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Ultimate Multiverse Explorers - Lucar

Several months after her adventures on Pop Star, Sweetie Belle decides it's time to start new adventures in new universes

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Chapter 1: The First World

Author's Note:

Here's my Christmas gift, everyone! The much awaited sequel to all my stories (mainly A Sweetie Dreamland for now)!
Warning, OP Sweetie, so be prepared to see a lot of one-sided fights, and even more when she will be joined by the heroines of my other stories.
Reminder: even if the universes explored will mainly be from video games, many mechanics proper to the game format won't be present. For example, 2D games won"t be in 2D here, but in 3D, because the universes are in 3D. No turn-based fights. No limits in the number of attacks that can be used like in Pokemon. No Mario suddenly forgetting that he can punch his enemies instead of just jumping on their head. And so on and so on.
For the ones who saw the previews, some things will probably be different. The previews really were just prototypes.


About two years ago, the young filly named Sweetie Belle had been accidentally sent to another dimension by Twilight Sparkle. In this dimension that had been given the name of Dream Universe, Sweetie Belle landed in the castle of the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land: King Dedede, on a star-shaped planet named Pop Star.

She began working for Dedede who trained her to fight in the hope of defeating the local hero, Kirby. But the filly ended up having many adventures beside said hero, making many friends, saving the kingdom, the world, and even the universe, becoming Queen of the sky kingdom of Floralia, and gaining powers beyond anything she had imagined.

After saving the God named Void from his hate, Sweetie Belle was able to return to Equestria aboard the dimensional spaceship Lor Starcutter of which she had become the captain, and there, she protected the kingdom from a bunch of villains before she returned to Dream Land, ready to accomplish her original goal: defeating Kirby.

In the following cosmical fight, Sweetie Belle ascended and became the Alicorn of the Void.

After accomplishing her goal, she returned to Equestria for a well deserved rest.

Her classmates had watched the fight against Kirby, so they already knew that she had ascended, but they still congratulated her, going a little too far as they now considered her a princess, like all the other alicorns. She had to remind them that she was already queen of another kingdom and that she wasn't intending to become a princess of Equestria, and so, that as long as she was in Equestria, or even anywhere else outside of the Dream Universe, she shouldn't be considered royalty.

There was also a little jealousy from Diamond Tiara who had been really shocked to see Sweetie Belle reach her dream. But knowing that the filly now could destroy a whole planet as if it was nothing, she controlled herself and remained friendly enough. Beside, antagonizing Sweetie Belle would also antagonize Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, which she didn't want to after they helped her discovering her real talent.

A platform for the Lor Starcutter was built beside Twilight's castle, and beside it, there was now also a portal to Dream Land, built with the help of Magolor using the technology of the Ancients, the civilization that created the Dream Universe long ago.

Scootaloo took a very close interest to this advanced technology. She just found it very fascinating and regularly talked of how she could improve her scooter with it. Or, heck, how she could build an actual spaceship which would be MUCH better than a simple scooter!

Sweetie Belle began to teach her friends and a few others how to use their inner energy. she would call it Soul Energy, but this wasn't the same Soul Energy than in the Dream Universe. The Dream Universe's Soul Energy didn't exist in Equestria. But at least, the energy that replaced it was close enough, and the way to discover it was pretty much the same than what Sweetie Belle did the first time. It took however longer for many to discover it, but once they did, it wasn't long before they all could call it. Creating and throwing energy balls, however, was still above their level.

As a result of her over a year of being away, Sweetie Belle was behind everypony else in classes, so she studied a lot to catch up. She also studied magic with the help of Twilight and Starlight, to get inspirations for... tricks she could do in the future, with magic or other energies. She couldn't wait to see her future enemies' reaction when she will turn a simple stone into a gun. She had certainly loved to see Twilight's face when she did it in front of her! Of course, there wasn't any bullet, so it was okay. Sweetie Belle conveniently forgot to say that she could simply fire beams with it but, oh well, it wasn't as if she hadn't already a beam gun constantly on her forehead (the horn), and that she could fire more beams just from the air around her. Anything could be used as a weapon by her. Especially since she became an alicorn.

Which meant that she had to relearn to control her powers. She controlled them perfectly... before, but as an alicorn, if she didn't watch out, she could disintegrate a whole mountain very easily, forcing her to be very careful around everything whenever she used even an ounce of her powers. She went into the Everfree Forest to learn to control her powers without risking anypony's life, but after leveling a big chunk of the forest, she began to use a deserted planet in the Dream Universe as her training field. Void also helped her a lot.

It still took several months before she felt comfortable enough with her new powers that she dared to use them in the middle of Ponyville. Until then, the magic lessons with Twilight and Starlight weren't even in the castle, but in that cavern where a dragon had slept a few years ago, in a nearby mountain.

A few more months later, she felt that she was ready. That she had enough control to do what she wanted to do: go out and explore the Multiverse, or rather, the Omniverse, as it was really called. But since the majority knew it as the Multiverse, even most Gods, then she will stick with it for now.

She was really missing going on adventures. She gained a taste for them in the Dream Universe, and she loved discovering new stuff and making new friends. She wanted more.

So, like she said back on Pop Star, she waited for a week-end and warned everypony that she would go. Rarity accepted after a resigned sigh, knowing that there was no changing her mind and that, anyway, she should worry more for whoever or whatever would try to hurt her. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo wanted to come, but their families refused, having no idea if the universe Sweetie Belle will find herself into will be dangerous or not.

"I promise that I will try to find a safe universe so I can bring you next time," said Sweetie Belle. "If that's alright," she then said while looking at Applejack and at one of Scootaloo's aunts.

They both nodded with Applejack saying "If that's safe, then alright, sugarcube." This brought back a smile on Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's muzzle.

"So, you will take the Lor?" then asked Scootaloo.

"Uhuh," answered Sweetie Belle with a shake of her head before she smirked, materialized an energy sword, and used it to cut the space open, creating a portal.

"Show off," said Apple Bloom with a giggle, and Sweetie Belle answered her by sticking out her tongue at her.

"Anyway, I will try to come back before the end of the week-end, but Void told me about how some universes have their time passing faster or slower than ours, so I have no idea when I will be back. Say sorry to miss Cheerilee for me if I don't come back in time. Oh! I almost forgot!" A small earpiece device appeared beside her, and she quickly put it. "He also told me that I was lucky to fall into an universe where the inhabitants were speaking the same language than me, but it won't be the case for all universes, so Magolor created this multiversal translator for me. Don't ask how it works, please. Ask directly Magolor if you want to know. Hey! Look! It can even turn invisible!" she shouted as she proceeded to demonstrate by pressing a small button on the device.

Twilight nodded in understanding. "Like this, the natives will ask less questions if... when they see you. I suppose it's why you aren't wearing your uniform too."

Sweetie Belle, who was indeed not wearing clothes, nodded. "Yes, so they won't think directly that I'm some alien and panic. They may just think that I'm an unknown species of animal or whatever."

The filly then exchanged some quick hugs with Rarity, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo before she stepped through the portal which closed behind her.

Sweetie Belle stepped out of the portal on some extend of rock full of cliffs and ledges and small mountains, without any sign of life.

Yeah, this was a bad start.

She still decided to fly up to get a better view, just in case, and, behind a plateau, she saw giant quadrupedal golden machines with glowing blue parts. She couldn't see much of their legs, but she could see that they were supporting a giant body that could rotate as they looked down. Sweetie Belle counted seven of them.

Then, the sides of the body revealed powerful laser cannons that they used to sweep the ground, and whatever they were targeting, Sweetie Belle could hear them yelling in pain and agony, but the filly couldn't identify the sources (but they seemed monstrous). One of the machines eventually fell and exploded, but soon enough, the screams stopped, and the machines advanced again toward, Sweetie Belle could see in the distance, what seemed like structures made of flesh with disgusting... things flying above and between them.

So, it seemed like she stepped in the middle of a war-zone between a technologically advanced species and another that used buildings of flesh. She wasn't sure what was going on, and she didn't want to judge. Beside, she wanted to find a safe place for her friends to join her, and she didn't want to lose time dealing with a war. So she opened a new portal and flew through it.

This time, she landed in a place she was more familiar with. It seemed to be a valley between two mountains, with grassy fields, a lake, a few trees, and a road climbing several ledges before reaching a building just between two cliffs. In the opposite side, there were some stairs leading to a city that was rather small but had some skyscrapers.

She landed beside the lake and looked around at the strange animals she could see. Where the flora was very familiar, the fauna was very different, and yet still reminded Sweetie Belle of animals from her universe. Like, not far, she could see a group of birds with brown heads and tails, pinkish-red wings lighter at the tips, black backs, and beige, striped underside. They were nothing like any bird she saw.

Among the grasses, she spotted purple rodents scurrying around, and on the trees, there were weird spherical white monkeys with pig-like snout for nose.

This seemed safe so far, but Sweetie Belle decided to walk around a little more, even approaching the animals to see how they reacted to her. So far, they didn't attack her, but some clearly looked at her warily.

She discovered a few more species of animals as she explored around, and she was curious to discover more of them. For a moment, she thought about going toward the city, but then...

"Hey! What's that?!" someone suddenly shouted, gaining Sweetie Belle's attention.

There, further away, pointing at her, was a human, different than the ones she knew from the Dream Universe. In it, the human adults like Adeleine were about the size of Dedede, so about the size of a grown stallion, but this human was even taller, about Celestia's size! And judging by the voice she heard, this human didn't even seem to be fully mature yet!

He clearly was a male with short brown hair wearing a white shirt with a drawing of a ball with a red superior half, a white inferior half, and a white circle in the center, black shorts, and white and yellow shoes along with a backpack. Beside him was another male human, a little smaller whose hair were hidden by a red hat while he was also wearing a green shirt, a yellow short, and white shoes, and like the other, he had a backpack. The both of them also had a belt with six balls like the one in the drawing of the shirt of the first human.

Here we go, thought Sweetie Belle as the second human got out some red device which he seemed to use to scan her.

"Uh... It says it's unknown," said the second human as he looked at the device.

The first human immediately looked excited. "An unknown species of Pokémon?!"

"Seems like it. Where does it come from? I didn't think it was still possible to find new species in Kanto."

The first human shrugs. "Who knows what unknown can come out of these tall grasses and trees. We haven't really bothered searching for a long time."

"Let me guess. You will catch it?"

"Of course I will! You imagine how everybody will react when they will see that I have a caught a new species of Pokémon? And I will so catch the Elite Four off guard with it! It may be my key to become the Champion!"

Sweetie Belle wasn't sure what they were talking about, but it seemed like there was a competition relating these Pokémon. In which way, she didn't know. But these guys were taking her for one of these Pokémon and wanted to catch her to use her for this competition.

But what was a Pokémon? They talked of species of Pokémon, so... was that a kind of animal that she coincidentally looked like? She will find out soon enough.

"Mmh... It looks like a small winged Ponyta, without the fiery mane and tail," said the second human.

"Yeah, it reminds more of the Ponytas from that region... Uh... Galar. They have similar colored manes. You think it may be a new species born from the Ponytas/Rapidashs that flew all the way from Galar to Kanto?"

"Maybe. I'm sure prof. Oak will be able to answer this. That is if you catch it."

"Ah! Just watch me!" shouted the first human as he took one of the white and red balls which grew in his hand before he ran toward her. "Nidoking! Go!" he then shouted before he threw the ball. When it hit the ground, the ball opened and unleashed some red energy that quickly took the form of an animal before it solidified and gained colors.

The animal didn't look AT ALL like Sweetie Belle, so not all Pokémon looked like her.

Nice to know, thought Sweetie Belle as she looked up and up at the giant purple reptile a little smaller than the humans that somehow came out of a ball the size of a hand. The thing was clearly made for battles. It had sharp teeth, sharp claws (but weird hands), a sharp horn, even sharp spines on its back, and a big tail that could easily send her flying into a tree. So, I presume that this competition is about battles with these Pokémon. Alright. If it's a battle he want..."

"Nidoking! Use Megahorn!" shouted the boy.

The Pokémon, Nidoking, lowered its head, horn pointed toward Sweetie Belle, and charged toward her.

It must not be comfortable to run like that with the head lowered so much... thought Sweetie Belle as she smirked. Readying her hoof, she avoided the horn and punched the Nidoking on its left cheek, sending it flying right into a tree that fell on it. It wasn't moving anymore.

Too easy.

The two humans were totally in awe, the first one having his jaw dropping.

"Wa... Was that Pound?" asked the second human. "It KOed a Nidoking with just a Pound?! Uh... Ed... I think you should give up. This Pokémon is clearly too strong for your Pokémon."

"That's impossible! I defeated the eight Gym Leaders! My Pokémon are the top of the top! It's not some random wild Pokémon, new species or not, that will defeat me! Come back, Nidoking!" shouted the first human, Ed, as he pointed the ball out of which Nidoking came at the unconscious Pokémon, and a red beam hit it. The next instant, the Nidoking was turned back into red energy that returned inside the ball. Ed then took a second ball and threw it. "Go! Gyarados!"

Like before, an animal, a Pokémon, came out of the ball in the form of red energy before solidifying, revealing itself to be a very huge serpentine blue and yellow Pokémon with an air of dragon that looked really pissed off. The yellow was mainly the underbelly, but it also had yellow spots at the sides. The presence of fins on its head, its back, and its tail also indicated that it was aquatic. The water serpent easily dwarfed anything she had seen in this world until now, and it was just with its upper body standing up, which was about one third of its full body.

The bigger they are...

"Gyarados! Use Hydro Pump!"

The Gyarados opened wide its huge mouth and blasted from it a powerful jet of water toward Sweetie Belle. The filly teleported just to the side, avoiding the jet, and sent electric bolts into it. The electricity spread up the jet into the Gyarados' mouth, electrifying it. The Gyarados was able to resist, but before it could do anything else, Sweetie Belle teleported in front of its face and punched it, sending the Gyarados flying above the shocked humans to land further behind them.

The humans didn't move for several seconds before the second human began to talk.

"Holy Arceus... Teleport, Thunderbolt - or maybe even Thunder -, Teleport again, and Pound, all in just a few seconds. Ed, I'm... I'm starting to think that we're facing a legendary."

Ed groaned, putting a hand on his face. "Just my luck..." But then, he smiled again. "That's even better!" He took his four remaining balls after calling back the Gyarados. "An unknown legendary Pokémon! My name will remain in the story books! I must catch it!" He then threw all four balls, releasing the four Pokémon in them.

The first was a bipedal red creature with yellow flame patterns at the bottom of its body. The tip of its tail was on fire, and it also had fire on two lumps above its eyes. It had a beak, and yet, it clearly wasn't a bird as it had hands and feet with claws, and it even had red scales on its arms. That thing really didn't look like any animal she had seen before, near or far.

The second was a canine-like animal, quadrupedal with yellow fur and white ruff around its neck, very spiky as if the Pokémon had received an electrical shock.

The third was a humanoid Pokémon with bluish-grey skin and four very muscled arms. It also had black skin resembling briefs, and it was wearing some golden belt.

The last Pokémon was also bipedal with a roundish, dark purple body and scary red eyes above a big, sinister grin. It also had several spikes on its back and its head, had a tail, and digits on its hands and feet.

Pokémon really come in all forms, uh? So, what, it's the name given to all the animals in this world? Although I wonder about some of them being animals, like this purple one.

By now, Sweetie Belle remarked that a small crowd of humans, some with a Pokémon (again different species that she had seen until now), had gathered around them, looking in wonder at what was happening.

"Magmar! Jolteon! Machamp! Gengar! Use Fire Blast, Thunder, Dynamic Punch, and Shadow Ball!"

A Mirror appeared in front of Sweetie Belle, deflecting the Fire Blast, Thunder, and Shadow Ball back where they came from. The filly then immediately lowered the mirror and stopped the Machamp just before it could punch her, keeping it levitated. She then punched it on the face, sending it to crash right into the Magmar as it was recovering from the Fire Blast.

"Uh, this looked like Mirror Coat, but more effective. It didn't even took damage from the attacks. An unique move proper to this Pokémon only? And Telekinesis... That's a lot of Psychic-type moves. Is it a Psychic Pokémon?" wondered the second human.

Ed didn't answer, too focused in the fight as he barked "Jolteon! Quick Attack!" while he called the unconscious Machamp back in its ball. "Gengar! Sucker Punch!"

Sweetie Belle quickly jumped to the side to avoid the Jolteon charging at her and, seeing the Gengar approaching, readied herself to punch it while avoiding its own punch. However, to Sweetie Belle's surprise, her hoof passed through the Pokémon. But before Ed could order Gengar to do anything, she fired with her horn a powerful beam that caught it and sent it flying.

"A Psybeam?" shouted the second human, as shocked as the others watching the fight. "Wait, no, that looked more like an Hyper Beam, but that's impossible. Hyper Beam can't hit Ghost-types, and that Pokémon didn't even charge it."

Ed growled as he called back the knocked out Pokémon. "Jolteon! Magm-"

Before he could even finish his order, Sweetie Belle caught both the Jolteon and the Magmar with her telekinesis and made them crash into each other violently, head first. The two Pokémon were instantly KO, ending the fight.

Ed fell on his butt in shock, his whole team, which had defeated the eight Gym Leaders (whatever they were), defeated like they were nothing.

A chubby bearded man then walked beside him and said "Call back your Pokémon, kid. My turn. I just know what to do to defeat it." His smile then grew, and it took one of his own red and white balls. "Electrode!" he shouted as he threw the ball, and out of it came... a much bigger red and white ball with a face. However, the red half was at the bottom, and not at the top.

What the hay?

The humans seemed to understand what the chubby one was planning, because Ed quickly called back his unconscious Pokémon, and everybody moved away.

"Use Explosion!" yelled the chubby man.

And the Electrode began to glow, before it unleashed a huge explosion, covering the area around it in smoke.

"Ahah! Take that!" shouted the man victoriously. But when the smoke cleared, his expression changed to confusion, "Uh?" And then to shock.

The Electrode was KO, but Sweetie Belle had disappeared. Where she had been a few seconds earlier, there was now a hole in the ground.

"What?! Are you kidding me?! It can use Dig?!"

Underground, Sweetie Belle laughed. Deciding that she played enough, she then teleported into a nearby bush, then teleported behind a tree further away, and finally, turned herself into one of these humans. She had seen a few girls that seemed to be about her age, so she used them to determinate her look. A simple twelve years old human girl, with pink and purple hairs, a white shirt with pink sleeves, a pink skirt, and purple shoes. She also added a red headband in her hair to add some style and... Aww, why not. She saw an adorable little yellow mouse-like Pokémon with pink cheeks and black parts on the hears, around the neck, and on the tail on the shoulder of one of the youngest humans, so she added a picture of it on the shirt. Oh, and let's not forget the backpack. Everybody seemed to have one here.

After looking at herself to ensure that everything was alright, Sweetie Belle smiled and said to herself, "Time to go find more information on this world. I have a feeling that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo will love here. I should especially look into that competition, it may be interesting."

At this, she walked from behind the tree toward the city not far, not minding the humans still looking into the tunnel she left behind, waiting for her to come out.

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