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Brony since 2011. More of an artist, but slowly making my way into becoming a better author too! Known for Age of the Alicorns and Flurry Heart's Story.


This story is a sequel to Cheesy as Pie

Flurry and Spike visit Rainbow Dash and her kids in their new home just outside of Ponyville. While Rainbow Dash leaves to go spend some time with her parents, her lively and mischievous son, Storm Streak tries to coax Flurry into running away to see a Wonderbolts show. Flurry won't let Stormy get himself into such trouble, but she has no idea how determined the little colt is to prove his mother's worth.

Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series I created called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

This is a direct sequel to "Cheesy as Pie" and is episode 3 of the series.

Flurry Heart's Story and its author are in no way associated with Hasbro or any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This series is entirely fan-made and is created in honor of the official show. No copyright infringement is intended or encouraged. Please support the official release.

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Comments ( 9 )

This is looking good so far. I get the feeling I am going to like Stormy.

And the cuteness has already set in, with Mama Dash and her little ones. Stormy really does take after her. =)

I squee'd internally a lot while writing this chapter. :3

Three kids? Rainbow's been busy it seams...

“Yup. She’s my go-to mare for whenever I need a babysitter.” Rainbow told her. “She knows the house like the back of her hoof, and she can handle crazy little Stormy.”

Makes sense that Scootaloo would be one of the main ponies she'd leave with her kids.


Busy indeed! In this story, Rainbow met Thunderhead some time before the Trio attacked and they started dating a few months later. There's about 8.5 years between then and when this story takes place giving quite a bit of time for her to have kids. Me and my siblings are 2 years apart and my sister's kids are about a year apart so you'd be surprised at how fast some couples are at having kids in a certain amount of time!

Yoshifan30 #6 · Sunday · · ·

Oh right wow after the visit from Pinkie Pie now its Rainbow Dash is turn for flurry heart to visit and it looks like Rainbow Dash been pretty busy having 3 kids wow that's pretty cool I love her so we meet stormy and yeah he really is like his mother and it looks like both him and Fleury got off pretty good and its cool that Scootaloo help out to babysit for Rainbow Dash in case she's not home this was a pretty good way to start up the story can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Yoshifan30 #7 · Sunday · · ·


Poor Spike he never stood a chance lol

Loving RD's family & their interactions with Flurry & especially Uncle Spike, that slaying bit was hilarious!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I am loving your OCs, Aleximus. These would do perfectly as RD's future children, both in terms of design and character. Dashie is such a proud mom.

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