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Old ass user, probably never finishing my stories cause they suck. If i like something of yours it's probably pretty damned good.


Big Mac sits in his room, pondering an incident that made him question himself; trying to write a letter that he should have written long ago. Featuring a wicked storm, a few weeks at summer camp, and a predatory insect of unusual size.

Contains m/m shipping. Based on a song which can be found here: The Predatory Wasp

Many thanks to prereaders MarshMellowPony, Stormsoul22, and Fluttersky15!

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Beautiful and to the point, hope it works for Mac and Caramel- make a sequel? o:

This was a great first meeting fic. Well done.

1193854 1194094 Thanks a lot. I'm debating whether I should write more chapters. I certainly think this fic works really well as a one-shot, so if I do write another Caramac it will probably be it's own story. (HINT HINT - FOLLOW ME ) :pinkiehappy:

1194197 Ha, you feel suspicious for liking it. Imagine how it felt for a straight male to write it! :rainbowlaugh:


1194225 I will be waiting, then:pinkiecrazy:

>straight male
Would not be so sure...:trollestia:

OH FUCK, I forgot to send this back when I finished...
Excuse me as I go and crumble to the ground in shame...

1194315 Aw, you caught me. I'm actually a gay robot.


1194722 Robots have sexual orientation?:rainbowhuh:

I liked this it was very sweet.

1194810 Ohhh yeah. Which is odd since we don't have genders. But you know, we manage.

1194965 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :derpytongue2:


1195002 Well, does this mean that you can be gay and straight in the same time?

Schrodinger is nothing compared to this.:trollestia:

1195054 Schrodinger is nothing compared to anything. It's just the subject of a lot of lame jokes on the Big Bang Theory.

What a dumb show that is. :facehoof:

1194588 Hey, not to worry man. I mean it sucks that your work kinda went to waste, but don't kick yourself over it. Mistakes happen and all!

1194588 you're from the m/m group, right? If I decide to continue this (or write anything else m/m, though I think that's unlikely), I'll be sure to hit you up. I'm sure you're a great editor and all. :twilightsmile:

Ahhh. Nothing like the ole' unexplained thumbs-down to motivate an amateur writer.

I apologize for falling asleep halfway through pre-reading this fic, but I tried to cram it in at 3AM. But this was a great story regardless. The shipping was subtle and believable, a rare thing to find. You honestly wouldn't even know it was a m/m ship until the kissing part, which is why it feels so natural. Just two friends that end up in the heat of the moment. You tell me before this fic that you were going to make a story about how Big Mac and Caramel end up kissing after a wasp attack and I'd call you crazy, but you wrote this extremely well. My favorite part was how descriptive the kiss was (Not the actual kiss but the description). You really painted a picture in the most important part, which is awesome. Thumbs up to you fella.

I thouroughly enjoyed this, a proper good job, mate!

1194225 I'm getting this odd feeling I should pay more attention to your updates.

I personally like the open-endedness of the story.

Very cute. Very nice.

1198215>>1202094 Thanks folks, I appreciate it. A quasi-sequel is in the works... Of course its also possible that you'd like to pretend this is a stand-alone, if you feel the way master zero does about the openendedness. In that case don't follow me or anything. :rainbowlaugh:

:1199709 Perhaps. You never know what I might come up with next! :pinkiecrazy:

Well, unless you read my blogs... I just can't keep my mouth shut about what I'm working on...


Just because I like the open-endedness doesn't mean I'm against a quasi-sequel. Go for it! Bet it'll rock. I'll read it. Sorry, for any misunderstanding. :applejackconfused:

1202881 Yeah, that's probably what they told the producers of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie... And now look at the damn franchise! But I'll do my very best to make this worth your time. :twilightsheepish:

Awww... There so cute!:rainbowkiss:. Oh yeah and i forgot.... HOLY MOTHER OF LUNA THAT'S A FUGGEN HUGE HORNET AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!:pinkiegasp:

1205303 scary, right? I winced as I typed it. >.<

1205770 But the thing is you don't have a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. phobia of wasps,hornets,bees alike.:twilightoops:

1205807 this story was MADE for you, my friend.

A really endearing story. Any Caramac fic will find a place in my heart... especially this one :yay: Good job!

If you'd told me, 'You're about to read and enjoy a fic involving Big Mac being shipped with another colt' twenty minutes ago I probably would have closed my browser. Normally I have a lot of trouble reading ships, they tend to be aggressive and forced, but you made me believe this one. Bravo, sir.

Addendum: Actually, maybe shipped is the wrong phrase. Engaged in romance. That sounds better and more accurate.

1222169 Humm, not quite a traditional shipping, is it? Anyways, you're right. I don't think I'm a good enough writer to create a story about two ponies being in relationship for an extended period of time, and still make it interesting. Rather, it's best to focus on how they arrive at that place, the obstacles and whatnot on their journey to ship-land, where all the ships are.

That's what made coltcuddling appeal to me in the first place.

Anywho, I'm only too happy you enjoyed my story! I've a mind to release a follow-up sometime this weekend, most likely. :yay:

Oh my Celestia! This is wonderful! Caramac is so sweet ^‿^
YEEEEE I really wanna see what happens next! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I will seriously die if u don't finish this! :raritycry::raritydespair:
But, really, are you planning on making a sequel? Pretty please? :scootangel:


1224177 your enthusiasm is heartwarming, truly. :raritywink: This story is complete (as you can plainly see beneath the chapter list), but I'll make a blog post with this story tagged once the sequel is up. Expect it within a week, I've been writing much faster than I usually do lately.

A little side note, the sequel is looking to be a sight longer than this one... I'm at 4000 words and it's about half done. Big climaxes and bittersweet endings take time to set up, okay?

There are a couple things different about it that made me choose to make it a separate story. For one, it focuses much more on Caramel and is told from his perspective. Another is that it will need a few tags that this story doesn't have, and the rating will likely be teen instead of everyone.

Tl;dr: Put your fears to rest, a sequel is coming! :yay:

Thank you so much for a good song and story. this made my eyes a bit misty since it made me remember of some person that i hold dear so once again thank you so much.


WHOOOOO!!! I was hoping you'd make a sequel! :D I will be waiting for it...but please note that I'm not the most patient person :pinkiecrazy:
Let me know when it's finished! Y'know what...I think I"m gonna watch you! :raritystarry:
*clicks the watch button*

Thanks so much for replying! I feel special now :coolphoto: YEEEE this story just made its way into my favorites! Keep up the awesomeness :derpytongue2:


1226307 You're definitely high on something but that's totally cool!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL! xDD I'd never get high on anything :rainbowlaugh:

YEEEE for some reason I can't watch you! :raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::facehoof::applecry:

I spazzically clicked that watch button about a thousand times and I'm not sure why I can't watch you! :pinkiegasp: :applejackunsure:


1226565 Sometimes people have that problem when they use Internet Explorer. Are you using Internet Explorer? :ajsmug:

That was beautiful, I really cant wait for more. (Now only if real life could be so king as to do this to me, then I wouldn't have to worry about finding the right someone. -_-)
Anywhoo... I cant wait to see more of this amazing story, so I am now following you to wait for the continuation. :twilightsmile:


I just tried with Google Chrome. YAY it worked :twilightsmile:

1246107 And you, sir, are the reason I write. Thanks for your interest!

1250926 Stigma be damned, I say. Thank ye kindly, I'm happy you enjoyed it. :twilightblush:

Loved it. M/M shippings done well seem to be a rarity. This one was done very well. The odd youthful intimate moment that just never gets talked about again... it... brings back some memories for me...

Anyway, hope you don't mind corrections 8 weeks after the story was published...
"with his stationary in front of him" -> "stationery"
"a clipboard he had produce from his saddlebag" -> "produced"
"It had been replaced in it’s entirety by euphoria" -> "its"

1541030 You wanna talk about it? :duck:

Ahaha, I can always use corrections. Thanks a bunch.

1782294 Hmmm... Perhaps a story about depressing pony bone cancer is in order?

Aaw, how touching! That was short and sweet:pinkiesad2:

2126818 That was my aim! Thank you muchly.

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