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1) so is it dusk walker, dusk shine or lee you use all these names for the protagonist more than once.

2) candle wick not flick at end of chapter

3) Nightlight not Light Night

4)father not uncle (unless this is one of those weird verses where dusk shine exist in parallel with twilight sparkle as a cousin or somthing)

awesome chapter mate cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

First, That was a mistake i fixed though
2nd, an honest mistake, my brain just went to flick for some reason instead of Wick
3, No I mean Light Night Is Dusk uncle, Nightlight is Dusk Shines father. I joked he's Night Light's twin brother in this universe. (No Twilight doesn't exist in this world its a genderbend Twilight here.)

thank you so much for making a dusk shine story

No problem heh figured I'd try something a little different.

Thanks lol now I just have to figure out what monster girl she would be. I was more referring to monster girls lol.

woops :rainbowlaugh:

i figure a succubus :raritywink:

Lol sadly the Succubus are gone, they're getting ready for their sisters wedding XD

damn fell free to use me as a ideabord

Heh I might do that XD, I am getting some idea's for what girls are in this world XD I have a few that will be twisted XD

my only request is don't make her a spider. i fucking hate spiders :twilightangry2:

Oh you're just tempting me XD

"and then we can all go out for ice cream and strippers"
-dean winchester

Oh god, i love that, XD I honest would imagine Dean loving/Hating this house XD

Aww, fine though who knows I have an idea involving Spider woman

he could never decide to gank the entire house or move in.
oh, who am I shitting, he would move in

edit: can you have a supernatural reference?
like you call a demon meg? you can call her meg but her full name is nutmeg? oh man!

Yeap, he'd move in, and just have good ol fun, though who knows what else happens, as long as they don't mess with baby

Lol I'll see what i can do about a supernatural reference I've got stuff in mind already for how the story will go.

nice work.

I'd definitely want an Ember chapter soon.

Im interested to see where this goes, but this needs a very thorough proofreading, my friend. Many spelling and grammar mistakes throughout. Normally if there were just 3 or 4 I'd list them, but there's maybe a few dozen.

Dusk Shine, finds himself Inheriting a bordello, only to find out that it's not filled with woman.


Ever watch an anime where girls wanted his seeds on a daily basis?

I should've been more specific lol normal human women XD

No tell me more...

I love it!

Agreed. I think this is a concept, but needs ironed out when it comes to spelling and grammar. If there are problems with these (and I saw several in the first few paragraphs) I'm usually turned off right away.

You know I think Twilight should show up in the bordello as well. It would make some sense her being alternate universe version of Dusk. It would technically make her an alien and a monster girl in that sense

After all she could have found her way there using a mirror

Pic source?

Need more

I'll be working on more

Bordello... bum... bum :rainbowlaugh:
And Czejść to everyone who will understand this reference :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, I couldn't resist

That is literally every monster-girl anime out there.

It's not a bad idea. This could really do with some proofreading though.

That was a great opener now Mr. Cord is dead. Gee i wonder who is taking over, lol. But in all seriousness if Mr. Cord just died and Dusk just left how will Dusk be drawn back to inherit the bordello?

Give you a hint that woman Mr.cord talk to is the key

Are any of the characters going be impregnated or be pregnant by the main character

Monster Girl Musume?

I don't know Dusk. I don't know. But I feel bad for him. What experience did he have that makes him nervous around women? I'm worried. WOuld be intersting if he just snapped when they push his buttons one too many times

You'll find out and it's fucked up

God if he got raped I'mma go crazy!!

No worry not rape, but it's still a fucked up thing

awesome chapter mate cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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