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Sci-Twi returns to Crystal Prep after the Friendship Games. That she thought that everyone changed after the event the occurred after the games and thought that everyone changed. But then thought wrong she feels alone during school but then noticed that there is 1 person that can save her from this tragedy.

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Well looks thing some things that happened to twilight have already gone sour

Well wasn't expecting to see this happen

You know, all of a sudden releasing midnight sparkle doesn’t seem like a bad idea, anymore.

"Alrighty then I got my laptop here, some notes and a pencil sharpen and ready for writing. My mug of coffee is on the nightstand and no one is here to interrupt me." Sunset said with a courage face expression.

She needs all that just to know where a school is?

"Crystal Prep has been permeantly close down due to the fact Principal Cinch Force all her students to compete for the sake of the school!!!. Even if it meant destroying or even injuring them throughout the process".

The whole school? Wouldn’t it make sense to just fire Principal Cinch?

"Student from Crystal Prep was found in the corner of the principal office on the floor. With no feel in the pulse and was immediately took to the Canterlot Hospital. While Principal Cinch was taken by force by security to Canterlot prison for the safety of the student. From this point on Crystal Prep will be closed Forever sorry for all the students who attended this school. We hope for all students to be safe and sound".

Then, what will happen to the students?

"Oh my apologies miss. I'm just looking out for my daughter, from those students from Crystal Prep students they accuse my daughter for everything that happen to the school. and that's why I want to protect her from now on".

Can someone rock these Crystal Prep students in their jaws?

On the other side of town, on a rainy night there was a student who was in her room for the entire day. Since she doesn't feel like seeing anyone at the moment, due to the fact that her entire life was ruin or even destroyed by one school event that she was forced to compete in. By the end, she was the one that was blamed for. Even though she was forced to do it from the start.

I thought she was in the hospital and wanted to see sunset.

Not even the principal would support the blame since at the end of all the principal was sent to jail, the school is temporary closed and all of the students have no were to go and they all agreed on who to blame for at the end.

I thought it was closed for good.

In an unexpected moment Twilight hugged Sunset tightly not wanting to let go. On the other hand for Sunset she wasn't expecting this to happen but she allowed it to continue on like this till Twilight felt better.

"Don't worry Twilight I'm here"

All you’re missing is a few tears from twilight and you will have yourself one of the best moments in this story.

Are those stupid morons still blaming Twilight or Cinch now?

Despite a few mistakes this story is going good and you'll get the hang of it soon

Sunset was about to say something in response to that but decided against it. She got rid of her serious voice, and put on her bright voice. "Hey how about we go do something today, to get the joy inside of you rocking". Sunset said while handing her hand to Twilight.

What was she gonna say?

Twilight led Sunset to the backyard of the house. After Sunset officially met Twilights parents, Sunset got there approval of being friends with there daughter, and they invited her to have dinner with them which Sunset wanted to decline but Ms. Velvet insist, which Sunset automatically has to agree.

I didn’t know you needed parents approval to be friends with someone.

"Hey look I see Cassiopeia, Hercules, Cygnus and Leo".

"Wait really how can you find them so fast".

"As I said Twi, It's been a while I've done star gazing at night".

So shouldn’t it be harder?

"Cross My Heart Hope To Fly Stick A Cupcake In My Eye. Ow". Sunset rubbed her eyes from the pain that she gave herself when doing the promise routine.

Wow. That’s pathetic.

“No I can’t let you what happen if you get caught for breaking into a school. You’ll get into a lot of trouble for it”. Twilight said with a worry tone in her voice.

Is that what she’s planning?

Glad to see the two are getting along and Sunset's offer

Interesting story. Looking forward towards reading more.

As Sunset was wandering the hallways, she got one question that she has to get the answer to.

"Why Are The Lights On!!!!!!". She screams at the lowest rate ever.

Sunset isn’t know for having her priorities straight, is she?

"I mean seriously why is every single light ON. Does the school even care about energy since there's only 1 person here".

Not your school, don’t worry about it.

All of Twilights' belongings were destroyed and her locker was completely dented, which looks like the door could probably fall at any moment. To Sunset's surprise, it didn't take long for it to do it but now Twilights locker is fully exposed to everyone that passes by luckily Sunset was alone.

"I better get this stuff out of here before everyone shows up tomorrow". Sunset said as she hurried to grab everything and organized it well in her bookbag.

What’s the point? The belongings are destroyed.

Once Sunset was about to head to the lab she noticed that Twilights locker had a secret compartment near the back. Once she slid it open, she was greeted by a locked notebook. To Sunset's thoughts, she was glad that she didn't forget about it. Once she double and tripled checked the whole locker to see if anything was left out. She finally made her way to the lab.

Why does she have a secret compartment?

Twilight was wondering what would her life be like if she hasn't returned to Crystal Prep would everything have gone different or have stayed the same, with the only difference is that she won't be in it. She wondered about it for a few minutes before beginning to cry as she laid her head down on the table.

It’s not too late to transfer.

"Let's just say it's in Canterlot City. That's where I used to live before I moved here to PonyVille". Sunset said in a peaceful matter, even though she couldn't tell Twilight the truth about her existence from another dimension, that could cause a lot of explaining to do about alternative dimensions existing and Twilight wouldn't take it all that well.

There’s a ponyville?

Sunset approaches from behind embracing Twilight with open arms. Twilight turned around and to Sunsets surprised was tackle down on Twilights' bed.

Sunset can see Twilight's eyes watering more and more as time past. As Sunset was preparing to embrace Twilight for a hug, she was interrupted by a kiss on her lips that put in too much pressure for even Sunset to let go and separate. But Sunset didn't mind. She just wants to treasure this moment with Twilight by her side or specifically on top of her.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

Glad to finally see a new chapter

Can't believe those bitches blaming Sci Twi still.
I'm kind of hoping Sci Twi goes midnight on them and sends them into the moon.

Something inside Sunset got triggered as her temper and personality changed instantly. "What have you done to her". Once she slammed her attacker to the side of the car she starred at the others with red eyes from the far distance.

The other 4 noticed who there up against it was no other than Sunset Shimmer. As the clouds formed they were starting to get chills.

What’s happening?

Sunset faced back to her victim. "I'll deal with you later". She got up and hurried back into her car leaving Indigo in the dust.

Don’t you mean sour sweet?

Sunset continued to levitate up until a moment past that she sprouted Flaming Wings, with a transferring Flaming mask to cover her field of vision, and now came a new form of Sunset a form that she did not expect to transform into.

Is this different from the other transformation?

A moment later Sunset heard breathing and it was Twilight. She slowly opened her eyes to see a glowing figure right next to her.

So she wasn’t breathing before?

I must say this sure was a great stormy, despite a few mistakes it was spot on great.

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"For making our school loose its meaning in winning now we downgraded a lot even in the schools paper say that were a bad influence which cause all the students parents make them want to transfer out of Crystal Prep". This news ragged the Principal so much that her temper raised to the max.

Shut up, capitalist.

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