• Published 4th Sep 2012
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Nightmares Alive - Horsegirl123

Luna has been having dreams of Nightmare moon lately. And now she must decide, friend or foe?

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Don't Dream and Reveal All in One Night

The tornado unraveled yet again, and yet again stepped out the mare that haunted Luna since she broke free of her.

Nightmare Moon.

“Oh my dear Luna. It’s been so long! Have you missed me?” chuckled the black alicorn maniacally.

“I cannot miss what I have never cared for,” gritted out Luna.

“But I missed you! That’s why I visited you tonight,” pouted the evil witch.

“Y-you? That was you? But how?” Luna stumbled over her words.

“I cannot divulge my secrets,” teased Nightmare Moon.

Luna turned to run. “Get away from me! I hate you! You witch!”

“But we are one dear Luna. You are me. And I am you,” said the vicious and evil black mare who ruined Luna’s life as her hair flung out and grabbed Luna’s back legs. It snagged tight, and Luna fell violently on her face. Nightmare dragged Luna towards herself, and with every inch Luna advanced her evil grin widened. Luna thrashed about violently, trying ferociously to free herself from her nightmare's grasp, but as soon as she relaxed her body, the grip relaxed as well, and she was able to quickly scramble to her hooves.

“You may be me, but I am not you,” said Luna, trying to hold her ground.

Nightmare Moon laughed a laugh that made Luna shrink back. “You foal. I am the closest of anypony who will ever understand you, who will know what you have gone through.”

“That is because you caused everything that made me feared!” screamed Luna in retaliation to the evil pony’s lies.

“Me? As I recall, I am you, so you ruined your own life,” teased Nightmare. “Celestia doesn’t care for you, no pony in the castle cares for you, even your subjects are terrified of you! ”

“You’re wrong,” choked Luna. “I have friends, and Celestia loves me.” Nightmare laughed, and stepped from where her tornado of dark magic had unraveled, starting to circle Luna. With every step, Luna tensed up until Nightmare Moon was right next to her.

Ignoring Luna’s last comment, Nightmare continued. “My my. Look how much you’ve grown. You’re going to look just like me pretty soon.”

“I am nothing like you!” sad Luna as she flared her horn in anger.

“Uh uh uh,” tisked Nightmare as her own horn also began to glow. A seeping magic began to spread from the larger alicorn and take hold of Luna’s horn, blocking off its magic; Luna struggled, but decided staying still would be the easiest way to stay alive at the moment.

“Do you know how we are similar, Luna? We both had the same hopes, the same dreams. We loved our nights, but no pony else seemed to. And we both wanted the night to last forever, don’t you recall? You cannot place the blame solely on my withers, now can you? Remember when you embraced me and let us become one? You wanted that, but now you stand as scared as a child in front of a ghoul! Why has Celestia poisoned your mind with lies about me? About you. Lest you not forget that, Luna. If you fear me, you are fearing yourself.”

“You took over my mind. Got out of control. I admit I wanted eternal night, but that was only after you poisoned my mind and convinced me to steal that magic! I was loved before you." Luna looked towards the ground, sucking back tears. "They did not fear me. I was equal to Celestia, but you made me feel as if I was nothing but trash in her shadow. She loved me and that's what mattered." Luna let one tear spill before whipping around into Nightmare's face.

"You turned me against my own sister you witch! Had you not been present, I could never have done what I did…” finished Luna as she lowered her body to the ground, hiding her face in her forelegs from the circling mare.

“Oh but you made me present, and you gave me that power. I can not help it if I simply took a little bit of advantage of that, now can I?”

“You’re a monster,” gritted out Luna.

“Then you are too,” sneered back Nightmare Moon. Her mane swirled around her in a fit of magical energy, and before she was whisked away, she whispered something in Luna’s ear. “I like your mane.” And then she vanished.

Luna rolled into a fetal position and gently rocked herself from the horror that she just experienced. A tear dribbled its way down her cheek and splashed on the ground with a ‘plop’. It was audible, too audible for a single tear.

“Luna…” echoed a voice. Her ears perked up.

‘Was she back?’ Luna thought to herself. Just the idea of that sent chills up her spine, and she hugged her back legs tighter.

“Luna…” the voice echoed again.

“Leave me alone!” she cried out as she sobbed to herself. “Tia! Where are you?” she yelled into the darkness that surrounded her. She looked to the stars for comfort, but the only thing that admitted was another wave of helpless tears. The sky was blank, no stars to be seen; her beautiful creations had been burned out of the sky all at once by Nightmare Moon. The only thing that remained was a magnified moon that took up most of the sky. And the silhouette.

The voice rang out again. “Tia? Its me, Twilight.”


Luna’s eyes shot open to a bright light; A white mare with soft pink hair was holding a flashlight over her eyes. Luna blinked and fidgeted away from the brightness, but could not escape it in the highly lit, sterile room. The intense light that was the equivalent of a thousand suns stung at her darkness adapted eyes, and she rolled onto her stomach and held the pillow over her head to block it out as much as possible.

“Princess, you have to stay still,” rang out Twilight’s voice as a soft hoof slightly restrained her squirming. The sounds echoed and bounced off of every wall in Luna’s shocked eardrums, so she couldn’t pinpoint the speaking pony.

When the hoof rolled her onto her back once again, a smiling lavender unicorn greeted her. “Princess, are you okay?” it questioned. The two ponies slowly faded into one smiling Twilight Sparkle.

“Mhmm,” muttered the sleepy princess. It had to be 9 a.m. She looked to her left and noticed an IV tube in her left foreleg and with her right foreleg felt her head. There was a bandage. “What happened?” she asked, too weak to use her Royal Canterlot Voice.

“I was walking home from stargazing and I saw you passed out in Ponyville Park in the early morning. What were you doing here?” questioned Twilight to the aching princess of the night.

“Really?” groaned the Princess. Her eyes shot open and she grabbed Twilight by her shoulders. The sun was up. “Does Celestia know!?” she suddenly panicked.

“Princess, I don’t think you should be getting up-“

“Does she know!?” rasped the princess. Her gaze shot over to the window; The sun was up. “She does know,” said the defeated alicorn as she flopped back onto the bed, resulting in a major headache.

“Um, excuse me Luna, but how do you know?” gently asked Twilight as she tucked a blanket over the dark princess of the night.

“The moon is down. She lowered it for me.” Luna smiled at the fact that Celestia would do that for her, but then became panicked once again. “She has guards looking for me. They’ll find me and I’ll be in so much trouble!” Luna groaned and moved to her side and covered her ears with the pillow once again.

“PRINCESS LUNA!” roared a mighty voice form the doorway of the hospital room. Luna uncovered her face and saw a bright white and bowing hospital ponies.

‘Oh no,’ she thought.

‘Tia, I can exp-“ Luna’s words were cut off by a white alicorn embracing her in a bear hug.

“I was so worried,” whispered the older sister.

“You’re not mad?” asked Luna. Celestia broke away from the hug and stood tall and regal.

“I would like to have a moment alone with my sister,” she announced to nopony in particular, but everypony cleared out of the room just the same. When the door clicked closed, Celestia huffed. “Luna, why would you do that? You know you are not allowed to leave the castle unsupervised. I’m sorry, but that was very naïve of you. You have a duty to uphold control of Equestria’s moon, which means you cannot go off flying without giving notice and without guards.”

“But this was my own fault,” reasoned Luna, “No pony tried to hurt me.”

“This time,” corrected Celestia, “You know how these ponies have been acting towards your return. What if you did get hurt? What would I do? I just got you back and then I would lose you,” sighed Celestia, wiping her eyes with one of her wings.

“I’m sorry, Tia. I didn’t mean to scare you. But how did you find me?” asked Luna.

“Well, I noticed you were gone when the moon was a few minutes late of going down. And we traced your magic traces to here. Actually quite simple.” Celestia smiled and nuzzled Luna, “You’ll have to try harder next time.”

Luna and Celestia giggled together, but the weight of the secret Luna was carrying made her laugh forced. “Tia. May I tell you something?”

“Anything little sister.”

“I think Nightmare Moon is in our world.”

Celestia chortled at the words. “That’s impossible Luna. She’s not real anymore. It was probably just a dream. Come, we must return to Canterlot.” Celestia offered her wing to bring Luna home, but Luna shook her head; she knew she was right, and if Celestia didn’t believe her, somepony had to.

“Sister, may I stay the day. And talk to Twilight Sparkle?”

“What for?” questioned Celestia.

“She was going to teach me some pony skills, so I fit in better. And you will be in court and busy so…” Luna looked up at her big sister with large pleading eyes.

“I suppose-“

“Oh bless thee! I shan't be long. I shall be back in Canterlot to raise the moon tonight.”

“Very well sister. I shall see you soon.” And with that Celestia teleported back to the castle while Luna stood alone in the hospital room.


“Thank you for meeting with me, Ms. Sparkle,” said Luna as she sipped her tea.

“Of course princess,” shakily replied Twilight as she poured more tea into Luna’s cup. “Although I was a bit surprised when you called me back in earlier. Do you need to borrow my Star Swirled the Bearded costume?” said Twilight excitedly, perking up a little.

Luna had to suppress a laugh at Celestia’s student’s serious question. “N-no. I am fine, thank you,” Luna snorted into her cup of tea.

“Oh, well. Anything you need, feel free to ask.” Twilight Sparkle’s cup was shaking a tad. Luna knew Twilight did not fear her; she was one of the few ponies who respected her.

“Twilight, you need not be nervous. This is an informal visit.”

“I-I know Princess… Spike! This place is a mess!” Luna giggled at the student’s nerves. “How are you adjusting?”

Luna’s teacup slipped out of her telekinetic grip with the thought. “Oh, I’m sorry Princess. Spike! No there’s another mess! Spike!” called Twilight.

Pushing away her eye twitch, Luna cast a spell from her infinite stores of knowledge. In a blink the mess was cleaned and the tea and cup were in place on the coffee table between them.

“Oh Princess, you didn’t have to-“

“It is all right Twilight Sparkle,” said Luna with a wave of her horseshoe-less hoof.

“Please, call me Twilight.”

“If you insist. But then you must call me Luna,” said Luna with a warm smile.

“Of course Pri- Luna. So, um, if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you to Ponyville at such an hour?” asked Twilight settling her own cup on the table.

Not wanting to admit it was because of a temper tantrum, Luna racked her brain for a lie. “Oh, you know. Stuff?”
‘Smooth’ she thought with a sarcastic tone.

“Oh, ok,” said Twilight skeptically.

“And how do you fare, Twilight,” asked Luna in small talk.

“Just wonderful! I’m opening a new fantasy section of the library; it’s going to include everything about ghosts and zombies and this new hilarious thing that I personally think should be in the comedy section. They’re called humans. They’re like monkeys but they can talk. Can you imagine talking monkeys?” laughed Twilight.

“Ha ha, yeah…” said Luna uncomfortably. ‘Ghosts.’ She needed to know more. “I would love to see this collection Ms. Sparkle.” Twilight gave her a faux death glare. “I mean, Twilight.” A smile lit up the purple unicorn’s face once again.

“Right this way,” she said with an exaggerated bow. Twilight led Luna through a small hallway out of the common room. They passed a small door with a wood slate that showed a stallion and mare that could only lead to the bathroom. A few clattering pots and pans echoed from further beyond the walkway, but Luna continued to follow behind the librarian. Rounding a corner, a bright light came from an arched opening. “Spike! What are you doing?” shrieked Twilight. Hearing the horror in her voice, Luna peeked her head around and had to hold back a laugh. Twilight’s dragon assistant was perched on dozens of stacked pots and pans, desperately reaching for something on top of the counter.

“Whoa! "Woah!!!” he screamed as the pots and pans twisted and turned under him, losing balance. With a final wiggle, the pots gave way, sending a terrified baby dragon falling to the tiled floor.

“Spike!” screamed out Twilight as her friend fell.

“Ahh! Oh, wow. Okay.” Twilight peeked her eyes out from behind her hoof to see Spike being carefully lowered to safety in the magic grip of Princess Luna.

“Spike! What were you thinking? You could have hurt the princess!” yelled Twilight at the clumsy dragon.

“Yeah, hurt Luna. I’m alright too, thanks for asking,” sarcastically remarked Spike before his mouth was magically sealed closed with a zipper.

“I’m so sorry Luna.” Twilight’s horn shined as magic spun out of it, fixing up Spike’s mess in the kitchen. With the close of one last drawer, the room was picture perfect yet again.

“It is quite alright Twilight. I have made many a mess in my time,” smiled Luna.

“Yeah! You go sister!” declared Spike as he playfully punched Luna’s chest. Looking down in shock and confusion as a stranger touched her, Luna hoisted her chin high into the air and backed away form his touch, causing the baby dragon to recoil his arm in embarrassment.

“As I was saying… I would like to continue on to your new addition if you would be so kind.”

“Oh, yes, of course!” exclaimed Twilight before turning to Spike with a glare. “And you’re going to march your little dragon butt upstairs and think about what you have done!” reprimanded Twilight.

“March my butt upstairs? How old do you think I am? Geez.” Spike huffed out of the room with many grumbles. His clawed feet paddled up the stairs until the princess and Twilight could hear him crawl into his bed located on the floor directly above their heads.

“I’m so sorry Princess. You know how foals are…” tried to apologize Twilight.

Without looking at Celestia’s student, Luna decided to start escorting herself through the hallway. “I cannot say I do,” said Luna before she started off. Twilight quickly cantered up to the royal mare and took the lead.

The hallways opened into the main library area where the front entrance was located. Hundreds of books stood dusted on the mahogany shelves covered in a deep orange polish. Labels for each genre graced the wood on faux gold plaques that shone in the light through the window; each book was meticulously arranged in alphabetical order by author, lined up neater than stacked plates. Colorful books with detailed binding stood proud, while some duller and more worn books shrank below their counterparts. Luna immediately spotted the gold plaque she was searching for: fantasy.

Far fewer books than Luna had hoped graced the shelves, but a laundry cart filled to the brim held the rest of the bounty. Luna stepped to examine the cart, but as she reached a hoof in to browse, the cart was whisked away by a purple energy. “Sorry Luna. These are preordered.”

“As a princess, I believe I have the right to browse. Who in Equestria preorders that many books anyways?” said Luna in disbelief that she was being denied something.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Its just that these are the books on humans, and they have been put on hold for a… Miss Lyra Heartstrings,” said Twilight, checking the name on the cart that had been scribbled on by Spike. She would have to reprimand him later for writing in marker on a reusable cart.

“O-oh, of course,” Luna scanned the list of available titles that lined the shelves. Attack of the Zombies, Humans Invade, Ghosts, the Paranormal, and the Unexplainable: perfect!

Luna brushed her bangs out of her eyes and cleared her throat, causing Twilight to whip round and face her in anticipation. “Ghosts sure are odd, aren’t they quite silly don’t you think?” said Luna with a halfhearted smile, trying to get Twilight talking.

“Oh no. They are very serious,” said Twilight, not getting overly excited like Luna had expected.

“Serious? Pray tell, what do you mean, fair Twilight?”

“They have powers that even unicorns cannot understand. At least, not from what I’ve read.”

“And what do they say of ghosts' powers?” asked Luna inquisitively.

“Why you sure are interested in ghosts. I would think that you and Celestia would know all about these,” said Twilight.

"Our library does not hold room for such reads. Fantasy tends to distract ponies from proper studies. However, that has always been more of Celestia's ruling; I for one quite miss the fiction tales of my foal hood.”

Twilight walked over to the princess. “Oh, I’m sorry Princess. You can borrow this one if you want,” said Twilight as she floated Ghosts, the Paranormal, and the Unexplainable over to the dark blue alicorn.

“Twilight, I certainly cannot ask you to give me a book from your business. That is not right of a princess to take from her subjects.” Twilight only waved a hoof.

“Please, I'm a librarian, lending books is my job. But if you don’t mind me asking, why are you so interested?” Twilight asked.

Luna shifted uncomfortably on her hooves at the question. “It's okay Princess,” reassured Twilight politely, “If it’s a personal matter you do not have to tell me.”

Although that statement should have allowed Luna to relax her tense body and carry on with her life, it only made it worse. “No, Twilight. I have to tell somepony.”

Twilight suddenly looked scared. “Luna, really, you don’t have to. I’m sure Celestia or one of your other friends-“ Twilight cut herself off when she saw a tear slip from the eye of the ruler of Equestria. “Oh Luna,” she comforted, putting a hoof over the princess in an embrace.

“I do, Twilight. I have to get this off my chest.” Twilight broke from the hug and led Luna by a hoof over to some cushions that Luna could only contemplate was for reading.

Twilight levitated some tea over which Luna politely declined. “I think I’ve had enough tea since I returned to last my entire life.” Seeing the princess was not partaking in the drink, Twilight put her own cup back on the table.

“Where do we begin?” asked Twilight, using her magic to tie her mane in a bun, much like a therapist. “What is troubling you?”

“Its not so much ghosts as it is my dreams.” Luna laid on her back across her cushion.

“Dreams? About what?”

“It’s a bit embarrassing,” said Luna uncomfortably.

“I’m sure it's perfectly fine,” assured Twilight.

“They’re all about… her,” finally blurted out the Princess of the Night.

“Oh Princess. I know Pinkie Pie can be a little creepy, but I didn’t think she could plague a pony’s dreams!”

“No!” shouted out Luna in shock. “It’s about… Nightmare Moon.” whispered Luna.

“What was that?” asked Twilight, leaning in.

“It’s about… Nightmare Moon,” repeated Luna.

“Didn’t quite catch that,” prodded Twilight.

Luna hung her head in shame and defeat, knowing the truth would have to come out. She blew a raspberry and continued. “I’ve been dreaming of Nightmare Moon every night lately.”

Twilight looked at her quizzically. “Luna, you didn’t have to be embarrassed by that. It’s natural to have nightmares about traumatic experiences."

“I know, I know,” admitted Luna, “But they’re so real. She talks as if she’s right in front of me,” finished Luna with a shudder.

“Well, you and your sister-“

“Celestia,” said Luna, cutting off Twilight. She didn’t want any pony calling her by a family name. That was a family title.

“Um, okay… You and Celestia both have magic beyond belief. So it is no wonder that your dreams would be more powerful and lifelike than regular ponies as well, don’t you think?” said Twilight with a hopeful smile.

“I-I suppose so. But that isn’t all Twilight. It seems my dream realm has somehow crossed over into reality.” Luna bit her lip back, afraid that Twilight would burst out laughing. To her dismay, Twilight tried to stifle a giggle.

“Princess, I’m sorry, * giggles *, but that sounds impossible. Even for you.”

Luna could not contain her temper. Her sister’s student was laughing at her. “How dare you not respect me!” raged Luna as she raised her voice.

Twilight’s eyes shot open, and her laugh evaporated immediately. She tried to put an apologetic hoof on Luna’s, but the princess moved her bare hoof away. “Princess, I am so sorry. I just have trouble believing things I cannot see.”

This brought Luna’s attention back and her rage down to cooling temperature. “But I have proof!” she said excitedly.

Twilight cocked her head, causing Luna to roll her eyes. “I can’t show you until the night, and judging by the events that unfolded last night, Tia won’t be allowing me to make any more unscheduled visits. I shall return tomorrow night at nine p.m. Do not be tardy.” And with that, Luna teleported out of the library.

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