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Every supervillain longs for the day where they learn their nemesis's true identity, to strike them where it truly hurts - those closest to the hero. Unfortunately for The Mane-iac, this is one of those cases of be careful what you wish for.

Written for a Quills and Sofas speedwrite.

Inspired by this prompt from the Writing Prompt Reddit.

A thank you to KrazyTheFox, PearlescenT, RubyDubious, Shaslan, Snow Quill, Vis-a-Viscera and the other contest participants for proofreading before publishing.

Cover made with help from the talented Snow Quill.

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I haven't actually read this story yet, but why is Tempest in it, and not just the Mane-iac and the Power Ponies?

I'm assuming that the Power Ponies universe's analogue to Tempest is Filli-Second's wife—at least, that's what the cover art seems to imply. Kinda surprised you missed it, honestly.

Of course, the #1 sure-fire way to figure it out is to actually read the story itself.

EDIT: Just finished reading the story, and I must say, I thought it was very well-done! My compliments to the author!

Brilliant way to incorporate Tempest into this setting, both in backstory and the present day. Though I can't help but think that D-Cipher's going to ransom the Power Ponies' secret identities to them. He seems more... you know, sane.


That. Was. ASTOUNDING...!!!!

Hit all the characters 10/10, marvelous settings, and the DIALOG...!!!!

"Marey Allen"...

"Sinister Shatterhorn"...

This beats "Wandavision" all to pieces...!!!

You have the touch with the Power Ponies. As a group, they're hard to write for. Basically, you have to IGNORE the characterizations that show up in the IDW comics, and put the Six in those outfits...

This one? No matter at all. Could be the Mane Six, could be the original characters. It works perfectly either way...

Well Done, Son...!!!!

(I hope more readers find this gem. It's a delight!!)

Sounds to me like a sequel...or a serial...

I like serial...:pinkiehappy:

“Not this one – she’s a detective at the downtown precinct. But married you say?” Mane-iac grinned, shrunk pupils glancing over the file. “Looks like she lives in the suburbs. Perfect. I never operate all the way out there – they’ll never see it coming!”

Ah, Flash, neat.

“Maelstrom, Maelstrom Shade Allen,” the mare replied.

A bit on the nose, yeah?

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