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Nice fic, and it is a shame that i can't give you fic ideas with out paying

Some of the requests I get are put in a queue to eventually be a chapter of Horses Don't Have Bathrooms, if I like the idea and I have the time to write them. It would be unfair to anyone who buys a commission if I essentially write some people's requests for free while making others pay.

True, but are you going to Wright my story idea that i gave you once. Or are you like super busy with other stuff.

But don't let the haters get you down just keep up your fanfics and don't let them get do you.


I was unfortunately right

Ah, see, you've gone and made a typo. I think you meant *fortunately. Glad I could catch that for ya'. Also, I know you didn't read my story, but you better have left a dislike. You gotta be a good troll, man!

Just asking what is your next story idea.

I am working on two commissions at the moment. Those will hopefully be coming somethime in February.

Ok, and don't mind diggy he doesn't know what a good story is.

... I so approve of Twilight eating her own shit like anal fudge that I can’t quantify it.

There’s not a single thing about this story that I would change. I adore how much effort you put into the sights and sound and tastes. If I had more courage, I’d write stories like this myself!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I tried concentrating on the descriptors in this one.

Loved it, and I think it has the perfect amount of sensory descriptions. Enough to be really immersive but not so much that it's gaudy.

Don't worry about people like Diggy. They actually spend their free time going around this site just to dislike fetish stories. Seriously. I know, right? I have blocked and added him to my list of people to avoid for a damn good reason and I do not regret this decision in the slightest. I recommend everyone else here do the same, the dude is a troll. Trolls only look for targets to harass. We must balance the scales here, one more like to make it even.

Listen... If I don't end up on one of their lists, I haven't written a good story, now have I? :rainbowlaugh:

No, the list I made is reserved for people who I've had a bad experience with and advise that other also avoid.

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