• Published 18th Dec 2020
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Torn - Starlight Fan

What if Chrysalis almost gone through with the threat she made towards Spike, how would Equestria feel about their most important friend barely clinging to life.

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Two Lords One Friend(Ember and Thorax)

The visitors walked in and were revealed to be Ember and Thorax. The latter immediately hugged Spike’s face.

“Spike, thank goodness you’re okay, when I saw what happened to you I was so worried you weren’t going to make it.” Thorax frantically said.

“Alright give the little guy some space you might damage his body more.” Ember warned in annoyance.

“Oh right sorry Spike.” Thorax apologized after letting him go.

“Hey guys, it’s great to see you, I’m crippled but I’ll heal.” Spike said happily.

“Well hopefully you can, this is pretty serious.” Ember reminds him.

“Well enough about me, how is Twilight doing? Last time I saw her she was crying her eyes out.” Spike asked in concern.

“I don’t know, but last time I saw her she was really sad.” Thorax explained making Spike nervous.

Ember noticed this and quickly added “But she’ll recover she’s pretty strong, right Thorax?”

Before Thorax answered he saw Ember look at him in anger letting him know he better do what she wants.

“Yep she’ll be fine.” Thorax lied fearfully.

“Well that’s a bit more reassuring, hopefully I will recover soon so I can go back home.” Spike hoped.

“Yeah you’ll probably be fine.” Ember lied.

Thorax was confused, Spike actually was at the risk of dying, Ember knew this, so why is she not telling Spike this.

“Well we gotta go rule our own lands, sorry we can’t stay but I’m sure more ponies will come.” Ember told Spike.

“That’s okay I’m just happy you came thank you.” Spike spoke in understanding.

“No problem, we’ll see you later.” Thorax said.

I hope we see you later. Thorax added in his thoughts.

After Thorax and Ember left the hospital, Thorax was ready to ask Ember why she lied.

“Ember you know Spike is at a high risk of dying, why did you lie about his condition?” Thorax asked disappointed.

“Spike does not need to to be worried about his condition anymore then he already is, so I didn’t say anything.” Ember explained in sadness.

“I get your point but it isn’t right to give him false hope that he will be alive just to find out he’s going to die later.” Thorax lectures.

“You think I don’t care that he might not make it I do care Thorax, he’s my friend, my first friend actually. You don’t know what it was like to be an outcast.” Ember lamented.

“Actually I do, I may be a nice guy but the changelings weren’t always the way they were, before they reformed, Spike was my only friend at the time, he didn’t give up on me and kept trying to get the Crystal Empire to accept me, he risked everything for me. I never got a chance to repay him.” Thorax said sadly.

“Neither did I, he also risked losing the Gauntlet Of Fire just to help me with Garble.” Ember confessed.

“Well if he survives we should both repay him for helping us become as powerful as we are now.” Thorax said.

“I agree, he probably will be fine anyway, all those unicorns have to do is use a spell on him and he will be fine, right?” Ember said.

“They are not that powerful, sorry.” Thorax apologized.

“There is limits to pony magic huh, of course there is.” Ember said.

“Yeah we should probably go anyway. Pharynx can only tolerate the other changelings’ softness for so long. I’ll tell the others about Spike’s condition before I go. See you later Ember.” Thorax said.

“You too.” Thorax said.

As Ember flew to the Dragon Lands she remembered a memory with Spike.

Flashback: ”Dragon Lord Spike, has a nice ring to it.” Ember praised.

Spike then gave the scepter to Ember.

“Dragon Lord Ember sounds a lot better.” Spike said.

“What? No. You'rethe Dragon Lord now.” Ember reminded Spike.

“The Dragon Lord is whoever brings the scepter back to your father! Besides, you'll make a great leader. I was just doing this to protect the ponies. But I know you'll protect them just as well as I would have.” Spike praised.

“You sure about this?” Ember asked.

“Absolutely. My home is in Equestria with my friends.” Spike explained.

“Well, you'll have at least one friend here too.” Ember said happily.

Spike then gave Ember a hug.

What are you doing?” Ember asked in confusion.

“It's called a hug!” Spike explained.

“Oh. I don't know if I like it. But... okay.” Ember shrugged

End Of Flashback.

Spike never had to do that, but he did, he had no reason to trust Ember to protect the ponies, but he did anyway, she really hoped Spike would survive this he was her best friend, probably one of her only friends since other dragons other than Smolder only liked her for her role as a princess or a dragon lord.

Thorax was heading towards the Castle Of Friendship to talk to Starlight about Spike and he was also thinking about how he told her how Spike affected his life.


Thorax and Starlight were hiding from the Changelings and Thorax was panicking.

“Thorax calm down we’re gonna be fine.” Starlight comforted.

“I’m sorry Starlight, but if you knew Chrysalis like I have you’d be scared too, her torture methods are some of the most messed up things I’ve ever seen, and I’m scared that Spike might get broken by her or worse destroyed by her, I don’t wanna lose him I mean I’m scared for the others too but Spike will probably suffer the most out of them all since he and I are friends due to Chrysalis bias against me, he’s my best friend I don’t want him to suffer.” Thorax told Starlight in fear.

“Thorax we need to think positive, I get why you’re scared, I’m scared for him too, but I’m also scared for Discord, Trixie, and the girls, all I know is we gotta be brave for our friends, so I’ll go this way and you go face Chrysalis as me so we can fool her just to mess with her mind it might throw her off her guard while I try destroying her throne.” Starlight planned.

“Okay, I’ll go do that, good luck Starlight.” Thorax said.

End of Flashback

Unfortunately for Thorax his fear became a reality, Spike is now in the hospital because Chrysalis tormented him too violently. He had to tell the others, but Starlight and Twilight would probably wanna hear first, he hopes they will take it well.

Author's Note:

Yeah Spike’s visitors will be getting flashbacks showing how much he means to them. I used one from canon for Ember because she doesn’t have many episodes with Spike and that moment was sweet.
Thorax’s flashback was off-screen that will happen a lot in this story because I wanna be creative with the flashbacks.