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It's good but feels like it's missing a bit more in the story.

Seems like it was just half a story... still good, but did they expect a game of truth or dare to only last 1 dare? That and did he HAVE to be tied up? seems like some wasted potential

this feel sudden. like this is ch3 of a story series

Hot scene, just wish they'd milked more than one orgasm out of him <3 even if the rest would be dry~

Spike is a dragon so would that mean he has two dragonhoods instead?

that milker was just short of sucking out his soul! funny read. best regard, darkbroney666

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Sorry if it feels rushed. I wanted to write a short and to-the-point clopfic, but maybe I could have elaborated on the plot a little more.

You're right, that would be hot~ But I feel like it's too extreme in the context of the story. They don't want to put him through too much over a game, heh. :scootangel:

Wait, do dragon have two dicks? I haven't heard about that.

Lol, if it was strong enough to suck out this soul then this story could have taken a much darker turn. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

It depends on how you want your Dragon's biology to work. In some stories, he has hemipenes in others he has a canine-like penis but in the most just a large dick. But it is always treated as an exotic mythical animal's part.

And then AppleJack finds the filled container....

She'd be pretty mad that they ruined a whole tank of milk! xD :ajbemused:

Ooor! She found a new revenue stream.

I don't think the CMC have ever been double stuffed by Spike before.

Mmm I hope someday you write a story where a stallion is forced through many, many back-to-back dry orgasms~

The yellow farm pony nodded her head and gave the bottle a good spin with her hooves. After a few seconds, it slowed down and stopped while it was pointing directly back at Spike.
“I dare you... To stick your dick in the cow milking machine over there.”

The rating of this story went from Everyone to Mature within a few sentences...
(Where do foals even get ideas like that?)
Edit: I just wanted to make a joke about how this story started innocent before making an sharp turn torwarts not-so-innocent.

“Ah’ can’t put it on just yet, we need to wait until you’re nice and stiff.”

I actually expected she actively help him using her muzzle; that would even add additional lubrication.

“A-are you s-sure this isn’t going to hurt?” Spike asked nervously.

Apple Bloom: "Don't worry, I did it with Big mac before and he was perfectly fine afterwards."
Spike: "Okay then... wait, what?!"

Good story!

But now I have two questions:

1. What did they do with the "milk" afterwards?
Did they consume it immediately? Or did the girls put the container inside the clubhouse, enjoying an cup whenever they feel like it?
Or maybe they forgot about it, and when AJ enters the barn next day see saw the full container, thought it to be regular milk and use it accordingly (like bake it into a pie or sell it on the market).

2. Why is it that almost every time there is a story with milking machines, Game-BeatX14 is involved?


Have a look at some of his other stories, for example:

[Adult story embed hidden]


Wait, do dragon have two dicks? I haven't heard about that.

It depends on the author, but sometimes dragons are characterized to have two dicks.
I have no reliable statistics on how often that happens, but it double dicks appears to be rather niche here.
Since there are no real-live dragons and Haspro never bothered to release canon material involving Spikes dick(s) we will never know...

I've already read his other milking stories and they're already in my favorites <3 but there aren't any that feature milking dry orgasms~

You know, we fully expected him to spin the bottle and get them to drink the result...

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