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horses are fuckin weird

what else is there to say


"Hello? Hello, hello? Well, if you're hearing this, then chances are you've made a very poor career choice..."

Applejack was in desperate need of a job. She couldn't afford to operate the farm on her own anymore. Luckily for her, the abandoned Pinkie's Cupcake Palace is in need of a night guard. Simply watch the establishment overnight through the provided security cameras. But something tells her there is more to the job than what is being told.

This is my first story, so I apologize for any errors or just flat out bad writing. Criticism is welcome.

Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's (obviously).

Chapters (6)
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Comment posted by horses are fuckin weird deleted January 9th

Yeah...... I think we all know where this is headed.
Honestly in this day and age, when someone just accepts you to take a job without so much as a question or interview, I'd hang up and find another job pronto.
No amount of mulah is worth the sleepless nights i'll be getting.
You got yourself a like.

Are you going to continue? I really like how is is going so far.

Definitely, though like I said in Author's Note I don't want anyone to expect consistent updates. It really just depends on if I'm not busy or feeling motivated enough to write.

Yep. I think it's pretty obvious where this is going.

It finally uploaded, huh?

After 9 years in development, hopefully it was worth the wait.

Ok....not where I was expecting this to go. But a nice finish.

Thanks! I was aiming for a much different ending than other stories.

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