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Bold! Unique! Stylish! Rarity's fashion designs have always attracted the eyes (and bits) of ponies across Equestria, but what about the land's other inhabitants? When Yona comes to Rarity with a question, Rarity feels obliged, excited even, to create something that will make her holiday. This winter, her fashion line will be both breathtaking and inclusive!

Then the blizzard hits, and Rarity is trapped in the uncouth village of Yakyakistan where she is measuring yaks. Stranded, Rarity worries that she'll miss Hearth's Warming Eve. Again.

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RDT #1 · March 4th · · ·

One thing I have to comment is that hadn't Rarity designed clothes for Spike before? So the idea of fashion for other creatures shouldn't have been as novel as you made it seem.
I feel like the scene where Rarity crawls through the snow could have been more dramatic. 1. The story is from Rarity's perspective, so drama makes sense. 2. The reader knows the idea is stupid and silly, so it should take a lot more justification to make it seem heroic. 3. It's the emotional climax of the story and deserves more impact.
Good story, though I wonder if the pacing could have been slowed down by spending more word count with Cherry Berry and with exploration of yak culture.

Thanks for the suggestions! And yeah, in looking back, I think Rarity did design clothes for Spike at one point in the show. Forgot about that.

Wow this was a pretty good story and it's like one of those I'll Be Home for Christmas type of thing sort of but Rarity wanted to go to yakyakistan but unfortunately it is super close to Hearts warming eve which Sweetie Belle was not too happy because that happened last time but this time she said she promise this time it did not satisfy Sweetie Belle answer the next day she travel through the balloon with cherry berry and looks like she bumped into Gabby making her deliveries but she finally arrived to yakyakistan and yona was pretty surprised to see her here but then I already told her about the fashion for every creature that they talked about back at the school and yona is pretty excited soon after the snowstorm gotten worse and there was no way she can get home but she was determined to not disappoint Sweetie Belle and her parents but unfortunately the weather was too strong for her and she almost died but the yaks saved her and it looks like her family is there alongside with cherry berry they were pretty worried about her and it looks like they were going to celebrate the holiday here but at least they're together with friends and family this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

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