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Abusive Love

Sonata's P.O.V

My head hurts like I just got hit by a car. It's not the first time something like this has happened before. I want to tell them the truth but I can't or I'll get hurt by him. I guess I should probably explain the situation that's going on.

It all started when high school started. Dusk Shine wasn't always like this. He was actually pretty nice to me before this. Everyday when it would just be me and him, he hits me. It's not a playful hit either it hurts to the point I start to cry. If only I could tell someone but I can't or he'll... well it'll be worse than just hitting me. After about a year I got use to the abuse but that doesn't me I enjoy it. Dusk Shine is a good person it's just that he has dad issue's and he uses me as his punching bag. Ever since Dusk Shine joined the Self Defense club in our second year of high school he got even more violent.

If I tell my sister they'll kill him no questions asked. But if I tell someone like Anon then he'll probably do something like that as well. I just want someone anyone to just let it stop. I want to be free, free from the abuse, free from Dusk Shine. I try to think of the pros and cons of my time since I've been with Dusk Shine.

The pros of since my time with Dusk Shine was that nobody could mess with me. Anyone that tried to do something to me he would be there to save me. If any boys tried to make their moves on me he would scare them off. Everyone knows not to mess with Dusk Shine or their see Dusk Shine at his scariest. If only he could do that and not hit me in the progress. But that was all I could come up with for pro's since we've been together.

All the con's of since my time with Dusk Shine was that there was a lot of hitting. Scars, bruises, cuts and more would always occur when he would hit me. He would normally hit me if I "made a mistake or I did something that he didn't like." I would have to hide them, or put on some make up, or just lie and say it was an accident. I don't like it when I have to lie to the others exactly my sisters, the others, and Anon. I've known them more so long but I don't want them to find out for both Dusk Shine and me. I think back to one of the first times Dusk Shine started to abusing me.

*BAM* a punch right to the stomach *POW* a slap to the face. I was on the ground crying it hurt so much. He was hitting me because I and quote "said something stupid as always." As if hearing Aria call me stupid all the time was bad. I look up and see a angry looking Dusk Shine look down at me.

"Please stop, I'm sorry it won't happen again." I said

"You always say that but it still happens." *he grabs me by my hair then he kicks me in the stomach* "Why does it happen after I tell you to stop." Dusk Shine yells

"I-I don't know I'll-" I try to finish but I can't because he starts to yell at me again


I'm shaking like I just saw a ghost. I'm scared to death of Dusk Shine. He keeps yelling and yelling at me sometimes hitting me while he's yelling at me. Finally he stops hitting and yelling at me and I run to the bathroom. As I run up the stairs and get into the bathroom I close the door. I take put my phone and I start to think about who I should call. One of my sisters? No that'll be the end of Dusk Shine once they see him. Maybe Anon or Sunset possibly Flash? No, they don't even know where I am. And plus they'll take to long to get here. I start to dial Ari's number but before I can Dusk Shine walks into the bathroom. How could I be so stupid I forgot to lock the door. Dusk Shine looks at me then he looks at my phone with Ari's number on it.

Without other second he grabs my arm and takes me downstairs again. He throws me against the wall as hard as he could. He then proceeds to threaten me and tells me if I try to do something like that again or if I did do it he would torture me as much as possible. I remember leaving his house that day and go to my room and cry for the rest of the night. It hurt to know that I couldn't tell anyone about what Dusk Shine had done to me.

My vision starts to come back to me as I finish thinking back to that time. As I open my eyes I see my parents, my sisters, Sunset, Twilight, Flash, and Anon all around in the room. I put my hands to my head.

"Uh, what happened?" I say adjusting to the light

Your P.O.V

Once me and Flash arrived at the hospital we head into the lobby and ask which number Sonata's room is.

"Room 185, third floor." The employee says

"Thank you." You said

Me and Flash walk into the elevator and head their way to Sonata's room. Once we arrive at the room we see that we're not the only one's there. Sonata's parents were there as well as her sisters. Sunset and Twilight were also there looking down at Sonata. I look down at Sonata she looks so innocent just laying there. I look back at Sonata's parents her mom is crying into her husband's chest. While Adagio and even Aria look like their about to cry. I start to zone out but I get taken out of my trance by hearing someone speak up.

"Uh, what happened?"

You look back it was Sonata. She had woken up from her little nap. She looks around the room but before she can say another word her mother grabs her and hugs her crying into her. Even Adagio and Aria run up to her and hug her. The doctor comes into the room saying that Sonata just needs rest but she takes her parents out of the room to talk to them in private. You being a nosey person like you are you decide to listen in as well.

"We took a look at her and all those bruises she has on her body. Well it seems as though someone caused them, it wasn't no accident." The doctor says

You knew it! All those bruises on her body, someone did make them but who? You decide to let it go for now and you head to Sonata.

"How are you doing Sonata?" You asked

"I'm feeling better. Head hurts but other than that I'm fine." Sonata says

"That's good." You said

Her parents and the doctor walk back into the room. Her parents do not look happy one bit.

"You are free to leave, but you must get a lot of rest." The doctor says

"Ok, thank you very much." Sonata says

The doctor only nods her head as she walks out of the room. Once she leaves the room Sonata's parents look back at her. They had that parent look in their eyes, like they found something and your in trouble eyes. You knew something was about to go down.

"So would you like to tell us about who is hitting you?" Mrs. Dusk says

"I don't know what your talking about." Sonata says

"Those bruises all over your body. The doctor's say that someone has caused that to you. Who is harming my daughter?!" Mrs. Dusk says

Sonata stays quiet, you knew she heard but she's not answering. She starts to shake like she's hyperventilating and then she starts to cry. Her parents look back at all of us.

"I think you should all give us some time, ALLOW." Mr. Dusk looks back at us

You all walk out of the room. Before the door closes you hear Sonata and hear parents talking. You wondered if Sonata was going to answer her mother's question. As you head out of the hospital and into Flash's car all you could think of was one think.

'Who could be the person that was hitting Sonata' You thought

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