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haha rainbow machine go brrr

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Oh yeah! It's already out!

Woo! Excited to see this finally out.

Like a dream-come-true after all these years! Any plans how long this one will be?

9 chapters including the prologue, a bit over 51k words.
I’ll be posting one chapter a week on Fridays- it’s all in editing right now, no waiting for me to write it first! 😁

Hell yeah! My excitement is through the roof right now!

I can't help but wonder if Cozy Glow will make a cameo appearance?

I look forward to the fic...and the inevitable song.

Oh shit! A sequel to PD?! Gonna have to check this out.

If I can be candid: Honestly, I'm surprised you wrote this. It was clear by the end of PD you'd lost all interest in writing the story, and the ending was... disconnected and confusing. Nothing seemed to make sense at the end, and it seemed like you were just trying to get it out of the way. Not to mention that afterwards, you said "do what you will with the RF world, I don't care" and disappeared from the site for seven years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you came back. I've had the germ of an idea for a sequel floating around for years myself, but I never got around to actually penning it in any fashion. It will be interesting to see what you do with this and the direction it takes.

In short:



Not to mention that afterwards, you said "do what you will with the RF world, I don't care" and disappeared from the site for seven years.

Yeah, and as time distances me from that point in life, it seems sillier and sillier— unfortunately at the time I was suffering from undiagnosed Major Depressive Disorder. In 2015 I was finally officially diagnosed and began therapy and medication; it wasn’t until October of this year that I was finally able to... enjoy “things” again.

I’ve made tons of progress with my life and I hope Reckoning makes up for the ridiculousness that occurred back in 2013-14. I’m really proud of it 😁

10565296 Well shit, my dude, that sounds like quite the ride. To be honest, a totally fair reaction to the things going on in your life. Kudos on the good work!

Oh shit, the things you never know about an entertainer's life...although I kinda pieced you might've had problems when you wrote a story about a frickin deathcamp in Equestria...we all need therapy. :pinkiecrazy:

It's nice to see Mr "Self Defense Is Morally Identical to Mass Murder" finally face some consequences for his actions. His sickening rationalizations made Dr. Atmosphere and Ms. Dash seem almost noble by comparison. They'd all cheerfully feed you into the meat grinder, but he was the only one who try to convince you that your desire to live was as indefensible as their drive to kill. The whole "Society's to blame" angle was just icing on the evil cake.

I would have preferred that those consequences come at the hands of the legal system, but with Celestia and Luna giving all of those employed at the Rainbow Factory a pass, it falls to vengeful ghosts instead.

There is a Rainbow Factory spinoff called Absentia where Scootaloo's vengeful spirit destroys the factory single handedly. I think you'd enjoy it.

Woohoo! Just read the Pegasus Device last night! Can't wait to see where this goes!

[body reported]
"blue died in electrical yellow saw on cams."
Edit: "actually green saw on cams"

I see your Fall From Grace references. Lots of interesting stuff going on in this chapter, I look forward to seeing where it all goes. I do wonder if Corona will show up too at some point.


But who did it??

(Gentle is green btw)

Idk blue’s pretty sus.


I hadnt even known the previous story was a thing. Im looking forward to this.

Featured at less then 100 views. facinating. I guess you have some sort of star-power

"Blues dead bro... thats pretty sus ngl."

Oh my gosh you are back! Its been so many years. Good to see you Pony-Side again.:twilightsmile:

You were gone for 7 years. What made you come back writing pony fan fiction?


See 10565296. Now that I'm able to enjoy my hobbies again, I sort of stumbled back into the fandom. I found people were still liking and making fan content for Rainbow Factory, which was incredible to see. I went 7 years feeling wholly insignificant and meaningless, and then suddenly there was a rush of evidence that things I have done have impacted and inspired others. It's pretty incredible.

I had an idea at the end of October that blossomed into Reckoning, and set my mind to writing it for NaNoWriMo, and for the first time in my life, I pulled it off! =D

It's nice to be back.

Even though this probably won't be the case, I kind of hope there's at least one chapter where we see what Dash is up to in the present, even though it likely won't have anything to do with the main plot the story.

It just would feel weird to have an official Rainbow Factory story without her in it whatsoever aside from a passing mention like that.

What a suprise. Gentle Butterwing is still a bitch...


Unfortunately she is long gone by now, but I’ve been toying with the idea of doing little Slice of Life stories set in the PD universe on various characters at different points in their lives. I’ll keep this suggestion in mind for if I get around to that after Reckoning is completely out.

P.S. It's great to have you back AururaDawn. I love your Rainbow Factory series and I can't wait to see more!!!

P.S.S. I just realized I'm a guy who is a sucker for happy endings and prefer them to bad endings, yet a good chunk of the stories I read don't end up having happy endings. Yet I still read and like them anyway, even when I don't like the direction they go in. I wonder what that makes me...

Was it just old age that did her in, or will that be revealed later on?


As stated in the interview, she’s basically institutionalized eventually, and then from there I haven’t decided yet. She may still be alive, an old and broken pony. But at this point she’s going to be pressing 60–65, and though I set my pony lifespans close to humans I’m not sure she’d live that long.

Oh when you said she was long gone, I took that to mean dead.

Either way yeah, like I said, I knew it wasn't likely to happen regardless, at least not in this fic.

So excited to see an official Pegasus Device sequel! I've seen so many "Rainbow Factory sequels" from others who clearly didn't read Pegasus Device, and I've been dying for some sense of what happens next!

I’m really loving this story so far.

Oh, my apologies. I meant more "Long gone from the spotlight". Sorry for the confusion!

That makes more sense.

I'd still like to see at least a cameo in the present, but like you said, she's probably still institutionalized.

In the Rainbow Factory.... where fears and horrors come true...
In the Rainbow Factory, where not a soul gets through...
In the Rainbow Factory, where failures pay their toll...

Throne, it's been frickin years since I've even read the two stories that preceded this! I had no idea this was even around!
Welp, time to jump in!

A mighty machine built within the wake
Of a long dead dream, little demon awake.
The citizens sleep, never quite knowing when
The device will reawaken, hungry again.

It seems that time is now. Welcome back.

Straight into action, great! Already feels like it's gonna be another great story, maybe even surpassing PD.

Cruising speed for most bird species is anywhere between twenty to thirty miles per hour

Cloudsdale has more than 480miles across, what the actual tartarus

As soon as I saw this hit the Featured Box, I sung that chorus

god i wanna start reading right now but at the same time i kinda wanna read it all in one go
maybe i can hold off on reading it till christmas, be a little present

I have been waiting for a story like this for such a LONG time and this finally came across my screen and I just happened to have read both chapters in about 30 minutes (maybe 40-50). I absolutely love where this is going and cannot wait for it to continue its journey. I know you will have such an amazing story telling arc for this. Please do continue this amazing piece of mastery that only you could ever manage to come up with, no matter the amount of time it will take to for it get further.

Again, absolutely LOVING it so far, please keep it up!

Can she face her past, and uncover and stop their plans before the end of the world as she knows it?

WAIT A SECOND! Is this another eldritch horror?

Another great piece of text! Reading this, you have get chills on your back as more and more mystery builds up! Now it's just matter of time to see the gradual reveal of CWC's grand, elaborate plan. This story should be the final prelude to a whole canon RF universe, really!

Damn! So there goes any hope of a royal rescue.

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