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Just something I thought of off the top my head. I thought the episodes of a Equestria girls having all that magic being thrown around it would eventually attract unwanted attention so I thought of making a cool fight scene dealing with a bunch of bad guys and throwing in a random character I made off the top my head. i’m just gonna look at this as a reference for other stories I might think of

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Were you using dictation software? I ask because errors such as "mattress" when you wanted "Match was", or "scooter Lou" for Scootaloo look like the kinds of things that crop up when dictation software mis-hears the writer. Have your software read it back for you if it has that function, and/or read it to yourself to catch those problems.

As for the story, I think you cliffhangered the first chapter too soon. I think more info about the monsters would have made it more compelling. :pinkiesmile:

You’re exactly right dude I expect there to be a lot of weird words that don’t belong because I just made this within 40 minutes.

And note to self more detail to bed guys.

Thx dude

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