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This story is a sequel to “Where Is My Daughter?”

Sunshine Shimmer is one of the leaders of the fashion industry, a very accomplished and renowned woman, who can buy or lawyer her way into anything she wants. She has a loving family, and a good friend.

She thought she had everything she could ever need, but today may prove that she missed something very important. Something only Sunset and her friends can give her.

Huge thanks to Shimmeringsun for prereading and helping with ideas and writer blocks. Check out their story: Aftermath Of The Formal

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 77 )

Sunset rolled her eyes. "Since I value my life, you need to meet Rarity first."

I mean, you're not wrong Sunny-buns.

Oh come on with that ending!

Regardless, I got quite a few good honest laughs out of this, and I'm excited to see more, especially with that conclusion :P

Loved it!

I have to build interest for a sequel somehow :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to bring more in the future

“Wha– no! Why would I marry you right now?” Sunset exclaimed.

So you'd be okay with marrying her down the line?

I’m gonna roll the dice for a guess and say Sunshine’s friend is gonna prove to be good ol’ Chryssy... Just what my gut is telling me. Great story, though! Looking forward to more, especially who you’re shipping Sunset with.

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Those mysteries might be answered in the next installment.

Hmm... So "Sunshine" has met the rest of Sunset's friends before, or am I misunderstanding something?

Not sure how I feel about her offering something like that. It feels a bit like a bribe. I feel like something like that shoulda been held till later. Maybe the second meeting.

I just keeps feeling like she's bribing them all and there's just not a very wholesome feel to it for me.

She hasn't met them in person but knows about them. They're a bit "famous" due to magical shenanigans in school.

This chapter felt much more impactful. Things didn't just go perfectly with the friend fawning over her.

Sunshine is teasing Rarity with the offer of money to make the girl react, but does want to help her grow a business.

Sunshine is the mature one?

This is a bit of a turning point for the story, when Sunshine starts feeling more conflicted about the issue.

“I invited her,” Sunshine announced, getting the attention of everyone. Smiling, she pointed at the new arrival. “This is my friend.”

Curses a cross story cliffhanger this the worst possible thing :raritycry:

Rarity may not be my favorite pony but the quote felt appropriate

Good to see you make this into a series.

I've one more sequel prepared for now, but I've come to love this little world :scootangel:

I really wish you spaced out posting chapters. Though it is nice to read this all at once, if Fimfictions featured box did not catch it I likely would have missed it.

for this chapter however I am really curious who this friend of hers is. are they an OC or somebody we know, are they male or female

I considered releasing a chapter a day, but I felt like each chapter alone would be too short. Also since it was a sequel, people who read the first installment would come to see it. Or at least that's what I hope :twilightsheepish:

She's female and not an OC, that's all I will give you

I wonder if egging twilight on like that was part of the bet

okay so since there are bets in place on who sunset likes who wants to bet on who Sunshine's friend is?

The first guess has been Chrysalis, so there's a vote there

If were still guessing Sunshine's friend, I'm going pick Vice Principal Luna. Yeah I know, a longshot, but I only need to be lucky once. That aside, a good story to finish off my evening.

Thank you! Glad I entertained you for the night

Hmm, friends with Sunshine. Seemingly as few friends as Sunshine.. Hit a near disastrous low point due to an extreme reaction to a negative event, but was able to recover and is now better than they started.

I'm casting my guess as Starlight being Sunshine's friend.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to the next story featuring Sunset and Sunshine.

Was it 42 is the answer to everything? that made Twi faint?

I keep forgetting about Starlight's past in the show. It does make sense, and Sunset and Pony Starlight seemed to click alright in that little episode.

Ooh! Can't wait to see the continuation! Great job on this story!

Thank you! I hope I don't take too much to bring it to life :twilightsmile:

Was this posted today since all the chapters say they were uploaded on Christmas Eve 2020 or have I not noticed this til today. No offense just asking but still surprised to see a sequel to the first story

I started writting the story on Christmas Eve 2020, and "published" all the chapters so they have that date.

There will be one more sequel in the future. I hope you enjoy the story.

I should of saw this coming in how'd fluttershy would react to sunshine over animals

Why did you have to leave it on a cliff hanger!!!??? Why!!!???

Because I want to make a sequel to this one too. :rainbowlaugh:

I place my money on Cadance. They seem to be in the same age group and they were both at Crystal prep. Plus, I totally see Cadance making bet on twilight love-life.

I can see it... but I also get the feeling that the friend who walked in is the same friend that helped Sunshine rule Crystal Prep in their younger days, the muscles to her brain as it were. I just don't see that fitting the bill for Cadence. (Though, I fully admit, it could also be a lovely diversion)

Sunset shrugged a bit. “Well, she has to get founding for her inventions somehow.”

Funding... perhaps?

That logic, I can find no fault with it. Carry on then as you were. Also fun little story.


Fluttershy knows Rarity works in fashion too, right?

But not in the same way. Plus it was Sunshine's comment that tip her off

Comment posted by Rune Knight Genryu deleted 6 days ago

“Hello and welcomed!” Twilight greeted them. “How did things go with Rarity?”

I dont know if you wanted this to be "Hello and be welcomed" or "Hello and welcome" the first would be more formal, but the second is more common in todays vernacular.

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