• Published 18th Dec 2020
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Torn - Starlight Fan

What if Chrysalis almost gone through with the threat she made towards Spike, how would Equestria feel about their most important friend barely clinging to life.

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News about the condition

Thorax flew to the castle and knocked on the castle door, and Starlight solemnly answered the door.

“Hey Starlight, you don’t look too happy, everything okay?” Thorax greeted politely.

Starlight sighed and said “Honestly I feel empty, both of my best friends are suffering, Twilight’s been getting bad dreams about Spike dying, and Spike is in the hospital. So yeah I feel awful.”

“Sorry about that, I have some good news and bad news.” Thorax said nervously.

“Sigh let’s hear it.” Starlight drained.

“Well Spike is awake but he was a 50/50 chance of staying alive.” Thorax confessed.

“What?! So he could still die?!” Starlight panicked.

“Yes, but he has a chance at living too, that’s a plus.” Thorax said.

“Of course but what if he (gulp) doesn’t make it?” Starlight asked nervously.

“I don’t know, I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll just have to accept it.” Thorax explained.

“You really think it’ll be easy for any of us to accept it, Spike has been our friend for years, we aren’t going to get over it that fast, but we will need to accept it if that is the case.” Starlight lamented.

“Yeah, also make sure to tell Twilight this, I think you can survive her uh ‘Twilighting’ is that what it’s called?” Thorax instructed.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure to do so.” Starlight reassures.

“Okay I gotta go back to the hive, see you later Starlight, hope things get better.” Thorax said before flying away.

Starlight waved to Thorax and headed back inside, oh boy this is gonna be hard, she’s about to tell her that her brother figure has a chance of dying. Spike could live but knowing Twilight she will still freak out a bit.

Back at the dungeons of Canterlot, Chrysalis was trying to escape by pounding her Hooves on the bars and it was seriously annoying Cozy Glow and Tirek.

“Okay enough, you are disturbing our peace and quiet.” Cozy Glow yelled enraged.

“Well this escape would be much more beneficial if you two actually stopped being useless and helped out a bit.” Chrysalis argued.

“I told you we should just accept our fate, it’s better that way and a lot less stressful, besides you’re already in hot water, it’s best you stop aggravating the situation.” Cozy Glow advised.

“Ugh like I’m going to take advice from a filly.” Chrysalis screamed.

“Fine it’s your funeral.” Cozy Glow said in a monotone voice.

“Now Cozy Glow let’s not make jokes like that, after all that could actually happen soon.” Tirek snarked.

“Oh laugh it up you two, at least I am actually trying to continue our plan.” Chrysalis argued.

“Oh yeah pounding your hooves on the bars is so beneficial.” Tirek sarcastically remarks.

“Shut up!” Chrysalis screamed.

“This is gonna be a long sentence.” Cozy Glow muttered to herself.

Author's Note:

So this chapter was shorter than usual, the reason being is that I didn’t have many plans for this chapter but it was beneficial for the plot, I’m still open to suggestions on who should visit Spike next.