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A Reboot of Friendship in the Sea of Thieves, this will be an improvement from last time.

Set after the tearful ending of Friendship is Magic, William Hunter doesn't want to say goodbye to the Mane Six and the world of magic and wonder and peace. During the middle of 2022 after the Covid-19 Pandemic as the world was getting back to normal, William was visiting the first fan-made Sea of Thieves Festival (Yes, it's a real thing that is coming soon as I'm writing this now, look up SOTFest on google and see what I mean.) then he was sent to Equestria to live and go on adventures with the Mane Six and more characters from the show. Only William is no longer human and has to deal with the fun of being a creature that not even Celestia has ever seen and will be known as the White Fox.

References to Fan-made Nicknames and like the original story, songs aplenty.

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Well this reboot is going to be interesting, looking forward to what comes next.

Also I can definitely see the difference, to me the seems to flow better but this is only the first chapter so I can't really tell on that front just yet. :twilightsmile: But you've certainly improved Regis, can't wait to see what's next for the White Fox and his new crew.

Though I have to ask, why are the rating disabled? Now it is your choice and I'm not saying they have to be on, I'm just curious.

Thanks for Reading this, Sliver, I did some reading for other fanfics from other Fandoms like One Piece and some reading of The Gamer to improve my writing.

As for the ratings, in the words of a famous Pirate from the Sea of Thieves: "It's not about the gold, it's about the glory. Ramsey Singh, The Pirate Lord. And for me, I don't want my story to be the most highly ranked story there is. I want to enjoy writing it for all to enjoy and gain at least some love for Pirates of fiction like you and me, Sliver.

Are the ponies anthro as well?
Because that was my singular gripe about the original story.
And even then it was a personal preference thing.
Also, swapping the cape for a relevant coat, is the cover art indicative of William Hunter's appearance?

it's not anthro, it's just normal M.L.P Ponies.

I understand that, looking forward to what's next

Also I forgot to add this on my last comment;

Then a flash of colours came into me as me, and the rainbow object rolled for a little like Tigger does to Pooh Bear. Then an onslaught of words came into my new ears, really loudly as I caught a glance of the rainbow pony's name.

I'll be honest, I half expected Rainbow to be throwing punches but I thank that's from reading too many stories were she goes on the attack at first sight :twilightsheepish:. So this is rather refreshing.

"OH MY GOODNESS, A PIRATE, ARE YOU A PIRATE?!" Rainbow said at a rapid pace, hurting my ears in the process. "PLEASE LET ME JOIN YOUR CREW, PLEASE!"

Easy there Rainbow, slow down a bit and take a breath. :twilightsmile:

Live long, plunder, and Stay true to YOU.

"I knew this would bite me in the flank later," Tia muttered to herself, "It was only 34 years before you came back, and I wanted to bring you back sooner, but Mother was saying that it would interfere with destiny and all of those horseapples," Everyone stared at Tia with mouths wide open on the ground. "So in protest, I felt this world for one with pirates and boundless freedom. I changed my form and became a young scholar and study the so-called 'New World', but females at that time were nothing more than housekeepers. A young but ambitious Pirate captain named Ramsey Singh showed me the ropes on how to be a Pirate and gave me a way into the place that will be known as the Sea of Thieves. After 21 years on the Sea, I was called back to my homeworld by Mother, saying if I didn't, she would send you, Lulu, further away from the Equis System," Lulu was now steaming at the bits, now pissed off at her Mother for using herself as a barging chip to keep her sister in line. "I was able to come back to Equis, but before it happened, I was made the Pirate Queen of the Sea of Thieves and was married to Ramsey Singh, who became the Pirate Lord before I ascended to the Pirate Queen Throne in the Pirate Legend Hideout,"

Wow! Their "Mother" is a Bitch! Hope Celestia and Luna get payback. 😈


You didn't see your own User Picture? That's what I got it from?

[ANTHOR'S NOTE. I wanted to show the crew training in piracy and who better to teach than Celetisa/Calypso. Also, I want to show that William is willing to give up his freedom and his shot of being a Pirate Lord in his own right as punishment for bringing the undead to Ponyville. Also also, how many of you think how long it would be until the song Calypso by John Denver would appear? Also also also, I have made it to the Keelhauled Podcast as part of the Keelhauled community's episode, so if you want to listen to me and some other Sea fo Thieves Players talk about the game and its future, please check it out and the next one and more will be released near the end of the month. Links here: One. Two.

It was still stupid of him to do that. Despite everypony already Forgive him, and that it was a accident. He recklessly punished himself for a stupid reason?! I rather knock him senseless for being silly and acting like a reckless moron. :facehoof:

My story's cover is my OC in looks and style. my profile's picture is an old picture

I don't know why but whenever there's a song or shanty, i imagine an apparition of my pirate from Sea Of Thieves playing a Hurdy-Gurdy that is somehow playing the appropriate instrumental.

Hey Regis, sorry I haven't commented in awhile, been dealing with other things.

By accident, I let out a howl at the end of the song. It manages to freak everyone out, including me.

I pictured him clapping his hands(paws?) over his mouth when that happened.

"Also, I thought that you were a Fox, not a Wolf. You were howling in the middle of the choirs and at the end of the song,"

"But Flutters, even The Gamer's System said that I was a Fox. was it a glitch of some kind?" I asked Tia, seeing as she was the expert on this whole thing.

Well if I remember right, foxes can in fact howl. We just think wolves automatically when we hear howling.

"Did Tia tell you about her adventures in the Sea of Thieves?" I asked Lulu, "And how she is the Pirate Queen of the Sea of thieves?"

Lulu's eyes went wide, and then this happened:

"YOU'RE A PIRATE?!" She yelled in her Royal Canterlot Voice. Easily make my and everyone else's ears ring for the next hour.

"Lulu, normal voice, please," Tia said to her sister.

Lulu then looked embarrassed to have nearly woke up the whole Kingdom. "Sorry, sister. But how are you a Pirate? A Pirate Queen no less?"

I wonder if Luna ever used her RCV as a weapon in the past.
*Reading the part about Tia's and Luna's mother*
I agree with OP Omni God Emperor DOOM on this; their mother was a total :twilightoops::flutterrage::pinkiegasp::twilightangry2:

"Wait a minute," I interrupted the two Princesses talking, "You're married to the Pirate Lord of the Sea of Thieves?" I asked Tia.

"Yes," Tia said.

"Oh," I said, then I fell on my back and passed out in shock.

I probably would have done the same thing hearing that bomb shell.

(William Hunter peppers the skull with glowing dust from the pipe, then inhales the dust to blow onto the skull. He whispers an incantation to activate the skull, then inhales the memory-filled dust.)


"That's something that, I hope, will come in handy in the future," I said as I then summoned the Skeletons to my side.

That's a rather neat and handy spell, wonder how many one could summon at max level. Wait a second, "Deckhand" and "Gunnery Mob", that's from Total War Wammer 2 "Vampire Coast" isn't it? Not saying I have a problem, I don't, just liking the reference.

Next was Firearm training. It was not easy since nopirate ever had shot and reloaded a gun before.

Considering those types of firearms I can easily picture them being a pain in the flank to reload with hooves. I'd take a Cap and Ball Revolver over a Flintlock any day. Sure it likely takes as long to reload but each pistol holds six shots so...

Also, I want to show that William is willing to give up his freedom and his shot of being a Pirate Lord in his own right as punishment for bringing the undead to Ponyville.

I can understand why he did that, and who knows; he might still end up as a Pirate Lord.

Now lets go over the crew list, so far we have;
Big Mac,
Bon Bon,
Time Turner,
the CMC,
and Skeedaddle.

Is there anyone else we're missing?

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