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My name is Shaun and I am an aspiring writer. My Favourite pony is Fluttershy. I hope you enjoy my Fanfiction!


Fluttershy finds Ponyville in a sad mood, with most of her friends simply failing to be themselves. When she heads into the Everfree forest, she finds the confused and aggressive pony Clyde, who has no idea where or what he is. I might continue this one day, if I ever get off my lazy arse, and get motivated.

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A fellow fan of the word 'arse'. I salute you.

Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaattttt the fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!



Awww... I thought you meant the rap group Outkast... nevermind...

1249042 Same here! Only reason I clicked on this. I wonder how the ponies would react to Andre 3000 though...

1249234 I dunno, but it would be fucking amazing. Maybe they'd even absolve Zecora into the Outkast group!

1249247 This needs to be a fic now. Or an episode. Or anything

1249284 I wish I could jump on it, but I'm just swamped in other stuff. Take it and run neutralmilk, run to the feature box!

Holy shit those walls of text.


Fellow user of the word arse.

Thank You kind sir. English or Australian may I ask?

OutKast is just a name I use for my FanFics or short stories. I'm not a fan of rap myself, but Outkast have my respect.

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