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In the year 2018 in ”The Loud House” dimension 63, it was a year since Ronaldo Santiago and his mother moved back to Royal Woods, Michigan. He and Linka Loud have decided to become more than friends, but what will happen when their life-changing mistake leads to a series of events that make their world unbearable? Guess it’s time for a fresh start in a world that they could never imagine.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by Trsinman deleted November 22nd

I like the story so far

I must say that I find it interesting to find a history of the Loud house around here. I read the first two chapters of the story in which you draw inspiration, I can imagine the rest. :ajsmug:

I am more than a reader who enjoys diving into the depths of the fandom of The Loud House (With 148 stories read according to Wattpad, surely more considering the ones I don't save), Harry Potter and My Little Pony. :moustache:

However, I admit that I have had that inner fire of writing on occasion, so I can give you a tip or two based on my experience.:twilightsheepish:

First, leave some margin between each character dialogue, everything stuck together is not pretty. :duck:

Second, take your time to think through the development of the story and demonstrate well the emotions of the character, that the inspiration kisses you. :yay:

Third, if you already have time reading stories or fanfictions, observe how the development and the dialogues are almost always separated, what I try to say is that you observe how the best do it, learn, improve, find your own style! :pinkiehappy:

Fourth, search the internet for tips for beginning writers.

Well, the episode was nice but very rushed, at least for me, you show us the protagonists who for some reason have the need to flee and end up in another dimension. It will be interesting to see how the story evolves. :moustache:

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