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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: the Sorceror's Apprentice

Tom has a busy life, coordinating several clubs, doing university work in the midst of a global health crisis, researching strange artefacts, and turning into a pony every now and then trying to unravel a strange curse.

However, he soon finds himself thrust onto the frontlines of a struggle for the fate of the world, and not as somebody he's especially fond of...

Another side story in the Legends of Equestria timeline, which occurs concurrently with Legends of Equestria: the Sorceror's Apprentice, and marking five years since The Cutie Map first aired.

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The Police

That has to be the most unusual band name ever. :twilightsheepish:

(although in Jimmy's case he had a massive headstart).

Heh... i'm so lucky for that headstart. X3

Is the title a pun on ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ by C.S. Lewis?

1. British band formed in 1973, and for a brief period the most succesful band in the world.

2. Yes he is.

Yup. You're on fire with the pop culture references today!

BTW, you said some people love Starlight and some hate her? She's actually one of my top ten favourite characters.

Nice. The sticking point is her reformation.

Unlike most other villains, she easily could’ve beaten Twilight. She actually chose to give up after realizing the impact of her actions. I’m surprised she never became an alicorn. She’d probably fit in just nicely as the princess of forgiveness or of redemption. Maybe something else?

She seems to do a good job running a school.

Not every royal family member has royal duties to the throne.


You know, Starlight may explain the downvotes...

Unfortunately, you're probably right.

Ain't that the truth.

If anything, Starlight is one of the better written characters of MLP, in my opinion.

I'd be inclined to agree in some areas.

I’m not surprised.

For instance, Kelly Sheridan is clearly having a blast.

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