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Hello! My name is Mystica Penn! I love MLP and hope to start writing some fanfics! Stick around and I hope you enjoy!


Discord comes over to his dear friend, Fluttershy's house late in the evening. Yes, he knows he should probably wait until morning but he has been worried for his friend. Fluttershy has seemed distant and distracted for the past few days and Discord is concerned that maybe he did something wrong.

He finds that it wasn't him that did anything wrong, just his dear friend had changed!

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Oh, this is so sweet!

Especially since the techniques he used to calm her down and get her to accept him are probably techniques she taught him in the course of their friendship; seems unlikely Discord knew how to calm an animal before meeting Fluttershy.

I actually like that you didn't end it with Fluttershy changing back. Fluttershy's friends would probably be upset that she's Flutterbat, but from Discord's perspective, he's spending a nice time with his friend and giving her a gift she enjoys, so for him, Flutterbat is just as valid as Fluttershy.

Pretty good story man, I wish I could give more than one like

Aww, this story seemed so much more realistic~~ I liked it so much!

Oh, thank you so much! I tried to keep it as realistic as possible, with how Discord would react and how skittish and defensive Flutterbat would be. I am so glad you like it!

Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it!

Thank you! I always wished that we got a chance to see Discord meet Flutterbat and this is how I see it happening. Every time I think of Discord and Flutterbat this story is what I think would happen, that why I wrote it down! I always believed that, no matter what Fluttershy looked like, Discord would always love her and she will always be valid. Discord isn't a creature that cares about looks, just because she has bat wings instead of feathers doesn't mean that she's not still Fluttershy. No matter what anyone looks like, they are still the same on the inside! Also, I really love the idea of Discord using the techniques that he has seen her use to calm a frightened creature. To me, it shows that he really cares and is interested in the activity that his friend likes by learning how they do things. Thank you so much for agreeing with me and for enjoying my story! I am so glad!

Aww thats so cute Discord was pretty worried that Fluttershy hasn't been seen lately but later tonight he discover why she's been distant she turn into flutterbat I'm kind of glad that Discord knows how to make flutterbat trust him and not a threat to her and it took a while for her to trust him but with that she did and it was a pretty cute story nice job

Forgive me, but this story seems batty.

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