• Published 29th Nov 2020
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New Feelings - Starlight Fan

Starlight starts feeling a bit weird whenever she´s around Spike for some reason, when she realizes she loves him it terrifies her because she doesn´t wanna ruin their friendship.

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The Molt

Starlight opened up the castle door entrance and she heard pacing in another room and see Twilight pacing at the room where the map table is, she knew Twilight and she knows when she was stressed so she decided to see what was going on.

“Twilight is everything okay?” Starlight asked comfortingly while putting a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder stopping her from pacing anymore.

Twilight calmed down a bit when she heard Starlight but she was still stressed out.

“No it is not okay I told Spike to leave the castle earlier today and now I don’t know where he is, I didn’t see him at the school of Friendship or anywhere in Ponyville and I’m super worried about him.” Twilight explains.

“Have you seen Spike?” Twilight asked Starlight while pressing the unicorn up against the castle walls.

Starlight felt a bit awkward at this positioning but she remained calm.

“Okay Twilight first of all can you let go of me? I’m kinda uncomfortable.” Starlight asked.

Twilight let go of Starlight when she realized what she did.

“Sorry about that, I’m just worried.” Twilight apologized.

“It’s okay I understand, and also second of all he was at the school in some weird trench coat, sunglasses, and a hat for some reason.” Starlight explained.

“Oh he probably wore those because he had some stone scales all over his body, and he did not want anybody to see him like that.” Twilight explained.

“Wait what are stone scales?” Starlight asked.

“I don’t know, I plan on getting some cream for those at Zecora’s, but we’re getting off topic.” Twilight explained.

“ So maybe he’s just getting some cream for the scales at Zecora's.” Starlight guessed.

“At the Everfree Forest! It’s dangerous there he almost got eaten by Timberwolves there, and in his condition he might actually die out there.” Twilight spoke in a panicked voice.

When Starlight heard that last part she was scared for Spike, she cared so much for the dragon heck she loved- wait no not loved him but enjoyed his company yeah that’s it. She has got to get over this silly crush on him. She needed to put on a brave face for Twilight so she decided to hide her fears.

“Okay so let’s just head to the Everfree forest now, before Spike gets put in danger.” Starlight suggested.

“That’s a great idea.” Twilight exclaimed.

As Twilight and Starlight headed for the Everfree Forest Twilight and Starlight talked a bit.

“Starlight I’m sorry I went a bit crazy back at the castle.” Twilight apologized.

“It’s okay Twilight you were concerned for your little brother figure, I get it. I’m a bit concerned for him myself he’s one of my best friends. I’d be really sad if anything bad happened to him. We’ll find him don’t worry.” Starlight explained.

“You’re right Starlight, we’ll find him, I hope.” Twilight said.

They soon heard someone groaning and scratch noises, Twilight and Starlight followed the noises and soon found Spike covered in stone scales with his body glowing red and scratching against the tree.

For some reason despite him being covered in those weird scales and his really bad odor, I don’t feel any less attracted to him. Starlight thought but then she shook those thoughts out of her head.

What is wrong with me, my friend is suffering and all I care about is my shallow attraction to him, okay just focus on helping Spike for now.

“Spike what are you doing?” Twilight asked in a concerned voice.

Spike opened his eyes and realized Twilight and Starlight were right near him.

“If my stone scales didn’t itch right now, and if we weren’t in immediate danger this would be super embarrassing right now.” Spike explained in an anguished voice.

“Danger?!” Starlight fearfully asked.

A gigantic bird then swooped down and tried to grab the dragon in its claws but Twilight teleported Spike, Starlight, and herself away from the bird to another part of the forest just before it grabbed them.

“Well we were looking for you and seeing if we could head to Zecora’s for some cream for your scales. I had no idea that you were-“ Twilight began explaining.

“About to be eaten by a gigantic predator bird attracted to my Molt smell.” Spike finished explaining.

“Molt smell?” Starlight asked.

Starlight and Twilight then heard the bird screeching as it was heading straight for them and Spike and Starlight then pushed herself, Twilight and Spike away from the bird. They then heard Rarity screaming in terror.

“Was that Rarity?” Twilight asked.

“And Zecora. I tried to save them but it’s all I can do to stop scratching long enough to dive out of the way.” Spike explained.

“Twilight you go save them, I ‘ll stay with Spike to make sure he does not get eaten.” Starlight stated.

“Okay, good luck you guys.” Twilight nervously exclaimed before chasing after the bird.

While Twilight was fighting the bird, Starlight and Spike were alone in the forest.

“So what’s going on Spike? You’ve been acting strange all day.” Starlight asked.

“I’ve been going through a new stage called the molt, it’s where dragons begin going through some sort of maturity.” Spike explained.

“Well that does make sense since you are eighteen. It’s still unexpected.” Starlight nervously exclaimed.

“I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring all of you I was just embarrassed.” Spike apologized.

“It’s okay but none of us are going to stop caring about you because of something you can’t control.” Starlight said.

“Thanks Starlight.” Spike said.

Spike suddenly stopped feeling itchy.

“As thank goodness I thought it would never end.” Spike spoke in relief.

Then Spike suddenly started becoming encased in stone which worried both him and Starlight.

“Ah! Starlight what’s happening to me?” Spike fearfully asked.

“I don’t know.” Starlight said.

While Spike was getting encased he decided at this point it wasn’t worth hiding his feelings anymore.

“Starlight if I don’t make it out of this I just gotta say I-“ Spike tried to confess but he was fully encased in stone before he could finish.

Starlight began tearing up, she just lost her friend, and now she’ll never see him again, but maybe there was still hope.

“Spike? Spike?!” Starlight hopelessly pleaded. No reply came, and that just made her begin crying, but then she saw Spike’s statue glowing and she was shocked at what she saw.

Author's Note:

Cliffhanger, Sorry guys, I felt this was a good place to stop, we’ll see what happened to Spike next chapter(unless you saw “Molt Down” in which case you probably already know) also as if I was gonna let Spike confess that soon, he will eventually confess so don’t worry but I can’t do it too soon. Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter will probably be released later today or tomorrow.

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