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There are only three real monsters: Dracula, Blackula, and Son of Kong.


One cool, late-winter afternoon Rarity receives a strange visitor, and an even stranger box.

You can find a live reading of this, as done by the LivingLibraryPlayersSociety, here

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I'm looking at the summary right now and I'm thinking about the movie "The Box"
I didn't like that movie, but I'll read this (I expect to not like it)

EDIT: okay, this isn't based on the movie "The Box", instead it was based of the short story which inspired the movie. My thoughts on this story? It was really great, much better than what I thought I would see. The writing felt realistic; Rarity felt in place and believable, the situation just felt so real, Rainbow Dash didn't feel real though but that wasn't the main point in this story. It was very creepy all the while; especially the ending.

I'm faving this :eeyup:

The RoosterTeeth short "The Box" comes to mind with that title and description.

But in a flash, the humor disappeared, and the real conundrum appeared.

And it was great!

Actually, I completely forgot both the movie and the short story existed (never seen or read em' either). I wrote this on a whim and based off an idea I came up with while waiting in line at an amusement park. In retrospect, maybe a different name would have been better. Alas, I refuse to change; because I'm stubborn.

Glad you liked it though.

1196464Well, it was the beggining that made it seem like the short story and the end that made it seem like the movie. I do wonder what happens to rarity though (but don't tell us:raritywink:)

This reminds me of something Edgar Allen Poe would write. It's creepy, but very interesting. I am saddened for Rarity though :raritydespair:

Fantastic! Brilliantly written, I was captivated until the moment it ended. You, sir, have earned yourself a like and a follow.

awesome!:rainbowkiss: this is so frickin' realistic!

Wow, this was really good. Kept me captivated the entire time and it felt like watching a movie (never saw the aforementioned movie). Rarity descending into madness was really fun.
One complaint: RD would totally have just ripped open the box.

This was brilliant, I felt like I was reading E.A Poe.


Ohk, Slips, I'll read this. I like dark. Heck... I'm the one who wrote Cloud Ten

This is a well written story, It kept me interested from beginning to end :pinkiehappy:

The only thing is I want to know, if there really was anything inside the box...:rainbowhuh:

People are still reading this? Huh...

Well, I appreciate the comments, and the praise. Whether or not I deserve it is something else entirely, though.
To the folks who, undeservedly, compared this to Poe's works: thanks. I'm glad that you liked it so much. It seriously means a lot to me to hear that anyone liked this, despite its shortcomings. However, this was actually inspired—and heavily influenced—by Bram Stoker's Dracula.

As for what, if anything, is inside the box?
I'll not be telling. That's part of the fun, and the mystery. :trollestia:

A fine fic, Mr. Magnet--but then, I've known that for a while. :ajsmug:

I forget: have you submitted it to EQD yet?

Aye, I did awhile ago, but it was rejected. Though, judging by the rejection letter it was fairly close to getting in. I've changed it some and passed through TTG for another round of reviewing. But, I'm also considering taking your original advice and making it much longer. Perhaps I'll be motivated to do that for Halloween, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Hey everybody,

we did a live reading of this story and posted the recording here:

Hope you all enjoy, we certainly did :twilightsmile:

Love and tolerance,
TheLiving Library Player Socieety

wonderful story, both you and the strange man deserve an award
a man just goes to pony's houses and ask them to watch a box

2968769 I like how he was a unicorn for Rarity and a Pegasus for Rainbow Dash. As Rarity says that she gets along better with Unicorns because they think alike, I'm sure this is deliberate on the part of the stallion to make it easier to accept.

While I do agree that Rainbow was somewhat out of character, I believe it was justified in this case as the magic of the box and stallion are compelling ponies to keep it with them.

Great story. :pinkiehappy:


I was so compelled to start to finish. I was actually starting to grow mad with Rarity wondering 'What's in the box... what's in the box??' However, the story was not finished with a nice pretty bow of an answer and actually left me thinking about it more then I should have. I absolutely loved it :rainbowkiss:

Man... it's been so long since I wrote this story. Well, I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, the point of the end was to be ambiguous, because straight endings are for dweebs.

Man that's crazy! What an awesome story!! I hope you write more! ^^

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