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When Octavia thought about it, all classical music sounded the same. However, when she composes a piece pushing the boundaries of music, her composition is bashed by the critics. After seeing an article in the paper, Octavia travels to New York City in 1978 seeking inspiration. Her answer comes not from the concert halls or academics, but rather from a cab ride.

Proofread by TheMajorTechie

Cover art from Grivous

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Excited to read chapter two!

I enjoy the build-up a lot so let's see how the human world is depicted :yay:

He said exactly like you but human.
:pinkiegasp: Maybe Octavia should go to a Millwall FC game.

What kind of music does a taxi driver write? Funny you should ask, young one...

Hmm, any opinions on any of these?

When Octavia thought about it, all classical music sounded the same.

Relevant part starts about 2 minutes in.

Hm. An interesting story, I think, though I wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first.
(Though the music right at the end did distract me and result in me spending a bit of time doing some more tinkering with an AC traction system concept I've been thinking about off and on for a bit. :D)

When Octavia thought about it, all classical music sounded the same.



(Though the music right at the end did distract me and result in me spending a bit of time doing some more tinkering with an AC traction system concept I've been thinking about off and on for a bit. :D)

I love that. That was one of my goals with this story. That’s also one of the better ways to get into minimalist music. A four-hour opera sounds unbearable to take in until you do other work while listening to it. Then you check the clock and realize two hours just went by.

I feel like that’s gonna get meme’d before I know it.

Oh, interesting; thanks. :)
Though I assume you don't mean work on AC traction system concepts specifically. :D
But I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about what I did there. :)

This was supposed to get her into the textbooks.

I mean, how not to do something occasionally makes it into textbooks . . .

Also reviews . . . that brought a chill of fear to my soul.

That dialogue about theory and practice reminded me of just how terrible I am at knowing the fundamentals of English . . . which often comes out in the pre-reading and I just have to tell my pre-readers that I have no idea what a transitive verb or an intransitive one is, just tell me the right one to use in this context.

Also, Harry Chapin used to drive taxi, as well.

One thing I notice about Philip Glass is how repetitive his songs are, or at least the ones I’m familiar with. I suppose lots of music has repeating themes, but it really feels more pronounced in his works.

You know, as I’ve broadened my music horizons over the year, I’ve come to realize what I think Octavia is just touching her hoof into--rules are made to be broken; you can do whatever you want. Mix gospel and metal, why not? Have a band singing in Gaulish and using traditional (ish) instruments. Only the imagination is the limit, and honestly the fusion between Octavia’s skillset and Vinyl’s could be amazing.

Especially if it goes both ways.


Can’t go wrong with Herb Alpert . . . man, I haven’t listened to him in a long time.

Yup, really enjoyed this story!

Even helped me a little with composing my own music, so thanks :yay:

I enjoyed the story good story😁👍🏼💯


These are honestly my favorite kinds of comments. It’s one thing to get a lot of likes and comments saying my story is good. However, it’s much more rewarding to write something I’m passionate about with an important theme and see others be inspired by it. That alone is worth thousands of likes.

So I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier . . . I mean, I had heard of them before, but just got reminded today ‘cause of YouTube’s algorithm:

Also tangentially related:

I like that. I think I’ve seen it before too.

It’s interesting you’d link that vid. Believe it or not, the minimalists have been described as “having one foot in classical music and another in rock and roll.” For instance, David Bowie and Philip Glass both knew each other and influenced each other’s works. At first glance, minimalism and rock don’t sound related until you dive deeper into both of their rebellious roots.

I might do a bonus chapter about what Octavia and Vinyl did with what they learned. Then again, I was supposed to do a bonus chapter for The Pony of the Mackinac Bridge which hasn’t happened yet. Eh, we’ll see.

Also tangentially related:

I love that. I do find it funny that Octavia is almost always portrayed as formal and high class. I thought this story could provide an alternate interpretation more in line with the pressure to innovate artists can feel. In my experience, there are three different classical music stereotypes: the high-class people obsessed with the past, the academic atonalists, and the crazy artists. That last group has some gems in it.

Nice story, and some great recommendations too. (Currently enjoying Music for 18 Musicians and Sevish, in particular.)

London or the birthplace of Jazz and Rap? Choices, choices...

Not to shit on London, but Europe has much stronger choices for cities home to famous classical or modern musicians, and, at least historically speaking, corresponding traditions: Paris, St. Petersburg, and of course, Vienna for the former and Liverpool, and...I actually don’t know anything else, for the latter.

Great story, and it's nice being exposed to different music. I should note, though, that the "Four Seasons" video you linked to has been taken down by the copyright hounds.

Fixed. Kind of funny they took down that one of all of them.

Hope you liked some of the music.

I knew Philip Glass was going to show up somewhere here. Heh.

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