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(Part of the Sunset Side Stories.)

During a night cuddled up together, Sunset's boyfriend mentions his discomfort with being the "small spoon." Unfortunately, her desire to help others would prove to be detrimental to their relationship after she ignores his pleads to stop trying to snuggle with him.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

I like seeing Sunset being obsessed with snuggles! xD

I am profoundly depressed this doesnt have a second person version, excellent job nonetheless comrade.

Much appreciated. I'm a bit unfamiliar with writing second person stories, but I suppose the only way to get better is to try some in the future. Regardless, thanks for reading!

Cute story! I can't believe that she tied Anon up just to snuggle........

Such is the sordid world of underground snuggle trafficking... :pinkiecrazy:

Jokes aside, I appreciate the read. Glad you enjoyed!

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