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(She/Her) I write cute Luna fanfics, cute shipfics, and some other stories. I take requests, but not clopfics or NSFW. I might do grimdarks that aren't too graphic. Just DM me and I'll see!


(Semi-sequel to my first fanfic, but you don't have to read it to understand and enjoy this one.)

Princess Luna, ruler of the night, used to torment herself with nightmares. Only her and the Mane 6 knew of this incident, or so she thought. A few days before this fanfic, Celestia and Luna had gotten into a huge fight and Starlight Glimmer had to stop it. Princess Luna, now regretful, hides her regret and ignores her sister. Celestia, however, finds out about this and seeks to comfort Luna and assure her of some things.

Also serves as a light snugglefic, but snuggles are not the main focus.

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Very touching story could use a little editing in a few places

hm...don't you find it a tad bit derivative?

What exactly do you mean? What is it derivative of?

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