• Published 29th Nov 2020
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New Feelings - Starlight Fan

Starlight starts feeling a bit weird whenever she´s around Spike for some reason, when she realizes she loves him it terrifies her because she doesn´t wanna ruin their friendship.

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A Chaotic Conversation

Starlight was getting ready for the Friendship Retreat, honestly it was her first time camping so she wasn’t that excited, but she figured it would be nice to spend time with Twilight and the others, Spike was offered to go, but he ended up saying no due to his “Secret Guy’s Night” happening tonight. Everypony knew about it so it was not much of a secret. She was a bit sad because she would not get to see him, but a bit relieved because she needed to stay away from him for a bit to consider her feelings.

“You know you can stay here if you want, Starlight I doubt things are going to be too awkward between you and Spike, he has his “Secret Guys Night” later for their game of Ogres and Oobliuetes so you two aren’t going to be completely alone all day.” Twilight reminded Starlight.

“Yeah I know, but I just figured I might as well try this with you guys.” Starlight said.

“Uh huh.” Twilight replies in a sarcastic tone. “I think you’re just trying to avoid him as much as possible, but if you really want to come with us, I won’t stop you.” Twilight said reluctantly.

“It’s not what I’m trying to do, I do genuinely want to hang out with you guys, but thank you anyway.” Starlight responded, she wasn’t lying she did wanna hang out with Twilight and the others, getting away from Spike to clear her head for a bit was just a bonus.

“You’re welcome.” Twilight said.

A few hours later it was night time and at this point the girls were all gone and Guys Night has just begun. Only Discord would be showing up since Big Mac has some plans with Sugar Belle, which he figured was very understandable because he knew how much Big Mac and Sugar Belle cared about each other, and since Sugar Belle just moved to Ponyville it makes sense they’d wanna spend as much time together as possible, when he thought about it he realized Big Mac was so lucky to have some pony there for him, He sighed feeling more downtrodden than usual knowing he and Starlight will probably never be together, he then jumped in surprise when saw a white flash of light, it was clear Discord teleported here.

“Surprise, I’m here.” Discord excitingly told Spike.

“Oh hey Discord, how have you been lately?” Spike asked awkwardly.

“I’ve been well, care to begin the game? Big Mac isn’t coming tonight since he’s busy with Sugar Belle for some romantic nonsense.” Discord jokingly said.

“I thought you believed in love now.” Spike said.

“Oh I do, but I must say your attempts to make me believe in it were hilarious. Shall I remind you of one of them?” Discord spoke with a scheming look on his face as he proofed in a memory orb showing Spike a flashback.


”Okay Spike if you’re so sure about love why don’t you tell me who you’re so in love with.” Discord said as they were walking in Ponyville.

Discord was well aware that Spike was over Rarity now so this was going to be challenging for him to answer, oh that dragon was so going to mow his lawn later, perhaps with sicssiors instead because now that he thought about it using tweezers was a bit too cruel. Eh might as well let the dragon try his hardest to win.

“Well that’s easy I love Star-Rarity.” Spike nervously replied.

Discord was a bit confused “What did you say?”

Spike was sweating he didn’t want Discord finding out he’d expose Spike for sure, but then he saw Sugar Belle.

“Oh no it’s Sugar Belle, hide.” Spike whispered before pulling Discord into the bushes with him.

Spike was nervous and began to sweat, but he figured Discord probably didn’t know about his crush on Starlight.

“Why did you show me this Discord? I remember this already.” Spike nervously stated.

“Spike I’m not an idiot, I’ve noticed you were acting very strange, you said you were over Rarity and I know you are, and you did happen to say Star before you switched to Rarity, you seemed pretty nervous when doing so. What’s going on with you? Are you in love or something?” Discord interrogated.

Spike didn’t know what to do Discord’s terrifying stare and his current fears were all too much for him to hold in so he could not keep the secret anymore he had to tell Discord regardless of what he would say.

“Okay, I secretly am in love with Starlight and I’m trying to keep it a secret because I’m afraid of rejection and losing her as a friend, and I didn’t tell you because I know you sometimes can’t keep a secret, and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.” Spike blurted out before breaking out sobbing.

Discord was shocked at what he heard, while he did expect Spike to be in love with Starlight, he didn’t expect him to be in this state of stress, he just thought it’d be like his feelings for Rarity. Spike must really love Starlight.

Discord shook Spike’s shoulder and looked at him.

“Spike I’m not mad at you, and I won’t tell Starlight about your hidden feelings, you’re my friend, heck my second closest friend next to Fluttershy, I may sometimes pull some schemes but I would never purposely put you or Starlight in a constant state of misery just for my own amusement, besides that would be way too depressing to see.” Discord replied.

Spike wiped the tears from his eyes, and smiled at Discord.

“Thanks Discord.” Spike said.

“Sure thing, now can we play a game of Ogres and Oobliutes to brighten the mood a bit?” Discord suggests.

“Sure, I’d like that.” Spike answers.

Discord teleports himself and Spike into the game.

Meanwhile back at the campgrounds where Starlight and the Mane 6 were, Starlight was shifting in her sleep.

We cut to the dream world where Starlight found herself in a cave full of cutie marks.

“What the? Oh no I’m in a nightmare again aren’t I?” Starlight fearfully asked, she was very familiar with this type of dream. Why couldn’t she have a good dream tonight she was so relaxed. Wait a minute Cutie marks she definitely was not in Tarturus this time. Wait was she in-

“Indeed you are, Welcome Starlight Glimmer.” a mysterious voice in the shadows replied.

“Who are you?” Starlight fearfully asked.

“Why Starlight I thought you’d remember me, after all we’re very close.” the mysterious voice said and revealed herself to be Evil Starlight in her old mane style wearing her fake equality cutie mark.

“No, no, no, no.” Good Starlight panicked

Author's Note:

I think this is a good place to stop, so another cliffhanger, sorry about that, I’ll probably have the next chapter out tomorrow morning on Tuesday, but I won’t make my promises. Also I will give the evil Starlight a name to prevent confusion next chapter.

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