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Questionmark x3

Hey, I am Questionmark x3, but call me Qx3 or just Questionmark. I love to write stories including the princesses.


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Good descriptive scenes and I like that the princesses were willing to put up with all of his commands :)
but they were maybe too easy in the start and the ending was very sudden.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah the full porn logic applies here for me to skip corners. I had the problem in my other fic that i made way too much talking and building up to get to the sexy time. So i tried to limit this one to just porn, with a little less character useage. Thinking back to it, i definitly should have used luna for more dialog. Welp maybe if i continue this one i try to make a bit more challenge to the swaying.

Also for the ending i literally had no other idea how to not write myself against the wall than to end on a cliffhanger that might open up into a new chapter.

Small word of advice; try to not use textspeak like "Tho" and "Thru", just use their full spellings "Though" and "Through".

Fun read, looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for the tip. I will try to do that in the future.

Want to see more of Luna getting her freak on, my OC and her would ride each other like there’s no tomorrow

To add to what Rose said, the difference between "there" and "their".
There is for a place/location (the apartment is over there, across the street).
Their is to indicate ownership (their bank account was in need of more bits).

This was an interesting read. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

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