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Sequel to: Am I just a pawn?

(AU most Season 9 episodes do not exist sorry fans of Season 9 I don’t plan on Twilight becoming ruler or for Discord to free Tirek and Cozy Glow)When Starlight realizes she loves Spike she´s terrified for three reasons:
1. Spike already is getting over his crush on Rarity and is accepting they will just be friends, and Starlight doesn´t want to take advantage of him.

2. She doesn´t want to ruin her friendship with Spike.

3. She´s afraid she´ll hurt him.

Chapters (12)
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If you add the URL of the previous story into the editing, then people can get to it straight from here

Oh sorry about that, also if anybody would like to see the story “Am I just a pawn?” They can check my profile. Also how did you like the prologue.

No, it's fine
I'm just telling you that you can do that

How do Rarity and Sunburst feel about all of this?

Rarity does not have feelings for Spike but values her friendship with him in my opinion, and I think Starlight and Sunburst are just friends, but I respect your opinion if you disagree.

How do you like the story so far?

How long ago was the flashback?

We’re at Season 8, so let’s say Season 7.

“Have you seen Spike?” Twilight asked Starlight while pressing the unicorn up against the castle walls.

Damn, I like to keep my friends close, but not that close.

When Starlight heard that last part she was scared for Spike, she cared so much for the dragon heck she loved- wait no not loved him but enjoyed his company yeah that’s it.

“Why the f*ck you lying? Why you always lying?”

No, I don’t mean what season.

Great comment as always, what do you think about the story so far?

Oh then the flashback was a few months ago.

It’s actually pretty good.

Thanks but I can’t take all the credit, Switch Swap is also helping me out.

I actually think I know him.

“Twilight if I tell you this, can you promise you won’t tell anybody especially Spike?” Starlight asked. Starlight figured she had to tell some pony about this, so she might as well tell one of the ponies she’s closest to, other than Spike and Trixie of course.

“Of course.” Twilight promised.

“I have a secret crush on Spike.” Starlight blurted out.

“I knew it.” Twilight happily exclaimed.

Ok, I’m guessing twilight will be the one trying to get them together, and starlight admitting that will make it a lot easier.

She won’t be the only one, let’s just say a certain friend of Spike’s is going to find out about his crush on Starlight.

I think I know who you’re talking about.

I hope you do, because the next chapter is out, we’ll see if you’re guess was right.

Spike didn’t know what to do Discord’s terrifying stare and his current fears were all too much for him to hold in so he could not keep the secret anymore he had to tell Discord regardless of what he would say.

“Okay, I secretly am in love with Starlight and I’m trying to keep it a secret because I’m afraid of rejection and losing her as a friend, and I didn’t tell you because I know you sometimes can’t keep a secret, and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.” Spike blurted out before breaking out sobbing.

Man, I would not want to rob a bank, or tell a secret to spike, this man would sing like a canary.

This was actually interesting, I never expected that you were talking about discord.

Who did you think I was talking about?

I honestly thought you were talking about thorax.

Yeah that’s fair, I see why you considered Thorax, but in the end me and Switch Swap agreed Discord would be the best choice.

And what do you mean by “best choice”?

I mean he would make a big impact in this story if he knew, and he’d probably try to hook up Spike and Starlight in his own chaotic way, I think we all know that I will include “Matter Of Principals” later.

Ohh, now I think I get it.

So what did you think about the end of the chapter?

You talking about with starlight?

It actually seems interesting. Because at first I didn’t expect it, but when I look at the story again and see how starlight acts, It makes sense.

I am sorry if I said anything out of line in my Author´s Note, I was probably acting like a jerk and if I was well I´m sorry, Looking back, me making assumptions about what the fan base thinks without even knowing what their opinion was did sound like I was being judgy on my end, I did not mean it like that, I meant that it could be possible they do feel that way about Starlight, but I could be wrong about that, I´m sorry if I did anything to make you upset. I respect your opinions if you agree or disagree with me on any of my opinions.

Honestly, I expected it to take longer for her to get over her fears and doubts, but that’s probably just in my case.

Well Starlight´s had these feelings for him since Season 7 so she´s had these lingering doubts for a while. Does that make sense? Also did I act like a jerk when I wrote that Author´s Note?

If she’s had these doubts before then shouldn’t she have had nightmares about it before? Also, it depends on your definition of being a jerk.

I meant if I was being judgmental. Also Starlight´s had nightmares before, just not as bad as the one was having this chapter.

I mean, it’s not like you insulted anyone, you just said you didn’t like certain stories and gave your reasoning. That’s not being a jerk that’s just having an opinion. Also, how much time has passed since “To Change a Changeling” to “The Mean 6”?

I´d say the gap between the two episodes is about two months, maybe it´s unrealisitic, but I can´t make this story perfect. Also if you do like the type of stories that I don´t like, that is fine, I respect your opinion, and if the authors do like making these stories, that is also fine, I won´t force anybody to stop writing or reading what they want to, even if I don´t like it.

So, she got over her fears in two months? Also, I don’t read those type of stories, my morals won’t allow me and because I don’t think I’ve seen those type of stories.

I guess she kinda did, maybe it might be a bit unrealistic but I tried the best I could to make it as realistic as possible. Sorry if I did something wrong.

It’s fine, all authors have their errors.

When will the next chapter be released?

I´m not sure, I plan on rewriting Matter of Principals next chapter, and it´s going to change a lot. So I need to plan for that.

I agree matters of principals is going to change alot because spike and Starlight were watching the school so discord planned a fake friendship mission to get them two on a date.

By the way can you guess what scene I referenced when Starlight told Moonlight she’s not a part of her anymore.

Twilight gave Spike and Starlight a sly look, does Spike think she’s dumb, while he may have told the truth a bit, he should know this isn’t life-threatening. She knew what Spike was really worried about. Ah well she’ll just play along with this because she can’t rush romance.

I don’t see a problem with rushing it. I recommend locking them in a room for 12hrs.

Meanwhile in the Chaos Realm, Discord looked satisfied, this was all to make sure Starlight was truly loved his friend, she may say that she loves him, but he’s seen Equestria, some ponies like to say they love each other before cheating on their lover or uses them for sex, how does he know this? Well he’s seen some ponies out in public doing less then favorable things, he even saw this while he was a statue. Spike clearly loves Starlight he knew that for sure, but he had to make sure the feeling was mutual.

I guess being alive for thousands of years comes with experience.

“Get ready Starlight, we’re going to find out how you truly feel about my friend.” Discord told himself before teleporting to Ponyville.

Oh on, what is he going to do?

I like how this is going. Discord is great in this and I like how you can have him be both chaotic and serious.

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