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A Critical Obscure

Needless to say about what had happened to Sonata, you guys left the beach. Adagio and Aria had already called their parents to tell them what had happened with Sonata at the beach. To say their parents were worried would be an understatement. They were going absolutely berserk, yelling, shouting, and crying could be heared from Adagio's phone. The reaction was nothing more than what you had guessed from their parents.

Flash had already dropped you off and took the girls home. You still couldn't shake off what you had overheard from Dusk Shine and Trixie. They were planning something tonight but what? You should probably tell someone what you had saw but who? Flash would most likely be the best candidate. You pull out your phone and you start to dial Flash's number.

"Hello" Flash said

"Hey Flash. I got to talk to you, when we you get back?" You asked

"I just dropped off Sunset at her place. I'm on my way back right now. Why what's up?" Flash asked

"Just meet me at my place I'll tell you when you get here." You told Flash

"Will it just be me and you. Or will there be other's there with us?" Flash asked

"It'll just be you and me." You said

"Ok, I'll be there as soon as possible." Flash said

As he hangs up the phone you start to wonder if you should call Aria and Adagio. Sonata is their sister and Dusk Shine was her boyfriend. But at the same time they should probably have some time with their family after what happened. Guess it could give you a shot, you start to dial Adagio's number.

"Hey Adagio. I got to talk to you about something. You think you and Aria can come over?" You asked

"Yeah sure, let me just tell my parents and get Aria." Adagio said

"Ok I'll see you in a bit." You said as you hang up the phone

Once you got off the phone with Adagio the door bell went off. It was most likely Flash. With the way he drives and since Sunset's house isn't that far from yours it wasn't that long of a drive. You head to the door you look out the window to see Flash talking to someone. You open the door it was Flash but Aria were behind him with Adagio not far behind. You had guessed they ran all the way, it wasn't like they lived far from you. In fact Adagio and Aria lived on the corner of your street so they could easily get to yours in a matter of seconds.

"Hey guys come on in." You said closing the door behind them

They all head to your room. You hadn't specified on what you had to tell that, but by the way they were acting they must of thought it was important. As they get into you room Flash takes a seat on your bed, while Aria and Adagio take a seat on the ground. Once they seat down they look at you waiting for you to speak up.

"So what's up Anon?" Adagio asked

"Well I've actually have to talk to you guys about what happened." You said

"If it's about Sonata I don't want to hear it." Aria said obviously not caring about her sister

"It's not about Sonata, its actually about Dusk Shine." You said

"What about him did something happen to him to?" Flash asked

"Sort of." You said "When I was out trying to find him I was getting tried of looking for him so I decided to head back to you guys. But as I was heading back I found him talking to Trixie."

"Oh great, 'The Great and Powerful Trixie' another loser." Aria said "What is she doing talking to Sonata's boyfriend?"

"Well from what I heard they were making plans to get together tonight. The only thing I don't know however is if it was a friendly get together or a date. I don't have any proof to know, so I wanted to get your guys opinions on it." You said

As you look at them each one of them had a different expression on their face. Aria looked madder than a bull and it looked as though steam was coming out of her ears. Flash looked dumbfounded as if he didn't just hear you. As for Adagio she looked absolutely livid. If Aria looked mad to you Adagio definitely looked even more mad. With ferocity in their eyes you knew Dusk Shine's slander was not looking good.

"Your telling me that Sonata's boyfriend could possibly be cheating on her!!" Adagio yelled

"Well I'm not sure I mean he wasn't reluctant about it when I asked." You said

"Yeah and then he lied to you didn't he!" Aria yelled

"Hey, I mean we don't have solid proof that he really is cheating on her." Flash said

"Do you not remember about the bruises and cuts all over her body. He probably did that to her and now he's cheating on her." Adagio said

"Hey! If you don't remember they've been together for 5 whole years. They love each other, he wouldn't do that to her. He doesn't seem like that sort of person and plus why would he do that to her." You said

"Whatever we'll see about that. We got to go we're going to check on Sonata tomorrow." Aria said

"Can we come with you?" Flash asked

"Sure but let's all agree to not tell Sonata until we have proof." Adagio said

Everyone shakes their heads and everyone starts to leave your house. As they leave your house you start to think if it was a good idea to let them know. I mean Flash was your best friend and you guys told each other everything. Aria and Adagio were Sonata's sisters so you had to tell them. You could only hope that they didn't do nothing hazardous. You didn't want to thing about it, it was getting late you were going to sleep and go to the hospital and see Sonata.

The next day you woke up and Flash gave you a ride to the hospital. At the time all you could think of was if Sonata had gotten better since the beach. It had been two days since she had passed out at the beach. You weren't paying attention during the drive, but all you could think of was Sonata. After about five minutes later you guys had just made it to the hospital. Once you got out of the car all of you could think of was one thing.

'Be safe Sonata' You thought

Author's Note:

Next chapter will be half Sonata's point of view and half Anon's view. Your be able to tell which point of view is which.

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