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(She/Her) I write cute Luna fanfics, cute shipfics, and some other stories. I take requests, but not clopfics or NSFW. I might do grimdarks that aren't too graphic. Just DM me and I'll see!



Luna is a filly who experiences nightmares and insomnia. One night, she gets an imaginary friend named Nightmare Moon. However, Nightmare Moon is a bit different from other imaginary friends.

(Inspired by a Derpibooru comment I saw once)

(Temporary cover art until the artist I contacted gets back to me)

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I'm a little surprised you only made this story one chapter long. Please respond to this comment.

I have plans to make a sequel with more chapters, I just wanted to get the basic idea done because tomorrow (December 21st) is Luna Day on EquestriaDaily and I wanted to submit a fanfic. So don't worry, I have more planned :twilightsmile:

Great idea. So many possible things to go horribly horribly wrong and right when the time comes. Nightmare Moon being named Nightmare Moon (and not something else) definitely has a story behind it but yeah.

Yeah! I have a sequel planned that's gonna have more chapters that continue on this. It's gonna be interesting to see Luna grow up with Nightmare Moon as her imaginary friend, like you said. I'll make sure to post a comment here when the sequel's first few chapters are out :twilightsmile:

I got the impression that nightmare moon is only pretending to be "imaginary". if it turns out that this is just Luna from the future or an alternative universe, then the question arises - "why?"

In the sequel I plan to go more into her origins, but I don't have a fully realized plan yet. I'd say she's less so imaginary and more so magical. Don't really wanna delve too much deeper on that right now, to keep it a bit of a surprise for now.

So really cute.

If only the show has it so Luna and NMM are together(like two-in-one deal) and be friends instead of just firing a rainbow at her and Luna losing out on those dark powers and such.

This got a lot more positivity than I expected! I am happy to inform you all I will begin work on a sequel soon! :twilightsmile:
The sequel will be more of a chronicle, meaning it will have many more chapters and be updated frequently! Thank you all for your support! :pinkiesmile:

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