• Published 29th Nov 2020
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New Feelings - Starlight Fan

Starlight starts feeling a bit weird whenever she´s around Spike for some reason, when she realizes she loves him it terrifies her because she doesn´t wanna ruin their friendship.

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New Wings

Spike stopped glowing and realized he was still alive, and he was overjoyed and ran up to Starlight and embraced her, and Starlight returned the hug.

“Starlight I’m alive. I made it. I don’t know how, but right now I don’t care I’m just happy I’m alive.” Spike celebrated.

Starlight hugged the dragon back and then looked at his back, “Spike are those wings?” Starlight asked dumbfounded.

Spike then looked at himself and was shocked at what he saw. “I just sprouted wings?” Spike asked shocked but then was overjoyed and screamed “I just sprouted wings!” His celebration was cut short by the bird that was known as the Roc screeching while Twilight was blasting them, the Roc’s claw that was holding Rarity and Zecora opened up, but thankfully Rarity and Zecora were able to grab on to one of the claws before they fell.

“(Gasp) I gotta help them.” Spike proclaimed. He started using his new wings but he started flying in circles before he was able to keep balance and then flew off.

Starlight levitated herself with her magic and sighed “I should probably make sure he does not get eaten alive.” Starlight said to herself. Starlight then used her magic to fly with Spike.

Starlight and Spike then caught up to Twilight. Twilight was shocked that Spike had new wings.

“Spike, did you just sprout wings? How did you do that?” Twilight asked.

“I don’t know, but they are pretty cool.” Spike proudly exclaimed but then he lost control and he started spinning around backwards, concerning both Twilight and Starlight before he caught up with the two of them. The Roc then used his claw to catch Spike and the two mares, but all 3 of them dodged the attack. While the Roc flew away, Twilight, Starlight, and Spike strategized on what they should do.

“Spike, do you think you can distract the bird while Starlight and I save Rarity and Zecora?” Twilight asked.

“Wait Twilight, can’t you or me just distract the Roc? Spike just got these wings and no offense but he’s a bit unstable.” Starlight objected.

“I know but the Roc is more attracted to him than us, it’s probably easier if he does it, and unfortunately the safest option we have, I don’t want him to do this as much as you do Starlight.” Twilight argued.

And a little more scared for him than I am, if that’s even possible. I get why she is, but it seems she cares a bit more about him than just a friend, Wait a minute does she? Twilight thought.

“But-“ Starlight tried to say, before she felt a claw on her shoulder.

“I’ll be fine Starlight, trust me.” Spike softly spoke.

Starlight was not sure about this but when she saw his eyes they were full of reassurance, that gave her some hope he would be okay.

“Okay I trust you.” Starlight said.

Yeah she probably does have a crush on him, but I might just be jumping to conclusions.

Spike then flew up to the Roc’s face.

“Hey feather brain if you like dragon so much, come and get me.” Spike taunted.

The Roc tried to eat the dragon but Spike kept flying in circles at a fast paced, but this time he’s in total control of his wings.

The Roc began getting dizzy, and Spike flew on his back side.

“Greetings.” Spike mockingly said.

The Roc tried to eat him again, but Spike flew away just in time. Spike pumped his chest and then let out a massive burp that shot a bunch of fire, which blinded the Roc making him drop Rarity and Zecora but before the two fell, Twilight used her magic to save Rarity while Starlight used her magic to save Zecora, and all five flew to the ground(with Starlight and Twilight carrying Zecora and Rarity respectively).

When all five reached the ground Zecora walked up to Spike and said “I know the molt produced many things, but I am glad the last was a new pair of wings.”

“Yes and also I’m glad you have wings.” Rarity praised.

“Uh, Zecora just said that Rarity.” Starlight told Rarity in a confused voice.

“What?” Rarity asked.

“This is so amazing, I didn’t know if you’d ever get wings, I’m so happy for you. Does this have something to do with this molt thing you were talking about?” Twilight exclaimed.

Spike sighed sadly when he heard that. “It’s what’s been going on with me, the stone scales, the fire burps, I’m growing up, I wish I could stop it, but I can’t, should I go?” Spike said.

“Go, what do you mean?” Twilight asked in a shocked voice.

“In the Dragon Lands, Dragon families make Molters leave home it’s called the Molt Effect.” Spike explained.

“Well this is not the Dragon Lands, and Molt effect or not, I don’t want you going anywhere. You’re still our friend.”

“But I’m growing up, what if something worse happens?” Spike asked in a scared tone.

“You’re supposed to grow up, but you’ll always be you, and whatever happens we’ll get through it together.” Twilight said.

Twilight and Spike hugged each other which made Starlight, Zecora, and Rarity smile.

Spike celebrated the fact that he could stay by flapping his wings in the air and cheering and soon they went back home to the castle.

When they made it back to the castle Spike decided to talk to Starlight in the castle library.

“So guess you were right. Twilight never planned on having me leave.” Spike told Starlight with glee.

“Did you ever doubt me?” Starlight asked in mock hurt.

“Nope.” Spike said.

Starlight giggled and then remembered something she wanted to say.

“Hey Spike, when you were turning into stone, you were trying to tell me something. What was it?” Starlight asked.

Spike began getting nervous now that he was free from the stone his fears of losing Starlight as a friend again came back again, he only felt like confessing his feelings for her because it was in the heat of the moment but now that he was alive and free he had to find a way to salvage this.

“I was going to say that I was going to miss you and the rest of our friends. I really don’t want to lose any of you, even Discord or Trixie.” Spike half-lies.

“Oh okay. That’s a fair point.” Starlight says. The room began to get quiet.

“So I gotta go test out my new wings, I’ll see you later Starlight.” Spike said. Then Spike left the library.

Starlight was a bit disappointed but a bit relieved since she wasn’t sure she was ready to date him, despite loving him. Yes she was no longer lying to herself she loved the dragon, it took almost losing him to realize that her feelings were not just a silly crush but they were genuine. She unfortunately thought that they could never be together. She sighed to herself.

Twilight walked up to Starlight and noticed she was a bit upset.

“You okay Starlight? You haven’t been acting like yourself.” Twilight said in concern.

“Twilight if I tell you this, can you promise you won’t tell anybody especially Spike?” Starlight asked. Starlight figured she had to tell some pony about this, so she might as well tell one of the ponies she’s closest to, other than Spike and Trixie of course.

“Of course.” Twilight promised.

“I have a secret crush on Spike.” Starlight blurted out.

“I knew it.” Twilight happily exclaimed.

Author's Note:

Yeah I told you I’d do this today or tomorrow and I delivered. So now Twilight knows, I figured Starlight would be able to trust Twilight with this information. Hopefully I wrote the characters well. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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