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Peace Poet

Wants to write a story on here someday


I'm writing rhyming poetry about many ponies and creatures in the world of Equestria and more. (including Equestria Girls). I will be writing many poems of each chapter. This is where my rhyming poetic journey begins.

Warning: Expect some explicit language.

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I'm confused. This story sounds like an anthology, but there isn't an anthology tag.

Wait, it say that he/she got his/her inspiration from zecora, and then says he/ got his/her poetic logic from manehattan, so which one is it?

Then I'll get a few clothes from Rarity's boutique She and Sassy finds me good wear that is unique A tux, a dress shirt, even a business suit Add a fedora, and I'll have that "cool pony" look

We’re you rhyming suit with look?

Yeah, I came from the Southside But I don't judge them, and I have nothing to hide I found a new way to judge without judging I'm a friend of Rarity and others, so I'm not budging

How does that work?

My rhymes can be fictional, fun, or serious But I made a rich pony's wife look very delirious She knows how to make any pony upset But too bad her new job isn't important yet

Spoiled Rich?

After I said my goodbyes, I go on the the next train I have everything I need to stay sane and maintain What's my next stop, land, sea, or the sky high Good thing Twilight and Starlight taught me a spell to fly

But, does he know the cloud walking spell?

Five o'clock, the sun was going down Meaning Twilight's got it right, now that she's the new ruler in town The next place, I got to the airport first I'm flying overseas, former Dragon Lord Torch is doing the sky work

Airport? Also, what were you rhyming work with? Because, I think I missed it.

It's pretty much both. He gets inspired by Zecora later on, and then works on writing poetry for bits.

But anyway, I came to see an old friend I known since childhood And she's popular in my old hood We met in the first grade Y'all might know her as Songbird Serenade

That's her true name, along with Rara and Sapphire Shores All 3 sing like a heavenly choir singing a angelic chorus Sapphire Shores and Coloratura are my friends too But I met them before I met Applejack, true

Damn, is he just friends with everyone?

They scammed me in Ponyville With a cart with no brakes, that almost killed me down the hill Speaking of kill, that's what I fell like doing to them But their lives were already grim

I don’t see why you can’t make it more grim.

Songbird Serenade, her voice very angelic Her energy, like her dancers and fans, very energenic Then, she invited me on stage to dance I danced a step or two, with the crown and others advance

Who is he talking about?

As I went backstage, two stallions come at me with anger Then one of the guards held one of them back like the Lone Ranger The other came at me, but with my martial art skills I knocked him out, while he lost some teeth from his grille


It was getting late, I had to go back to the hotel Songbird kissed me on the cheek, like it was an angels love spell I kissed her cheek back, and then said good night Lit up my horn, since it's my only light

Are they dating, now?

She does have a husband and daughter Husband Street Light, and daughter Glistening Water Later on, I'll get to see them again soon From my sleep, to the morning, and see them at noon

Then, what was with the kiss?

I spent a couple of days in the gambling, entertaining town I enjoyed it, and did not have a frown Whatever happens in Las Pegasus. stays in Las Pegasus In the King of Rock 'N Roll's chorus, "Viva, Viva Las Pegasus.

Were you rhyming Las Pegasus with Las Pegasus?

She'll bet more bits then me, I won't complain Even though, I work at a place where I load the grain My pay was pretty good Since me and Daddy live together in the hood

How is that good?

Their eyes didn't say unwelcome, they said "not good" I even heard, "He's not a bad ponies, but how could..." Didn't finish the sentence, as I continued on As I have to find out what in Celestia was wrong

Why didn’t they tell him?

A scene that I wished I was missing Ocean Light and Prince Blueblood, making out, kissing They both saw me, Ocean's eyes widen in shock The room went silent, you didn't even hear a pencil fall knock

She belongs to the streets.

When I came home, I didn't cry, because I knew Different attitude, different school, and a Royal pony, too A wanted to give Blueblood a magic blast And before I did, I want to whoop his ass

Go ahead, I don’t think anyone is gonna stop you.

But I won't stoop to a low level, not my style I stayed away from both him and Ocean for more than a mile The next day, she started sending me apology letters I read them, but after I finished reading them, I burned them for the better

Hey, they got more fish in the sea. Or more ponies in the herd.

Yeah, I'm a commoner, with little to no glam I know I'm not much like a Royal, but damn She wanted the change for the better But all she and Blueblood did was becoming a sight of stormy weather

What does that mean?

She said, "Peace, the truth is, you were just poor Beneath my standards, and you're not at Blueblood's door I went with him to be noticed with fame You held me back, so I couldn't shout out to say your blame

Like I said, she belongs to the streets.

Shining Armor was a party machine With his wife Cadence, as they're the main scene They saw the awkward look from As they saw the nonsensical dance from Twilight

Was that meant to rhyme?

I just re-edit that rhyme. Thanks for pointing it out.

Omg, yes. I love the idea of rap about mlp, I was actually wondering when someone would do that. Plus, anime and mlp? Two amazing and popular things? I’m all for it.

I'm actually going to make a story based on either Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z/Super, or Rurouni Me shin. Might just try to blend them in together.

This is amazing.

I figured you'd liked it. I wasn't sure if you liked that I shipped Filthy Rich with Marble Pie, since her chance with Big Mac are gone. So I hope you liked that.

I did. And although the ship seems odd because of the possible age gap, I can learn to accept it.

Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer

Aww, that’s so sweet.

Luna was probably one of the best parts about mlp.

Pretty good! There were some hiccups and inconsistencies here and there, but all in all, the chapter flowed really nicely and made sense. :twilightsmile: Just watch out for the occasional typos or editing leftovers, such as corArabia or Yakyakastan. Also, it's best to avoid putting an author's note at the beginning of the opening chapter, since it bogs it down needlessly. You want people to immediately dive into the story so that you can hook them.

Poetry is a true magic which makes our lives brighter. I needed an inspiration for my paper and found it on the fimfiction site :)
Also, I was using this resource https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/poetry/ to get the samples for my papers.
I think all of us need to get motivation to learn any subject.

I can’t think of many creatures with unicorn traits.

It's a creature no pony or creature heard of before, and it's not in the franchise. When I write a new rhyme in chapters to come, you'll find out in the future. Can't say it now, you'll have to wait until then.

What’s the difference between a city and town?

In the city, you don't see many stars, cuz of the lights. Some towns have lights, but you can see the stars better, since towns don't have many lights like the city. That's my opinion.

Really good

It’s nice he gave the bits to charity.

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