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This story is a sequel to A Sweetie Dreamland

This story is also a sequel to The Phantom Filly and Apple Bloom's Mansion 4; The Castle of Death.

Several months passed since Sweetie Belle fought Kirby and became the Alicorn of the Void. The filly is thirsty for new adventures, discovering new universes, making new friends, fighting new bad guys. Feeling that she is ready, she opens a portal, and starts her new life.

Not knowing that many universes will rapidly be threatened by a mysterious army, and that she will have to fight Light and Darkness to save everything she cares.

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"An instant Hyper Beam?!" shouted the second human, as shocked as the others watching the fight.

Hyper Beam is a Normal-type move, which can't hit Ghost types. Maybe you should change Hyper Beam to Psybeam.

Cool Pokémon!
... Which legendary is she going to provoke first?


He clearly was a male with short brown hairs wearing a white shirt with a drawing of a ball with a red superior half, a white inferior half, and a white circle in the center, black shorts, and white and yellow shoes along with a backpack. Beside him was another male human, a little smaller whose hairs were hidden by a red hat while he was also wearing a green shirt, a yellow short, and white shoes, and like the other, he had a backpack. The both of them also had a belt with six balls like the one in the drawing of the shirt of the first human.

When you're talking about hair, you should use the singular form of hair if it refers to all the hairs on someone's head, like in the paragraph above. For instance, you should change "a little smaller whose hairs were hidden by a red hat" to "a little smaller whose hair was hidden by a red hat".

You should only use the plural form of hair if it refers to more than one hair, like in this description of the Alola form of Diglett:

In the Alola region, Diglett have developed three golden hairs on their head, which are actually whiskers that function as sensors and allow them to monitor their surroundings without coming above ground.

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

Sweetie bell
Level 700
Hp 10000

I just got a idea

Sweetie Belle vs Mewtwo

nice but i raise you mew and sweetie playing together

That can be after she defeats him

That's planned.
She will first have to find Mew, and it's not easy.

Also worth noting, normal people would be confused by the needlessly fancy ways to say "top" and "bottom"; our adorable little dictionary is not one of them.

Considering Sweetie’s level of power, I think that Mew will find her

Oooh starting with Pokemon Are we?cool,Looking for her fights vs arceus,Ultra Necrozma and Eternamax Eternatus,However I think that is gonna take a while....

She won't fight all the legendaries, lol. She would have to find a reason first

ok I See why she might not be fighting arceus, but if following the plot of the other games(assuming that you do),is only matter of timing(like idk,she arrives to alola when necrozma already fusion himself with solgaleo/lunala and escaped his dimension to transform).
anyways I admit that I mainly look for those fights because Ultra necrozma Battle theme is a total Masterpiece and I think A fight vs eternamax eternatus would be dope af because story-wise is one of the most powerful legendaries ever,So I dont just gonna drop the history if you dont do the fights(I will greatly appreciate if you do However)
But hey,I already read your Histories and I Know that you totally Know what are you doing,So Im pretty cool with whatrever you do in the end:twilightsmile:

I will not always follow the games. Sometimes, it will happen after, and other times, Sweetie's actions will totally derail the scenarios.

K,as I say,totally cool with watever you do and Im pretty sure the story is still gonna Rocks.

Not gonna thought it was going to be smash bros world of light but this will do

Must you tempt me with a new story just as I was working on my own? :unsuresweetie: But for real, I am definitely interested to see what happens next! I really like Pokemon! :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry:

Please tell me you'll put some time slips in. I want to see Sweetie meet up with the other crusaders soon.

It will happen after a few adventures.

Well, we will skip the times between the adventures.

If he isn't the Pokemon captured by the main character of Pokemon X and Y.

just watch the new trainer sweetiebell get her starter and suddenly have mew aswell

Awwww, hmm so can she count herself as her sixth Pokémon?

That's the one million dollars question. :rainbowlaugh: If a Pokemon becomes a Pokemon trainer, do they count as one of the six Pokemons? I think that I will let the Pokemon fanatics answer this.

Well,she certainly find mew WAY sooner than expected,good chapter.

Remember, she's just a girl who's a trainer for fun. She'll buck the regulations if her life is in danger, but anything short of that and it'd be counterproductive to fight directly.

The only time Meowth ever acted as a trainer was under circumstances where nobody was allowed to use their own Pokémon, and Mewtwo was way over the team limit no matter how you slice things. Basically, we don't have a proper precedent here, which is a load off your mind because you can't contradict canon when there isn't anything to contradict.

I'm pretty sure Mewtwo can count himself as a trainer since he can summon himself in Pokemon Stadium. :pinkiesmile:

This is a vacation, remember? She'll blow up a continent if she has to, but she won't be happy about the disturbance.

(Also, I was paraphrasing Saitama's catchphrase)

There's very little in this world that could really be called a "battle" for her, none of it in the hands of humans. As such, League regulations on team size are something of a moot point.

Someone ready to make a run on Indigo Plateau sent out four Pokemon at once against her and she defeated them effortlessly. The fighting's over if she joins it, and she knows that by now.

She might find something like red, or a legendary

So much yes. Mew has a new best friend now, whos probably stronger than her.

Red is already planned. And like Blue said, he will have quite the team. As for the legendaries, she will encounter some of them, like Mew in this chapter, but only the most powerful of them like (Mega-)Mewtwo, Arceus, or Ultra Necrozma would constitute a real challenge against her.
And she's as playful as him! Those two were just made to be friends. :twilightsmile:

this chapter is funny i can't wait to see the next one:rainbowlaugh:

well, of course only GOD will suffice a challenge for her. Freaking OP filly.

.. Oh my god.. Have Sweetie Meet Saitama. At last.. a worthy opponent for both!

Well, you already know that she will have one of the three starters of Kanto, and I won't spoil if I say that I plan for her to have a Jigglypuff. As for the remaining four Pokemons, I don't know yet. I will come up with them as I write the chapters.
Sadly, no manga in this fic, as much as I would want her to have an encounter with Goku and Saitama.

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