• Published 18th Dec 2020
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Torn - Starlight Fan

What if Chrysalis almost gone through with the threat she made towards Spike, how would Equestria feel about their most important friend barely clinging to life.

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The group made it to the underground dungeons of Canterlot, and Trixie and Sunburst ran up to the prison Starlight, Celestia, and Luna were in and tried to free them, Trixie mostly only tried to do it for Starlight. Sunburst eventually found the piece of the Changeling throne and blasted it, which broke it and freed the princesses.

"Starlight!" Trixie screamed while embracing her best friend.

"Trixie it´s great to see you too, I'm so sorry I worried you." Starlight apologized.

"No apology is necessary we were just worried Chrysalis did something to you, and after what we saw happen to Spike, we weren't too sure about how safe you were." Sunburst explained.

Starlight stopped hugging Trixie after she heard something happened to Spike, and walked up to Sunburst.

"Wait what happened to Spike? I didn't see him after I freed him and the rest." Starlight asked in a worried tone.

"Chrysalis kept tugging on Spike's wings trying to rip them off slowly and painfully and they were getting torn from his body and he lost a lot of blood, he's at the hospital as we speak." Sunburst explained in sorrow.

"What?!" Starlight screamed in shock, she had tears of sadness for Spike and rage for Chrysalis, Spike was one of her best friends, I mean the two live together in the same castle for crying out loud, they almost always got along with each other, and well this news made her upset to say the least.

"Starlight we're sorry about what happened to Spike, but there is a chance he will live." Sunburst apologized.

"No don't apologize, you did nothing wrong." Starlight said in sadness.

Fluttershy, Big Mac, and Rainbow Dash show up to the chains Discord was sealed in and talked to him.

"Oh Fluttershy I'm so relieved you're safe, but where is Spike shouldn't he also be here?" Discord asked.

"This is all your fault you insensitive, chaotic, self-obsessed jerk, because of you Spike is in the hospital because Chrysalis almost tore his wings out." Rainbow Dash said in rage.

Discord´s eyes widened in horror, Spike his friend almost died because of him.

"No this can't be right, Spike's fine, you're all just playing a joke on me. It isn't funny." Discord said with false hope.

"Discord we aren't kidding, it actually happened." Fluttershy said in tears.

Discord knew it was true now, if Fluttershy was crying he knew they were serious, he then looked down in sadness and guilt.

Twilight showed up to see Celestia and Luna who were concerned about Twilight as she was crying.

"Princess Celestia, Spike had to be hospitalized due to Chrysalis almost tearing out his wings, I failed him." Twilight said in tears.

"You did not fail him Twilight, Chrysalis was the one who attacked him, you saved him before she could harm him anymore." Celestia told her.

"Indeed you saved him from Chrysalis' wrath and the rest of Equestria from the Legion Of Doom." Luna added

"What?" Twilight asked confused.

"Luna came up with that name for the villains." Celestia explained.

Starlight trotted over to Twilight.

"Twilight, tell me it isn't true." Starlight begged.

"Unfortunately it is true, Spike is severely injured." Twilight answered.

"Oh, Twilight I'm so sorry, but at least he's being taken care of in the hospital, he will be fine." Starlight comforted.

"Thank you Starlight, Also Celestia, we got the bell, the villains have been taken care of, they are at the Dungeons Of Canterlot." Twilight stated.

"Yes I will see to it that they are punished for their misdeeds,but first we need our magic back." Celestia said.

After they went to the castle Twilight then gave Celestia and Luna back their magic, she considered giving Discord his magic back but decided not to for 5 months so he'd learn his lesson which Discord surprisingly understood and didn't object to.

Meanwhile in the Canterlot Dungeons the 3 villains woke up in their cell, Tirek noticed his weakened form was back and then cried about it for a bit until Cozy Glow made him stop.

"Let it go Tirek we lost again, but it wasn't our faults now was it." Cozy Glow who was back as a pegasus said while giving a silent glare at Chrysalis.

Tirek picked up on this and also gave Chrysalis a glare, "Yes if someone hadn't provoked Twilight we'd be sitting on decorative thrones, but you just had to try and rip out the dragon's wings."

"I wanted the mare to suffer for causing my humiliating defeat, I figured she'd beg for the mercy of that lizard and surrender." Chrysalis argued.

"Regardless you went a bit too far with what you did, I mean slow agonizing torture is just too cruel even for me." Tirek stated.

"When Tirek is calling you out, you know what you did was cruel." Cozy Glow snarked.

"Whatever hopefully we escape soon." Chrysalis muttered.

"Escape is pointless, this place is heavily guarded and magic doesn't work due to the pieces of the throne above our cell, so let's just get comfortable, enjoy each other's company, and hope we don't get executed." Cozy Glow argued.

"You're seriously giving up? Pathetic." Chrysalis stated.

"It will only get worse if you don't accept it." Cozy Glow said.

"Greetings prisoners." a voice replied.

When the three villains looked outside their cell they saw Luna show up.

"I'm here to give you your sentences you will be in prison for a very long time, but you will all live." Luna decreed.

"Phew." Tirek sighed in relief.

"Whatever, I will have my revenge eventu-" Chrysalis started before Tirek but his hand over her mouth.

"We get it already." Tirek said putting a hand over her mouth.

"That is all I came to say, you will be allowed visitors can't imagine why someone would visit you monsters, but I feel like being generous." Luna added before leaving.

Meanwhile at the hospital Spike opened his eyes and found himself on a stretcher, he realized he was at the hospital and was relieved to be alive and saw two doctors looking down at him, one was a yellow pegasus and one was a blue earth pony.

"Oh good you woke up, I was afraid you'd never get up. The Princess would've been so sad she couldn't stop crying when she came over here." The Yellow Pegasus said before almost tearing up.

"Bob stop getting emotional over this, he's alive now, besides you hardly know him." The Blue Pony lectured.

"Aw c´mon Noah don't be like that." Bob told the blue pony.

"Whatever, he's alive so you probably might wanna rest, visitors are allowed, just holler if you need anything." Noah instructed.
The two doctors left leaving Spike alone, until a visitor showed up through the door.

Author's Note:

Starlight might be OOC but given the fact Spike's been her friend for a while now, and she lives with him there was obviously a bond with those two, she's bound to be upset by the news. So I'm gonna let you guys decide who visits, you can suggest anybody as long as they don't hate Spike(so Garble is allowed as an option since he's reformed now) and they aren't Twilight or Discord, I'm saving those two for later.