weeks that meant you still had plenty of time to train and get ready. You were feeling pretty confident right about now.

The rest of the day went by a flash, (Pun possibly intended). You were to busy thinking about the tournament. You were currently walking out of the school with Flash. You were telling Flash about what had happened at the Self Defense club but as you are you and Flash run into Sonata and Dusk Shine.

"Hi Flash, Hi Anon." Sonata said

"Hi Sonata." You and Flash said

"So Dusk Shine ready for our battle in the tournament?" You asked

"You bet. Just don't cry when I beat you." Dusk Shine said

"For realizes? You entered the tournament Anon?" Sonata asked

"You bet he did he's ready, right Anon." Flash said

"Yeah, and don't worry I won't cry Dusk Shine but you will." You fire back

"Your have to make it to me first." Dusk Shine said

"Don't worry I will." You said

"Sure whatever I'll be waiting for you Sonata I got to talk to Blueblood. See you later, Anon." Dusk Shine said

"See you around, Dusk Shine." You said

"I better get going good luck Anon. See you guys later." Sonata said

"Bye Sonata." You and Flash said

And with that Sonata was gone. You and Flash continued to walk home. But all you could think about was one thing:

The Tournament

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