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After traversing through the collectors museum and opening Pandora’s Box, YouTube Vlogger Joey Graceffa ends up in Equestria. When he shows up however, he finds that the land has been overtaken by their most evil forces. It’s up to him and an entirely different set of YouTubers to gather and cleanse nine evil artifacts before Nightmare Moon returns to unleash eternal night on Equestria. The only catch is that each artifact comes with a cost...a deadly cost.


Dr. Wolf- The Psychiatrist

Obabscribbler- The Librarian

Sawtooth Waves- The DJ

Firebrand- The Commander

TheLostNarrator- The Sailor

Blank Check- The Accountant

Ashley H- The Musician

DisneyFanatic- The Marriage Counselor

Lightning Bliss- The Magician

Chapters (2)
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