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The Changelings 👏DESERVED BETTER👏



Changelings, a scorned and—as the equestrians say—revolting species. But what if there was more to them than just heartless monsters? Adopted son of a rice farmer, Jung-Ho Yang, is determined to prove this to everyone, along the way he meets new friends and perhaps even the mare of his dreams. He even discovers more about himself than he ever expected, he was the direct son of the Empress Tsubaki.

The Changeling species is an Asian-esque one, despite what ponies believe, there are far more than one (Queen Chrysalis’ hive). Their norms and culture are more different than Equestria’s, come and learn how they live their every day lives through the eyes of a young male changeling.

Rewrite of this: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/518386/the-bizarre-life-of-a-secret-changeling-prince

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welcome to the rice-fields...

(i held out on commenting this for 2 hours, but the temptation was too great)

Prologue, not epilogue.

An epilogue happens at the end of a story, not the beginning.

You've got a good start here. (Yeah, your epilogue is actually your prologue, but that's a minor technical issue)
I'm interested to see how you'll flesh out this budding world you've got here.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: don't be afraid to be descriptive with your world. For example: Just going by the descriptions here, I have no idea what gyeran jjim actually is. True, I could look it up, (and it looks delicious btw) but I would much rather you as the author tell me more about it and why Netwing's cooking is so much better in Jung-ho's eyes.

But that's just my two cents, as they say. Feel free to ignore me.
Either way, good luck and thanks for writing!

10572817 oh my gosh I started laughing right now when I realized that error, for some reason my brain forgot the word prologue and just put epilogue lmao. Also when it comes to foods from Asian culture, I have to legit search up what they’re meant to be like so I’ll try my best when describing them, especially since this specific culture as of now is Korean-based. Btw thanks for reading the prologue!

“Yang Jung-ho.”


“Speaking without permission.”

Well the ceremony was going as great as Netwing expected, though it didn’t stop him from cringing at his sons eagerness. So he whispered a soft prayer to the luck goddess Fortuna, hoping for the best.


Yep, I had to do it. Mulan’s too much of a classic I swear

I’m also kind of debating whether or not I should post my notes on Changeling culture in this universe on my blog, it’s a lot of notes but I got excited while writing them

Comment posted by GrandAdmiral MitthRawN deleted Dec 9th, 2020

Happy world-building is best world-building :twilightsmile:

He a little confused, but he got the spirit

The young changeling hopped onto his chair and gasped at what was at the center of the table, it was a delicious looking bowl of rice. Next to it was a small cup of soy sauce, his father really outdid himself today, he usually barely had time to cook what with taking care of the farm and Jung-ho himself.

Anyone who has called white rice anything above "eh" or "decent" is clearly insane.

Imagine being named after one of your family members concubines lmfao. This is a habsburg play

Out of curiosity is there different Changling Culture groups? For instance, could Chrysalis be European or Americanized sort of? Or is she too Asian based? Is there a worldwide differences of changlings with global culture or?

So like how I imagine it to put it simply (I actually put my notes explaining this more into depth on my blog), the changelings are indeed a fully Asian-esque one. The thing is there are different hives/Empires and they represent different Asian ethnicities, the way I have them be told apart from each other is by their colony/Empires different hair/eye color, so they could instantly be like “oh you’re from so and so’s colony”. Chrysalis is meant to be a special case, as I imagine her going rogue and starting her own kingdom, recruiting changelings from different colonies and raising/training them as if they were her own

Cool, out of curiosity what are the other countries such as Equestria and the Griffons based off of?

For equestria I’m planning on it being more American based, purely because I thought of the phrase “The Equestrian Dream” and I was like yes. And as for Griffons, I’m thinking about having them more German based

Thats pretty good idea chief. Reminds me of Equestria At War if you ever heard of it.

I’ve heard of it but I didn’t go too into depth into it, it looked really interesting though

Thank u!! I think listening to Miss Saigon gets me in the perfect mood to write this, I’m expecting to have fun with the next few chapters since I want to expand on the fact that male changelings are objectified and even sexualized in their society (Jung-ho’s gonna be awkward as heck because of this)

Huh. That’s somewhat ironic considering I personally have more male changeling OCs than female, and I seem to favor them more.

Idk what it is, they’re just more fun to write about for some reason

They are. It’s easy to get their personalities down. And this is coming from a female writer.

For some reason, this story is giving me vibes of Mulan. I don't know why.

A little bit inspired by Mulan so ur not far off at all

One of the scenes in an earlier chapter was taken directly from Mulan. That by itself should tell you something.

I had no puns in mind, so I’m trying my best

If there’s any suggestions I’ll gladly take them, I just had to go for what sounded the most like Saigon

ah.. the ol' 2 guns lie. one gun for each side in the war. after all, muricans were issued one specific type of handgun. wave that around when people cam eby, pretend to be on their side. then switch to the other gun when the other side of the war comes by.

Interesting. I’m honestly more into the lore of this story than I thought I would be.

I’m lowkey gonna make it a joke later (cause the name is gonna be significant)

Interesting. I’m noticing that both of our changeling stories have a character who’s played by Bill Newton in the show playing a major role in the plot.

I’m also noticing how two of our characters have the same names: Cricket and Netwing. That’s neat.

“this maggot looks like he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.”

...well that’s an interesting metaphor to describe someone. :rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

Courtesy of “Full Metal Jacket” for that beauty of a line (if you want to see an even funnier one, the first prostitute scene is hysterical “You got girlfriend Vietnam? Me so horny! Me love you long time”) :rainbowlaugh:
Also I’m probably gonna make it canon in this universe that “maggot” is equivalent to a racial slur towards Changelings

Kinda like how Grandpa Gruff used the term “grubs” towards Thorax and his changelings in the Season 8 premiere?


Soldier would be proud

Ya but then again, I think it’d be weirdly adorable if they referred to their babies as “grubs”

So he was basically calling Thorax and his kind “babies” then. Heh.

I might list out the Gods and Goddesses that they worship at some point on my blog

Please do. I’d like to hear about them.

Very short chapters. Make em count :twilightsmile:

I see... Gender reversed Story. Nice chapter.

So males are kind of trophy wifes? Im not sure i know Japans culture in respect of gender/social behavior outside animes that are very mixed and far in between...

Exactly!! I’m glad you caught that easily, I have it be gender reversal since it’s like that in a beehive and I see them having this logic “the female births the Warriors, so she deserves the upmost respect from her husband”. Also same, I’m having to do a lot of research for this story, anime was my original grasp of Japanese culture but now I actually have to research for other cultures lmao

Damn... I hate the idea of one forcing the other gender to something like what was implied here. Odd to see it in a gender reversed story.

Whats the usual alternative to becoming a tropy wife?

So far it seems more like a pony MC story rather than a Changeling one :rainbowderp:

I guess the alternate would be considered a “trophy husband”? I’m pretty sure there’s an actual term for it but I’m not sure. Also I’m having this story set in a 60s/70s sort of setting so norms are going to be really old fashioned/pretty bad in modern times

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