• Published 18th Dec 2020
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Torn - Starlight Fan

What if Chrysalis almost gone through with the threat she made towards Spike, how would Equestria feel about their most important friend barely clinging to life.

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“Enough or the dragon’s wings get plucked.” Chrysalis threatened while holding Spike up in the air tugging his wings painfully as he squirms in her grasp.

The Main 6 and Spike we’re battling against Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis for Grogar’s Bell and Chrysalis was now resorting to ransom, she has Spike in her magic grasp, and now she will end him slowly and painfully if Twilight does not give in to her demands.

“Please don’t hurt him.” Twilight desperately pleaded.

“What’s that i didn’t hear a ‘I surrender oh mighty Chrysalis’.” Chrysalis mockingly jeered as she tugged harder on Spike’s wings making blood start to pool out of them making Rarity and Fluttershy feel horrified, Pinkie Pie feel grossed out, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack enraged at the trio.

“Stop he’s bleeding.” Twilight cried.

“What’s that? tug on the wings more you say, very well.” Chrysalis maliciously replies as she tugs even harder and Spike’s screams only became more painful and unbearable to hear, “Any moment now he will soon bleed out and well you know what happens then.” She cruelly laughed.

Tirek and Cozy Glow couldn’t help but feel a bit concerned for Chrysalis this may be a bit too far even for them and she seems to be enjoying it too much plus it was also gross.

“Twilight please don’t give up, she’s gonna kill me no matter what, just save Equestria.” Spike cries out.

Chrysalis was now furious, she had it with this meddlesome dragon she decided to pull his wings more strong and painfully and force Twilight to surrender and watching them suffer just made it better.

“Enough you cockroach.” Chrysalis commanded,

“Look at him Twilight, feel the utter torment and misery I felt when you took my hive, watch your oldest friend desperately squirm and suffer and know there is nothing you can do, this can all be avoided if you come to the dungeons of Canterlot quietly and I will spare his life.” Chrysalis commanded.

Spike began paling and Chrysalis kept pulling harder and harder and Twilight’s fear slowly melted to rage, after everything those villains have done she has had it they have pushed her around for too long and she had enough, her eyes only saw red, her mind clouded with anger, and she began gritting her teeth, and after Spike screamed in pain one more time something in her snapped.

Twilight charged her horn and fired a ferocious blast at Chrysalis making her drop Spike.


Twilight then levitated Chrysalis’ body and smashed her onto Tirek making them both collapse.


she then blasted Cozy Glow making her fall on top of her two partners.


She then super charged her horn and aimed it at the trio.


She then blasted her magic at the 3 leaving them all unconscious.

The Mane 5 gaped at Twilight she may have been powerful but they’ve never seen her like this before.

Twilight then calmed down and was shocked at what she just did, and saw what she just did to the trio and for some reason she felt no remorse or sympathy for them in fact she felt satisfied, they almost took the thing most important to her and she was not happy. She took the bell and then used a spell she remembered when reading on ancient artifacts and drained the three creatures of their magic, they were still alive but they will pay for their crimes.

“Twilight what just happened?” Applejack asked in shock.

“I don’t know I was just so mad after seeing Spike suffer, and- wait Spike!” Twilight started but then yelled in fear.

The Mane 6 galloped to the wounded dragon and saw his blood dried out.

“Oh, Twilight you did it you saved Equestria. I’m so happy.” Spike wheezed.

“Spike you’re wounded how can you possibly be happy?” Twilight asked in tears.

Spike coughed before answering, “Twilight, just as long as Equestria is safe and all my friends are okay I am content.”

The Mane 6 began crying even Applejack who normally cries in the inside.

“I love you guys, thank you all, Rainbow and Applejack for protecting me, Pinkie Pie for making me laugh, Fluttershy for being kind, Rarity for just being yourself, and Twilight for hatching me out of my egg. Without you I’d be some jerkish dragon but all because of you I am who I became. Tell all our friends I love them including Discord. And Twilight if I don’t make it please don’t go too hard on Discord, I know he didn’t want this. You all know he had good intentions. I know it too.” Spike lamented before passing out.

“Spike, Spike!” Twilight cried out.

Pinkie saw all of Equestria on top of the mountain they were all on and saw them walking down.

“Uh, Twilight we have some company.” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

They saw Ember and Thorax flying towards them.

“What just happened? Is Spike okay? I’m so worried.” Thorax said in a stressed tone.

“Calm down, let me look.” Ember commanded.

Ember listened for a heartbeat and was relieved to hear a faint heartbeat.

“Thankfully for us he’s alive, his heart is still beating but it’s very slow.” Ember confirms.

“Oh thank goodness.” Twilight breathed in relief.

After some time some medical ponies took Spike to the hospital while The Young 6, Big Mac, Sunburst and Trixie stayed behind to talk to Twilight and the girls.

“So you all used the magic of friendship to unite all of Equestria? I’m so proud of you guys.” Twilight told her students.

“Thanks Twilight but hopefully Spike gets better soon.” Sandbar said.

“Um, Trixie does not mean to sound selfish but where is Starlight, I’m worried about what Chrysalis did to her.” Trixie nervously asked.

“She’s at the underground prison in the castle of Canterlot.” Rainbow Dash explained.

“I guess we should go break them out of the dungeons, huh?” Rarity solemnly asked.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac answered.

As the group walked towards the castle Twilight was crying for her brother and hoped Spike would live.

Author's Note:

Okay I don’t hate the trio, Tirek and Cozy Glow are in my Top 10 Best Characters and also I like Chrysalis but I made them suffer this chapter because they are villains. Anyway I saw the scene where Spike got his wings torn out, and it made me think, what if Chrysalis went through with it, she was probably bluffing in canon but I wouldn’t put it against her either. Do a story idea was born. I know the Mane 5 aren’t speaking much now, but this is only the beginning.

Next Chapter: Starlight, Celestia, Luna, and Discord hear about what happened to Spike which upset them all, but Discord seems the most affected by the news.