• Published 22nd Dec 2020
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Anon-A-Miss: The Son Of Wolverine - PrinceOfDarkness

Anon-A-Miss, the famous mystable cyberbully has ruined Sunset's life, and is inspired by a friend to fight back.

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heh. now that's sweet. thanks dude.

Anytime. By the way, which female voice actor would be good for Sunrise in One Last Mission?

uuh ................... i honestly don't know dude.

Which female actor do you think would be good for Sunrise in One Last Mission?

i'm sure you'll think of someone good.

I've found someone, an actress called Luna Blaise who voiced Olive Stone on the TV show Manifest, and is the voice I thought of for Sunrise in One Last Mission.

Comment posted by zachary12 deleted June 4th

Good work with using Sunset's past. It really contributed to how the cyberbully got to Sunset. Again, pacing is really on point here in this story. Just make sure that the final confrontation is well laid out and not overly rushed. The story will lose a ton of power if it's rushed.

Thanks for the kind statement. I do pace the story, it's just that I view the story like a TV show of sorts, like Lucifer or Manifest.

So I get actors in my mind who fit the roles(obviously the MLP cast of E.G and others like Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman).

Hey what happened to the CMC in the future, you never mentioned them?

Oh they were in juvie until they were eighteen.

Seeing that the year they were arrested in was 2013 and they were 13

They were released in 2021 age 18;


Ah, what they did was majorly wrong and could have easily been avoided if they'd just spoke to their siblings about it so I guess they have to learn that their actions have consequences. How will things change for them when they're released?


I'm very surprised that you commented on this? Despite that it was back in January?!

Anywho, I do agree with your point there.

They'd still have a criminal record.

It would be hard for them to get jobs and go anywhere on holiday due to their background because of the criminal record.

Daken will appear in the story and kill them(yes there will be a funeral) and he will work with HYDRA to kidnap Sunrise. Why? Because of her hybrid mutant-pony DNA. To him she is not his niece but rather an experiment. A test subject. James, Sunset, Laura, Jean, Mekarm, Victor and Logan will fight him. They will also kill Daken and save Sunrise who will have her powers dampened due to a mutant power-weakening drug.

That's very sad cause I'm a fan of the Crusaders but hey it's your story so power to you, but personally I think the ones who beat Sunset should be the ones to have their subscriptions to life cancelled.

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