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Making stories of ponies is a lot of fun when you use your imagination


A 9 year old child named Austin, who has many secrets, ran from his home town because of an invasion. He has lost everything and everyone he loved. When the child has lost all hope, he was magically teleported to Equestria and is in the care of Princess Celestia. Will he find friendship in his new world or will he have to fight the darkness alone?

(This takes place when Twilight starts her friendship school)

Chapters (10)
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I'M not going to lie the cover art is bad

Why is the cover art on notebook paper?

I didn’t have any blank sheets of paper to draw on so I used notebook paper.

Well I personally liked it and I’m not much of a drawer but maybe in the future I’ll fixed it up a little

Why isn't this on 'Adopt a Human'?


I’ve tried to, but I said there was an error. But maybe later I can try again. I hope you are liking the story so far.:twilightsmile:

Edit: never mind I got it to work. Thank you for the suggestion. 😄

MORE MORE MOREE!!!!!!! MORE CHAPTERS!! I'm in love with this story!!


Don’t you worry there will be more coming soon. Plus the story is going to be very interesting and thank you for liking the story so far.


None taken I am really bad at drawing but maybe I might remake this but I’m not sure yet.

I wish 1 of the pokemon was the celestia pony XD


I was thinking of putting a celestial Pokémon but I forgot lol

I have changed my cover art because I was bored and it turn out pretty good and decided to use this one instead of the other one. I hope you like it. 😁

Wait a minute, that cover art is made with Gacha too!


Yeah I’ve made them in case I wanted to remake the cover

I decided to go through my chapters and fix some mistakes that might of made like wording, run ons, adding some new sentences and replacing the commas with periods. If you see any mistakes, please let me know.

Can't wait for the next chapter

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