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(Metroid X My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fanfic, rated T since it is Metroid and darker themes will be introduced. This fanfic is most enjoyable if you have a decent knowledge of Metroid.)

(Tagged Human since Samus is technically a human.)

(Currently undecided where this takes place in the MLP "timeline", but it atleast takes place after Spike gains wings.)

Samus Aran, a lone bounty hunter, is sent to explore a distant planet with mysterious signs of life never before detected. On this planet, she finds 7 pastel ponies and a baby dragon. The mysterious beings, unsure of how they got there and how to return home, get wrapped up in Samus' greatest adventure ever. Can they get home and help Samus to see the power of friendship?

(This story is a sort-of passion project for me, as Metroid and My Little Pony are both things I really like and I wanted to try my hand at writing a crossover fic. As such I don't know how long this story will go on and am a bit unsure of where I wish to take the plot. I will try to update frequently, however!)

(The rights to Metroid and My Little Pony belong to Nintendo and Hasbro respectively)

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I have a very important question. Are you writing this with other M being cannon?

Also, side note, I don't think samus has to lose her upgrades. In prime, prime 2, and fusion (and possibly others I'm forgetting) she starts fully kitted, but loses it due to an enemy somehow.

I don't really know yet if I'm considering Other M canon, as I'm mainly going off the Metroid games I've played (Metroid, Super Metroid, Zero Mission, Fusion; and some of Samus Returns) but I do plan to do a bit more research into the games I haven't played yet for the sake of this story. Though I'm thinking I may choose to consider Other M non-canon. As for the upgrades thing, you do have a good point with that! I think I can make my approach with the upgrade thing will work good though. I kinda wanted Samus not to have them when she meets the ponies so they can admire the cool upgrades she gets later on without knowing about them prior to that, if that makes sense.

Overall, thanks for the feedback comment, and the favorite!

That's fair. you could say that the suit needs some minor repairs, or maybe she was going to some sort of residential area and it's protocol there or something.
And since it's not on the list, I really recommend playing Metroid Prime. Hands down the best game in the series and still in the top five games for atmosphere in my opinion. Go find the soundtrack and you'll see why.

Thanks for the recommendation! I've actually been wanted to play through all the Metroid games back-to-back and I think sometime soon might be a good time considering I'm writing this now.

Fun fact: Metroid Zero mission is a remake of the original Metroid.

Prime 1 had Samus lose her shit by getting launched into a WALL with the distance between it and her being not even the length of her GUNSHIP. I'm talking PORT TO STARBOARD. At those forces, the wall, a few of the ones behind it and the ability for Samus to BREATHE AT ALL without appropriate medical equipment should have been as gone as the Chozo.
Above is censored due to Metroid Prime spoilers.
As well as a nearly violent presentation of my related opinion.

In that case, please take frequent breaks during the entirety of the Metroid Prime trilogy.

Planet E-Quine
Heh :3

I am interested on where this was going. Please keep writing.

I'm sorry. But what the f*** just happened??!! Did you nerf Samus or something? And who does this arrogant bitch: Lyrid, think she is!!!! And how the HELL did she get the drop on Samus??!!

I really want to kill this evil scientist bitch, and make her regret her stupid "empty" threat, and avenge Samus's dignity. And it was a little embarrassing for Samus to get saved by the Ponies of all people.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with Twilight and her Friends, and it's nice they "save" Samus from the stupid fire. But, Samus getting saved by them might damage her Pride and image.

Yeah, Samus doesn't have any of her abilities currently. I do also want to explore the idea of the ponies saving her hurting her pride and image. I have a lot of plans for the future with this fanfic!

Samus Aran is physically superior to pretty much every living human. So unless Lyrid is some genetic experiment, this is highly unbelievable.

I don't know if she's exactly a genetic experiment, but she's definitely got powers beyond a normal human. I do plan to explain it later on.

Wonder if there is anything in store for Spike here?

Interested in this crossover here.

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