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More of a character bio than real fanfiction, this entails Scootaloo's family and her life post-canon. Headcanons are brimming. This is an AU of mine that I coined as "Harmonyverse." I decided that I needed to jot down all my headcanons for the real characters, and a drabble spilled out. Take note that my version of Mane Allgood is named Westerly Winds (hc taken with permission from Lopoddity on DA).

Includes Scootaloo (she/her) as a transgender lesbian with a wing disability and unspecified ADHD. Gilded Lily (comic filly, no tag found) x Scoots romance.

Warning! Child neglect/abuse, emotional manipulation, brief use of weed, non-explicit/implied sex, low self-esteem issues, brief alcohol use.

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You my friend have earned an upvote and a follower.:fluttershysad::pinkiesmile:

After all, Scootaloo was a transgender, disabled lesbian

Having it summed up like this got me screaming; I am in absolute awe of how punk rock you made her!

Oh thank you! Scootaloo may just be my favorite character haha <3

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