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well, 'a man in a mare's world' went off the rails when you got changelings involved,

a man in a mare's world symbote = flash thompson went from anti-hero to hero
dirmitabis symbote = eddie brock went from villain to anti-hero

there was murdered involved but can't make a cake without breaking a few eggs or in this case can't get it under control without killing a few casualties.

Huh... I... might actually give this a shot... Not usually a big fan of RGRE, though with some exceptions... Let's see if this is one of those exceptions...

Gods above, great work on the first chapter.

dammit where's spiderman or spidermane when you need him or her.

Also can Spike breath fire at this point in the story?

Just asking due to the book saying they needed fire to destroy the sample they were working on and Spike is a fire breathing dragon if he wasn't anthro than he would get a pass however that's not the case he doesn't get a pass for this if they're taking him along.

to tame it? no
to befriend it? yes

they get a pass since this is season 1, however they need to start thinking with friendship instead of this other mentality.

heck that was short but it was intense, poor moon I hope he recovers from his injuries soon.:fluttershysad:

first 'a man in a mare's world' and now this, Zecora is becoming the mvp as she's not that racist compared to the other ponies at this point in the story.

oh luna, the whole fan fic is going to prove you wrong or make it as hard as possible t be proven right.

Who are you talking about? Inventor or Luna?

Obviously from luna of course, after all it was she who got beaten up.:fluttershbad::fluttershysad:

"Oh god...! The people! The people I...! Oh f***, what did I do...?"

Don't really need to censor the words here, it is an M-rated story...

Cmon let us see the real thing :twilightsmile:

It seems that Venom has gain an "upgrade".

That was a great chapter can't wait to read more

Will the story be continuing?

Pouring a specific amount of other potions into her cauldron, Zecora boiled it until the concoction turned a bright orange, and sizzled with enough heat to pass off as magma, or heavens forbid, unfiltered lava. Holding the vial up, she glared into the glass before dropping it into the large dome of steel.

1: Lava and magma are the same thing, the only difference between them is that one is concealed underground and that the other is out in the open.
2: Magma is hotter than lava, reason being that lava is oxidising on the surface cooling down while magma is in a closed chamber filled with its own heat.

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