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A thousand years ago a battle took place. A battle so Powerful and Intense it did the impossible. Magic, a once unlimited Power found all over the Planet. Now reduced to an ever-dwindling underground resource. The World of Equis is now forever changed. The future once fated for Equestria filled with friendship and peace is now but a distant memory.

Now with war looming on the Horizon for the Pony nation and the stockpile of magic dwindles ever further, this is the story of how a pegasus filly would become known as the infamous and Legendary...


This is her tale, from a one of a kind filly with big dreams to the Silver terror of the Skies

Cover art

Welcome one and all to the beginning of LSTS Connor's and Darthballs first Collaboration.

Welcome to the First Story in our new Universe inspired by the Ace Combat games we love and Project Wingman (which we also love to death go play these games seriously) called:

Project Alicorn

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<<Its Time>>

Seeing a never ending conflict in a world full of superweapons?


Seeing a dystopian post apocalyltic Earth caused by a fricking tectonic?

I'm okay with it.

Seeing a fic where ponies has no free magic anymore? Despite it's being inspired from my favourite game?

[REDACTED] why I feel a jab in my heart?! :raritydespair:
It's look like a good start.
No big deal right? R-right?

Isn't that Rainbow Dash on the cover art?

why yes it is my good sir :rainbowkiss:

I shall be watching this very closely...

Don't fighter pilots need oxygen masks connected to their helmets to breath in their fighters since they don't have pressureized canopies.

Well, call me impressed. I read your Project Wingman fan fic, and you've probably read mine. The slow approach to the next chapter is enticing while mine just gets straight to the action. Honestly, I don't know which I prefer. While we're both inspired by the same source material this is like comparing applies to oranges since both are good. Yours alters canon in a very interesting way while mine takes established canon past the final episode alongside Jyc Row's idea of the Infinite Eclipse mirroring the Calamity of PW. I've literally been writing MLP Ace Combat fics for years and this hits all the right notes except for one: you don't have a dogfight scene yet.

Let me know if we can bounce ideas back and forth. This is a great start man!

Edit: Also yes, Dash is best pony. No self respecting Ace Combat MLP fic would be complete without her or her offspring lol.

Soo spitfire became crimson?

Tis going to be fun.

*Sees orange rail gun shots*

"Fu-" random pilot died.

"Not enough orange!" Crimson shouted on the radio.

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