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I'm bad at talking about writer techniques, especially if there is this litlle of the plot, but I have serious questions about the setting.

And the first is naming. Why Dimitri? Like, ponies tend to have meaningful names, and by meaningful I mean some regular English words and phrases. Realistig germanic names for Gryphons do exist, but they are another story. And where did you see a guy whose name is Malcovich? It's a surname, and it is southern slavic, not even eastern like Russian, not even frome some USSR republic.

And the second question is, what Hans? What Germaneic? Where? Stalliongrad alone is a huge ass pull created because someone wanted to make memes about politics. And Stalliongrad is all about it, being socialist and fighting against tyrant Celestia. I can even understand zebras being German because In Fallout Caesar is for some weird reason pronouced as "Kaisar", but Stalliongrad does not need some nazi fighting in its history (or why else Germaneic is here?) to function properly, especially if it is another pony country out of nowhere and probably reduced to a single city as USSR-Stalliongrad itself.

At last, if you're talking about history and try to justify the naming being so weird, just stating that itwas Equestrian and became weird over time only made things worse. Because it can't just turn into another language: mutations this strong take a lot more than thousand years.

I'll group question one and three into one answer. I did establish that Stalliongrad become a completely separate entity of its own, with little influence from Canterlot and Equestria as a whole, given its extended reach within the arctic territories. A sort of frontier situation where communication and travel were extremely limited due to extreme weather conditions, which does happen in our real world. I do remember that pegasai control the weather in Equestria, but I like to think that there is weather even they have difficulty with. If it sounded like the indigenous changes were instantaneous (with naming for example), I did not intend for that. I understand changes happen gradually, not instantly. With my headcanon, I like to think that Stalliongrad used to have strong connections with Celestia and Canterlot in the days before Nightmare Moon, but after Luna was banished, things became difficult (I probably should have stated that while writing...maybe I should've taken more time to flush things out lol).

With Malkovich, it's a name that likes to bounce around from time to time in my head, and I intend to have Stalliongrad be or become a hotpot of Eastern European/Slavic influences. While in real life they're separated by nations and borders, I want to group it all together in Stalliongrad. I may need to do a bit of extended studying to make sure it all congeals.

As for the memes of politics and the like, I'm really trying not to dive too deep into that mess right away. It will play a significant part much, much later on once I plot out the conspiracies and corruption within the system for it to effect the later Tundra. I am pulling from our real world history to try and put together an image of what wartime Stalliongrad looked like. Rather than have Germaneic forces fighting against, they're fighting with their fellow pony folk against a larger threat. I did only state that forces from Germane arrived, but maybe I should have explained why they arrived and how since Stalliongrad is so hard to reach...

Thank you for pointing out these plot holes that I missed while editing. I often forget that, while it makes sense in my head, it won't in others unless I flush it out.

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