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I miiiiiight be just a teensy bit too obsessed with Twilight >:3


Sunset Shimmer. Everybody knows about the bully seeking redemption. She sees all the stares, she hears all the whispers, she knows how her classmates seem to look away whenever she meets their gazes.

And she couldn’t expect anything less.

So it’s no surprise when her... friends stay with their own families at Christmas, leaving her alone with no family, no company and the fire seeming cold and bitter - just like all the looks directed her way. But that was fine to Sunset, it was what she deserved.

After all, with all that she had done, forgiveness - never mind friendship - was surely impossible to earn, right?

Princess Twilight, upon learning of her intent to spend Hearth’s Warming Christmas alone through the journal, travels through the mirror to gather supplies, exchange gold bits and most importantly, teach a mare girl a little something about friendship.

Featured 1/1/21! New Years Day!

This was written for TheBandBrony as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Wow. I know you might feel like it was rushed, but I thought it was fantastic! I usually don't enjoy Christmas or holiday style stories, but the emotions evoked by this story were just phenomenal. Your word choices and visualization really sold it, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

I also loved this scene:

The lavender girl nodded enthusiastically and took out her sack of bits from her backpack. She’d packed more than enough, just so that she was sure she wouldn’t run out of money in the human world. Tipping the heavy bag over, a shower of shiny, golden pieces crashed onto the counter, bouncing feebly before falling still. The shopkeeper’s eyes widened at the sheer weight and volume of what he assumed to be solid gold.

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to read this!

I like it, really nice lil story. Thanks for sharing mate <3

Great story! Was actually looking forward to your story ever since I found out you were in Jinglemas, and I was not disappointed :) awesome writing, great characterisation :D

Thanks! Curious though, did you do Jinglemas too? I didn’t see your story yet.

Edit- Nevermind, found it!

Haha, I was waiting for this to come out on the 24, but I guess better late than never! Great job!

I've been trying to ask you when you might update Mistress of the Everfree Forest, Learnt to Trust Again, and The Young Princess or if you will update them at all.

To be honest, I just haven’t gotten any particular motivation to write lately, sorry, so I don’t have the answers to your question.

Despite how long this was it was good, and happy new year!!!

instinctively opening the book up to the first blank pen and reaching blindly for a pen.

Story was cute

What a lovely story! Thank you for the gift buddy, I had a blast reading it 😁

A thrift store.

“I wonder what that means? Sounds suspiciously like ‘theft’...”

lol, I liked this line

You know how the universe is a hologram and reality an illusion? Good cause you got reviewed!

I swear you make the best SOLs

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