• Published 29th Nov 2020
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New Feelings - Starlight Fan

Starlight starts feeling a bit weird whenever she´s around Spike for some reason, when she realizes she loves him it terrifies her because she doesn´t wanna ruin their friendship.

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Prologue: New Feelings

Starlight was currently in her room disappointed in herself after all she almost got the Changeling Hive destroyed all because of her stupid plan, it didn’t really help when Thorax and Trixie rubbed it in that she screwed up, although she can’t be mad at Thorax since the Maulwurf did almost destroy his hive thanks to her so he has every right to be upset, and she’s surprised Twilight wasn’t mad at her, well yeah of course she was disappointed in Starlight obviously but not mad so that did make her feel a bit better, but she still felt very upset.

There was a knock on the door and Starlight sighed before replying “It’s open.”

The door opened and Spike walked in and said “Uh hey Starlight, look I heard what happened, and well I know you had no malicious intentions and I figured you could use some company. So do you wanna talk about it?”

Starlight was shocked at this “I thought you would be mad at me since everything I do just makes things worse, I don’t need your pity I deserve whatever lecture you want to throw at me.” she said.

Spike was a bit shocked at what Starlight was saying but he figured she would feel like this, she normally felt guilty whenever she screwed up badly but given how bad things could have gotten he didn’t blame her. However she doesn’t deserve to suffer, she had no intention to hurt any of the Changelings, he knew that and he knew Starlight needed some comfort but she just won’t admit it.

“No you don’t always make things worse, Starlight I may not approve of what you did, but I know you and I know you don’t mean for things to go wrong, you just act on impulse too much, if you just put more thought into your plans and consider how they could go wrong, well things will get better, like when the Changelings invaded you saved Equestria just using your brain, you didn’t rely on your magic and you thought carefully so don’t say you make things worse, because that’s just not true. You make mistakes sure, but you always learn from them besides even when you act on impulse it did kinda work out for everyone involved, Pharynx accepted love and friendship in his life so what I’m trying to say is don’t act on impulse all the time because it could have very negative consequences but don’t beat yourself up about it either.” Spike stated.

Starlight was a bit touched by what he said and smiled. “Thanks Spike I needed that and you’re right I do need to consider the consequences a bit more before I go through with any of my plans again but I won’t beat myself over it either.” Starlight embraces the dragon in her hooves, Spike was a bit surprised but he gladly hugged back but he secretly blushed when Starlight wasn’t looking.
Spike told Starlight “I can’t take all the credit you did the same for me. I guess you rubbed off on me a bit huh.”

Starlight put her hoof near her mouth and chuckled a bit and released him from the hug. “Yeah I guess I did, didn’t I. Well thanks anyway Spike you’re a great friend.” Starlight praised.

“Anytime Starlight.” Spike said.

Flashback ended

Spike looked back at that memory and he still smiled, and walked back to his room and laid on his bed, the truth was that he really cared about Starlight, he began getting a crush on her after how she was there for him, when the crowd of ponies bullied him, he realized his crush on Rarity was getting nowhere anyway and he was okay with just being friends with her. He does not want to force any romance between him and Starlight, like he tried to do with Rarity that was a mistake on his part, and besides when he thought about it more he is afraid of rejection and he does not want to ruin their friendship. He’s perfectly okay with being Starlight’s friend after all if she is happy with that, he’s happy so why should he ruin that. He has only told Big Mac since he felt he could trust Big Mac, he doesn’t want to pressure Twilight by having her keep that secret about having a crush on one of her friends again plus he can not trust Discord since he does not know if he will keep his mouth shut since he is a bit of a mixed bag when secrets are involved, plus he is a wild card so he might just expose him for fun, he could be wrong but he does not feel like taking any chances.

Starlight paced around her room a bit she remembered the moment when Spike comforted her and it brought her joy. So why was pacing a bit, you ask? Well she had a secret and it was a bit hard to keep, she has a crush on Spike, but she did not want to ruin their friendship and she’s afraid of rejection, so she’s been keeping it a secret and honestly that was for the better, he just got over Rarity and she did not want to take advantage of him or make him stressed out, that was the last thing he needs, but the thing she was most scared about was hurting Spike, she did not want him to become her servant or be some throw rug she takes advantage of. She did not feel like she was ready for love after how she acted back in “Our Town”. She knows she may have gotten over her fear of leadership but here is what she is concerned about, she does not know about how she would act in a relationship and that terrifies her. She feels like she would probably just treat Spike like a pack mule, or push him around and she does not want to make him suffer like that since he did not deserve that after all he and Twilight have done for her, he clearly deserves better than that, and he deserves better than her. So it is best if they just stay friends. After all if he was happy with that than she was happy even if it broke her heart a bit inside. As Starlight was thinking this a tear slipped down her cheek.

Author's Note:

Credit to Switch Swap for the story idea, we’re working together on this project, also I certainly went a little deep at the end, but that’s Starlight for you. Sorry if I made you a sad or if this was a bit sensitive, but don’t worry during the story she will not be as depressed and the story will get happier especially when I bring Discord and Pinkie Pie in, I had the flashback take place in “To Change A Changeling” since Starlight probably felt extreme guilt at that moment so I figured why not use that episode. Spike comforting her made sense since he deals with Discord and he forgave Discord for betraying Equestria so I can buy him forgiving an accident like Starlight’s actions. Now I’m not saying Starlight’s innocent in that situation because she clearly wasn’t. Hopefully I post the next chapter soon.

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