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Howdy, I’m Burt.


This story is a sequel to Anon Wants to Bone Celestia

Anon has been dating Celestia for about a week now. Between the snogging, romance, and bedroom waltzes; he’s starting to feel a certain way.

Anon... kinda feels like marrying her.

...Now, how does he approach this with her?

Chapters (2)
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Suggestions in the comments for shenanigans you wanna see in later chapters are welcome, obviously I already know how I want it to end. But some of you overrule my own autism. Just make sure you spoiler it if you post it in the comments.

No, I’m not lacking ideas.

No I’m not a bad person for talking other people ideas.

...I’m a good writer I swear!

These make me happy, thank you

You make me happy, you adorable little creature ;)

You know what they say, “Every kiss begins with CHEEMS.”

The incredible, award winning sequel that will blow everyone’s socks off. No seriously, check your feet, those bad boys are gone.


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My bad, I’m just a dummy who hit the delete button twice without realizing. Pretend I responded to your previous comment with soaring enthusiasm

hmmmm this is a little long and mushy compared to Burt's usual work

*gets to the bottom*

There's our boy

I can only pray the following chapters will be as poggers as this one is.


being too lazy to wear socks on a Saturday ftw


suggestions in the comments for shenanigans you wanna see in later chapters are welcome,


"First post of the year my friends! Have a good morning, night, and everything in between! Yes, this is a threat. You better be fucking
V I B I N G."
Fear not, Burt. There is naught else to do in these times.

tfw you have to sit and watch as Anonymous lives your dreams right in front of you
Shine on, you crazy diamond.

As for potential ideas
Their first lover's quarrel is over pancakes vs French toast, with Luna being the chaotic third-party interjecting her own opinion, thus able to console the two on the fact that both are better than waffles.


>An actual sex scene (maybe where they shag in public, like in a restroom or side alley or something.)

>Celestia starts saying zoomer phrases in normal speech, during court, public addresses, everything. Other ponies start doing it and it spreads faster than a gender reveal party's aftermath and everypony talks like a zoomer. Luna does not like this.

>Anon realizes he hasn't actually been courting Celestia properly and their entire relationship is based around sex (which is something that you seemed to hint at in this chapter), so he decides to take her out on a real date and seeks Luna's advice.

>Anon is kidnapped by changelings. He annoys the fuck out of them. So much so that when Celestia arrives to rescue him, she finds that they released him just because of how annoying he was. (Kind of like that one episode about Rarity.)

>Twilight, enraged that Celestia no longer pays any attention to her, attempts to disrupt Anon and Celestia's relationship. She fails miserably due to Anon and Celestia's luck foiling her plans and remaining oblivious to her mischief.

>Canterlot nobility hates the way Anon acts. One of them tries to 'teach him a lesson' but is swiftly stopped. As he is being taken away, he yells something at Anon that really sticks with him and makes him think. Keeps him up at night. He questions himself and his worth, whether or not he deserves Celestia. He concludes that he does not and tries to change himself. Celestia picks up on this, and after Anon seemingly changes to someone completely different, she tells Anon that she loves him for who he is.

Oh god it's longer than one chapter this time

No seriously, check your feet, those bad boys are gone.

*Alondro screams and flails the bloody stumps around where his feet used to be before psychotic Anon chopped them off to give to Celestia to satisfy her foot fetish*


You’re everything I’ve ever wanted to be in a writer. Never stop.

This is the greatest pfp I've ever seen

Holy shit this is crazy sign me in we're gonna do a petition

The incredible, award winning sequel that will blow everyone’s socks off. No seriously, check your feet, those bad boys are gone.

Le gaspe! Burt is right! I haven't even read the story, and my feet are sockless! Oh, the ponanity!

French toast being better than waffles?

You may want to get checked for brain damage.

Where are my socks?! I gotta work man!

They checked, and they have confirmed that I am built different.

And to rebut your ad hominem, pancakes and French toast are integrally perfect in their oneness and on their lonesome.
Waffles, while good, are only able to surpass either through the addition of other foodstuffs such as fried chicken, but independently they are the weakest of the trio.

Ok, you have a good point there.

Waffle House is better than IHOP though.

Anon's entire dialogue was hilariously annoying, and I cant say I didn't enjoy every second of it.

Know what I want to see?

A natural, healthy relationship where they both love and respect each other, where they love each other as a person and a pony, not just sex buddies.

But that wouldn't be very interesting.

Sex is a healthy and normal part of any relationship, that creates both of what you describe, and as can remove both from a relationship due to a lack thereof
On top of that, they're in the honeymood phase, which is basically sex buddies that love each other very much

This was published on my birthday.

This is the best birthday present ever.

Just read it out loud for some reason, and laughed really hard, and now I have to explain both of them to my parents.

Thanks for the present btw.

Just like the last story, this sequel shows fantastic promise with everything that it has! The writing, the memes, all things holy and great are contained within this fic and I love every bit of it! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply had to make a reading of the first chapter! My apologies about how late this was!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/1YIMDZRWNqs

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I don't know what I walked into...but I don't care.

hoooooooly shit a ghost from the past

The "poggers" moment is even crazier now.

Holy heck, every single story of yours is just on point. Absolutely appreciate the preem quality of your stories, keep it up my man.

Not to get political or anything...

But what the fuck even are waffles?

French Toast literally all day every day, fuck Anon and his shitty pancakes

Personally, pancakes are for regular breakfast consumption. I bust out the French toast when I feel like being fancy. (as fancy someone can get when living off of a diet of instant noodles)


Holy fuck how about a little less diabetes with breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and oatmeal maybe.

Does it possibly improve the situation if I pour peanut butter or chocolate cream onto the waffle?

Really love this, Luna!
Also, fuck waffles!
And Peter would be proud!:moustache:

I Just searched that up :) never heard that name before

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